Moto X with wood finish still on the way, will arrive in time for the holidays – but will you wait?



There’s been a lot of guessing as to when we might expect the wood-backed Moto X’s to hit Motorola’s virtual store shelves. A premium option that will be available on Motomaker, the last we heard from it was earlier this month in a leak. No date mind you, just the 4 finishes — Teak, Ebony, Rosewood and Bamboo — listed on Motomaker as “coming soon.”

Today, Reuters’ Sinead Carew provided us with an update, going on the record as saying the wood finishes would, unfortunately, miss their target Thanksgiving release, but should still arrive in time for holiday shopping.

For some of you, you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a Moto X until these special wood-backings were available, and who could blame you. It’s a shame they weren’t made available shortly after the device’s release, but we imagine real wood is a little harder to come by these days.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Will we care?

    1. I surely don’t. N5, wood or not, blows that out of the water.

      1. After having the Moto X for months and eventually “upgrading” to the Nexus 5, there didn’t seem to be much of a speed improvement.

        Once I revisted the Moto X, I can safely say the Nexus 5 blows it (and just about any other Android device) out of the water in terms of speed. Of course, battery life is another matter entirely. :P

        1. Completely agree. Even over my N4 (obviously similar to the X) I see an appreciable speed difference. Less choppiness. Dat screen too. Seeing that purple mountain stock wallpaper makes me cry slightly majestic tears every time I see it and how crisp it is.

          I really wish Google/LG woulda put the 3000mAh battery in it though.

          1. I definitely would have paid a higher premium for 3,000mAh/64GB option. Still upset it never panned out. :/

          2. I can’t complain too much. I get about 2.5-3 hours of screen time over 2 days with autobrightness on. I bet I could have gotten 3 days out of a charge if it were 3000 though. =D

          3. Hey Chris, the last time i checked my friend’s Nexus 5, it was at 60% battery capacity with a screen on time of about 2hrs 24mins and total time on battery at around 11hrs 15mins. His phone was just a day old at the time with not a lot of apps installed other than the usual facebook, evernote et al.
            Are you seeing similar screen on time figures on your Nexus 5?

        2. When I did my revisit the biggest thing I noticed was the resolution.

        3. I’d like to see a comparison with the Moto X running the KitKat update. One that includes performance and battery life!

        4. If you can live without Google Now then disable location reporting. Battery life improves so dramatically on the N5, it’s not even funny.

  2. I’m on Verizon, so N5 is not an option. I like Moto and I’ve been looking at the X, but didn’t want to get one and have the wood backs become available right after I bought one, so this is good news for me.

  3. “..but we imagine real wood is a little harder to come by these days” …Don’t know about you, but I’m doing just fine.

  4. We need Samsung, HTC, and Motorola to start releasing all of their accessories and extra items on the same day of launch. It’s getting really old being told how many cool things we can buy for our brand new devices months after the actual phone is released. I know this is a back to a phone that won’t be able to be bought separately, but who is going to be throwing themselves at this phone at this point?

    It might just be me, but you would think people that just get a shiny new device would like to buy all the necessary accessories for it the day they get it, not a few months down the road when that new-phone feeling has worn off.

  5. I really like my moto x! Would have loved an ebony backed moto x but whatever I just went with a stock one from at&t. As far as the n5 vs the x…to me the n5 is not even an option because of how bad the battery and speaker is.

    1. I had a similar concern about the Nexus 5’s battery life till a friend of mine bought one. The last time i checked, his Nexus 5 was at 60% battery capacity with a screen on time of about 2hrs 24mins and total time on battery at around 11hrs 15mins! He said he’d been watching a lot of videos on youtube that day. That was way more than what i had expected. And given that my One X now barely gives 2hrs of screen on time with a fully charged battery and screen brightness set to low, this looks even better.

      I think many of us have made the same mistake of assuming the Nexus 5 has a terrible battery life since it does not have the same capacious battery as the G2. Most reviewers have confirmed that the Nexus 5’s battery life isnt BAD, its very respectable but just not as good as some of the flagships out there.

      GsmArena: “…The Nexus 5 will do for the occasional movie or browsing binge and will hold on really well in the call making department and it should last you for at least a full day even if you are a heavy user.”

      1. I have a n5. Couldn’t get it to last till 6 pm until I switched to Art. Now it lasts all day

        1. Once apps start properly being compiled for ART I’ll make the switch. WhatsApp being a prime example of one that doesn’t yet work on ART.

      2. Those numbers pale to this (Moto X):

    2. And yet here I am getting great battery life and my speaker works just fine. If I’m on WiFi, or lightly use my phone, easily I’m able to be at 50% by night.

      Either way you’re on AT&T so the X is a better option since you’re already paying more on service vs my inexpensive no contract plan.

  6. These wood finishes will make the Moto X a very enticing candidate as an upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus.

  7. Just a galaxy Note 3 user passing through

    1. It’s kinda hard to miss you, what with a phone the size of a small dog in your hands.

  8. I’m going to be picking up a Moto X here in the next week. While I do find the wood backs interesting I’ll be going with a White/Navy/Silver combination when I order mine.

  9. I hope republic wireless gets the options to do Wood!

  10. The Moto X is a great phone with unique features, no doubt. The Nexus 5 though is better in terms of raw performance, maybe even including battery life. I have no problem getting 6+ hours of screen time with everything on and synced and around 24 hrs off charger. The only real change I make is turning the brightness down. This phone literally seems twice as bright as my Nexus 4, and is unpleasantly bright on auto.
    Before anyone thinks I’m just bashing the Moto X, I’m currently awaiting delivery on a T-Mobile version from motomaker. The ergonomics of this phone and the active notifications are something I’m going weigh against the Nexus 5. I love the Nexus 5 but the phone is too big for my liking, and I’m not a fan of the speaker, or how the screen reacts with my polarized sunglasses. It seems like a small thing, but I can’t use the phone in landscape at all with my glasses on… image goes dark.

  11. What wood is pictured? Is that Bamboo?

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