Jun 4th, 2013

Final Fantasy fanatics will be thrilled to learn that Square Enix has brought yet another classic from the series over to the Google Play Store. I’m talking about Final Fantasy IV, and note that this isn’t a port of the old 2D sprites version that was originally released for Nintendo and other consoles. This is a high resolution version of the 3D Nintendo DS version launched several years back. You 16-bit purists out there might not be too happy with that, but for what it’s worth it was a fine remake of an age-old classic.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from advanced stages of sticker shock syndrome you won’t want to see how much Square Enix is asking you to fork over for this. Look away now if you want to save yourself a heart attack. You ready? $15.99! Whew, now that we’ve gotten past that, I should note that the only saving grace for Square Enix is that this is nothing more or less than what they’re asking for on other platforms.

If you can deal with that and want one of the best Japanese RPGs there are then be sure to count your pennies up and head over to the Google Play Store. Watch the quick trailer above if you’re not sure what to expect.

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