Switching to Android from iPhone? Eric Schmidt has a few tips for you



We’ve talked a ton about switching from iPhone to Android in the past, and there are a vast amount of online resources which exist to help you do just that. But it’s not often that we get to hear the tips from the former CEO (now executive chairman) of Google give us his own tips and tricks. I’m talking about Eric Schmidt, the man who got Google through some of its biggest years before handing the reigns back to the co-founders.

Schmidt took to Google+ to post the wordy guide. He goes over the most important things, like transferring your contacts, setting up your email, and setting up two-step authorization on your Google account for added security. It’s not going to solve all of your problems or answer all of your questions, but this guide is a good starting point to get your feet wet with the world of Android. Head to the source link to check it out for yourself.

[via +Eric Schmidt]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. He is trying to copy Tim Cook :)

    1. Nope, if he was Googles stock would plummet.

    2. Tim Cook hasn’t had an original thought in his life.

  2. Lets all hold hands and sing in joy for these tips

  3. ITT:
    > ppl trashing Apple/iOS & being upvoted,
    > google/android fans making over-generalizations & being upvoted,
    > apple fans being downvoted,
    > ppl trying to make impartial judgments of both platforms being downvoted,
    > ppl downvoting me for pointing out the nature of phandroid comment threads.

    1. Stating ridiculous claims. Downvoted.

      1. Mind explaining what it is about my comment that you deem to be ‘ridiculous’?

        1. People do not get downvoted because people are apple fans or make impartial judgements . People get downvoted because they don’t think when they comment here! An as far I can see. You’re one of ’em (:

          1. I’ve characterized the tone of the comments on Phandroid posts that mention the competition (Apple/iOS) in 4 bullet-points – I edited those bullet points about 5 times a piece in order to better communicate my point; I’m not someone who comments without thinking and though your post I’m currently replying to might indicate that in fact YOU are that type of person, I will not make that judgement for the sake of preserving the peace.

            In the Phandroid comments, downvotes are plentiful for those who try to be impartial and making comments like “Apple does ______ better and Android does _____ better”. There seems to be a prevailing opinion that Android does everything better. The readership (or at least the portion who participates in the comment section) seems to have turned rabid-fanboy to a disturbing extent. I frequent a few different Android blog sites that are almost identical to Phandroid and the comments here on Phandroid display the most bias, by far.

          2. You have written a whole bibble and absolutely tells me nothing replying my comment. Why don’t you give me one of your examples of someone getting downvoted making a reasonable comment about apple??? How about you give me of all those statements you wrote on your original post?

          3. Thought your wording is a bit confusing, it seems that you want examples. Frequent readers of this blog really shouldn’t need examples given their frequency, but I’ll do a quick search and find a couple, I suppose.




          4. That really does not help. Theres a couple hundreds of comments in those articles. Can’t you be more specific ?

          5. Cesar, I could go spend 30 minutes digging up examples, but I’d rather not. Just look through some of the comments in the threads I’ve linked – you don’t have to read them all to get the picture. Further, looking at your comment history tells me you’re a Phandroid devotee. Clearly you’ve been a part of (or read) the types of comment threads I’m talking about.

          6. So now you are stalking my comments? Seriously? I don’t see how looking at my comments make you think I am Okay with people bashing android or making false claims. As I already stated on previous comments. I downvote People who just comment for not thinking .

          7. You’re accusing me of stalking and making incorrect (and far fetched) assertions about what I’ve said. I’m not sure if you’re not understanding what I’m saying because of the language barrier or if you’re attitude is affecting your comments, but I think our conversation has run its course.

          8. Because that is what YOU are doing. I can’t make myself more clear. If you can’t even take yourself a minute to even have some valid rebuttal to your accusations. There is no point . You don’t have anything to say to validate ANY of your statements.

          9. Yes, I’m very aware that your comments lack clarity; I’m just not sure if it’s because (I assume) English isn’t your first language, or if it’s because you’re getting angry and it’s affecting your train of thought.

            I already linked you to three separate comment threads (which I should not have had to do, because you’re a regular at Phandroid). There’s your validation. Read.

          10. Lack clarity? wow. Just forget it.

          11. Example:
            “If you can’t even take yourself a minute to even have some valid rebuttal to your accusations.”

