Square Enix announces Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, coming soon to Android



Following yesterday’s extensive Tokyo Game Show coverage (okay, so the PlayStation app was all we really got from it), we now have another bit of news coming forth from Japan’s video game expo. It’s one of the best in the series and it seems Square Enix is planning to release the follow up to Final Fantasy IV, the HD remake that hit Android devices back in June.


Not quite the Final Fantasy V remake we were hoping for, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be finally making its way stateside. Released back in 2008 for mobile devices (but exclusive to Japan) After Years is set in the same world as IV, only 17 years later. Many of the original cast from IV reprises their role in After Years, and gameplay sticks to the tried-and-true turn based formula.

Final Fantasy After years android

Although pricing for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years wasn’t mentioned, we expect the title to retail for Square Enix’s usual $15 when it launches in the Google Play Store later this year. Oh, for multiple platform gamers, After Years will also be released for iOS as well.

[4Gamer | DroidGamers]

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  1. FF7 or GTFO

  2. FFVII Damn it!!!

  3. Would love FF XI to come out. Keffka was a nut lol.

    1. Kefka wasn’t in XI… He was in VI.

      1. LOL I wasn’t paying attention VI is what I meant. I guess I should proof read more and pay more attention to detail. Thanks.

  4. Why hasn’t Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions come out for android yet :/ its on ios…

    1. They keep remaking all these old 16-bit FFs, and here I am just wishing they’d remake Tactics in HD.

      1. They still haven’t remade FFVI, which is probably in higher demand than Tactics HD.

        Though, IMHO, to remake FFVI right at this time, they’d have to use the FFX or FFX HD graphics engine.

    2. I haven’t played that forever.. I was so proud when I actually beat that game the end is so hard.

      1. You just have to have the right setups for specific fights and its not terrible. that and speed is like the best stat in the game, going first each turn is so important. But yea I remember the first time i played through in like middle school and just brute forcing it… what a nightmare… I thought the reset button on my psx was going to fall off i used it so much lol

  5. I want FF7!

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      Would love FF XI to come out. Keffka was a nut lol.

  6. Article is wrong, After Years has already been released in the States on WiiWare, and was remade and released on PSP as part of FFIV Complete. This is the THIRD remake of the sequel (Mobile->Wii->PSP->iOS/Android). Ugh. SquareEnix is incapable of producing an original idea at this point, it seems.

  7. Give me ffVI I want Sabin and that bum rush. Im am 26 but I remember sleeping over at my best friends house in 3rd grade and eatting stuffed crust pizza and game out all night <.<

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