            What you just said is that you want me to ‘take a minute’ and present a comment that argues against my other comments (or rebut my own accusations). That simply cannot be what you intended to say…

            Your other comments are filled with similarly clumsy wording (AKA a lack of clarity) and what seems to be a significant amount of aggression.

          12. It is hilarious. Your replies don’t even come close to what I’ve been asking for the past hour, and yet you attack me by saying I’m using aggresion on my comments. Stalk my history of comments and saying I have issues with my writing . Never used aggression, did not stalk you, nor have I insulted your writing skills. What does that make you? hi pot , my name is kettle. But keep at it. I enjoy how you keep making yourself look less and less credible.

          13. 1) I think you mean “This is hilarious.” not “It is hilarious.”

            2) You asked for examples, I gave you examples.

            3) You’re regurgitating what I’m saying – I just mentioned your aggression and you respond by accusing me of attacking you. I pointed out that your responses were garbled. I’m not insulting you, I’m explaining that I can’t understand you, and providing you with an example of something that does not make sense.

            4) Here’s the definition of ‘stalk’ – “to pursue or approach prey”. The word you’re looking for is “read.”

            5) I see that you read my response to another commenter and decided to employ the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ idiom that I had used. Just an FYI, that particular idiom is used when you’re accusing someone of doing the same thing you’re doing. You had just claimed that you did NOT do a few things like stalking and then you turned around and used that idiom. It doesn’t make sense.

          14. Whatever makes you feel better. I’m all for it.

          15. Thanks, Cesar, that’s so sweet of you.

          16. You know I am kwest12.

    2. It’s an Android site. What do you expect?

      1. I expect people to behave themselves like they’re not a pack of circle-jerking fanboys, and instead are individuals capable of logic and reasoning. Yes, I expect some bias, but not to the extent that it’s present in most Phandroid threads. Phandroid isn’t the only Android blog I follow; IMO, the comments sections of the other(s) are much more in-line with my expectations.

        1. Sorry, We hate Apple and we’re gonna hate.

          1. I’d be interested to hear why you ‘hate’ Apple, if you’re up to explaining that. Do you see no redeeming qualities? Do you see Android as the superior platform in all ways?

          2. I personally don’t hate apple. Competition is good for Android. That is what it makes android and iOS better. But in choice, I will always pick Android.

          3. In a nutshell, paying through the nose for “exclusive features” (that were already done years ago somewhere else) and trumpeting “innovation”, being locked down with minimal customization and training wheels that never come off, Purposely killing off viable tech/connectors for the sake of forcing something “new”, the new trend of discontinuing the last gen stuff but keeping stuff 3 years old for nearly the same price as your “choices” within he product line, or a cheapened hypocritical GARBAGE version of last year’s tech so that the new version still has appeal to buy instead of being salable on its own merit. How’s that for a start of why they’re so “hated”? LOL If Apple didn’t intentionally screw people (because most of their crowd doesn’t know better anyway) it would be MUCH easier to overlook and appreciate them for the things Apple does RIGHT.

          4. Wes, I agree with many of the things you dislike about Apple products – they stand among the reasons that I still don’t own an Apple product. Still, I don’t HATE Apple… why would I? It’s not as if someone is forcing me to buy their products. Even though I don’t buy Apple, I can still see that they do have some things that Android needs to get better at. It doesn’t bother me to admit that, because I still can choose Android if I want.

          5. I agree with you here. The reason why I outwardly “hate” the company is I feel they take advantage of people who don’t know better regarding their business model and some of their practices. There are some things Apple DOES have that Android does not. Notably consistency in their apps that almost ALWAYS “work”. That is where the “We’re Apple. Don’t like it? Eff you” pays off because Carriers don’t really mess with their ROMS and they keep it simple to update (Sometimes for better or worse). It’s why there are so many apps that are iOS exclusive. I have hate for Carriers and that Google hasn’t made it MANDATORY that users can have open ROMS (Notably on Verizon) so we can put an END to the “Fragmentation” issue. Then it would be a level playing field in that regard. So I suppose my “hate” is for Apple for what Apple does, and for Carriers because of how they RUIN Android.

          6. THIS is the type of comment I’d like to see getting attention (and upvotes) here at Phandroid; it’s passionate AND objective simultaneously. The comments that unrelentingly trash Apple and the ones that proclaim Android the uncontested king both belong at the bottom of the pile.

            Thanks, Wes.

          7. 1. Their bullshit lawsuits using bullshit patents.
            2. It’s okay for them to steal everyone else’s ideas.
            3. Sell the same phone over and over making a huge profit off of slave labor.
            4. Colluded with book publishers to increase price of ebooks
            5. Hide most of their income in Ireland.
            6. Hoarding a huge amount of cash so they don’t have to share it with stock holders.

          8. You make some good points Rdfry, however there are some flip sides that you haven’t mentioned.
            1) They do use BS patents and lawsuits, however, so do other companies on the Android side.
            2) They do steal and act like it’s ok, but again, so do some companies involved with Android.
            3) They do sell at a huge profit, using what’s essentially slave labor – which of the other major phone manufacturer’s do not?
            4) I am not aware of anyone else colluding w/ book publishers, so I don’t think there’s any flip-side here (but then again, I didn’t really follow that story)
            5 and 6) I don’t know enough about these, but I’ll assume you’re correct. I don’t know whether the other players are doing similar things or not.

            Overall, you have some valid reasons that you dislike Apple. Many of those reasons should also give you a reason to dislike Samsung and the other Android phone manufacturers.

            I also noticed that you didn’t address the two additional questions that I posed, namely, “Do you see no redeeming qualities? Do you see Android as the superior platform in all ways?”

          9. Android phone makers use slave labor too.

            Google and most corporations hide money as well

            I see an awful lot of rumors of 64 bit chips coming so suddenly to other android phones next year… Huh… Probably just a coincidence

        2. First time using the internet?

          1. If you’re satisfied with mediocrity, then by all means, keep mocking.

        3. “I expect people to behave themselves like they’re not a pack of rabid fanboys. ”

          Never been to an Apple site, I guess, and I assume it’s your first time here.

          In articles directly comparing iOS and Apple devices to Android, you’ll generally find even-handed comments here, and even some Apple love. The problem is that when iOS fanboys bring up Apple for no reason at all in comments that add nothing to the conversation (like all of yours so far) they get hammered down very quickly.

          I also notice that you’ve neglected to mention all those other great Android blogs with better comments, so even the comment I’m replying to is just more blathering.

          Congratulations on lowering the level of comments in this thread. You get a 1/10 on providing useful information, and a mere 5/10 for trolling. Please try harder to succeed in one or the other in the future.


          The Internet

          1. Not my first time here by a long shot, Droid Life comments are much more impartial as I’d like, I never said that any given “Apple site” was better, and your assessment of this site’s comments and voting is off-base.

            Regarding your accusation that I’ve added nothing here, if you truly believe that… then pot, kettle, black.

            Anyway, your rudeness and aggression is really just proving my point, so please consider that.

          2. Thanks for the referral to droidlife, kwest12. androidpolice is one of my other favorites. I’m feeling a little embarrassed at how biased the comments are here. I love android, but the kind of fanaticism I’m seeing here just serves to insulate the OS and its devices from having to improve.

            Maybe this site should change its name to rabidphandroid — or cultophandroid.

          3. Thanks shonangreg, your comment is refreshing after the barrage of vitriol. Androidpolice is another one that I read now and then; you are right, they do a great job, too.

            I completely agree that the attitude and aggressive fanaticism around here is detrimental to both the ‘Android cause’, and this site.

    3. As an Apple Fan I applaud you. Now lets make this android fools see that iOS7 is far superior. No malware and no fragmentation whatsoever. Buy Ipad 2. Best and best selling tablet in the world.

      1. I see that Satire 101 is now open for registration.

        1. Apple does have a better performance and has the 64 bits processor. Which makes iOs far superior.

          1. My face after I read your comments

        2. Umm, look at all of his comments in other threads. He really does feel that way, it’s not a joke for him.

          1. Doubtful. All his comments are on Phandroid articles and his username is just about as trollish as it gets. He most likely just enjoys pissing people off. If his comments were spread between an Apple site and an Android site, maybe it’d be a bit more believable. He’s just a dedicated troll.

        3. he truly is one of those Apple fanboys or maybe just promoting apple products.

          1. As I implied, above, I think he’s just being satirical… I really hope he’s not serious.

        4. Very clever you dumb Droid. I’m not being satirical at all.

          1. Meh, I call BS. You’re just dedicated to your trolling. I’m guessing you are a 4chan devotee too, or something like that.

          2. I don’t care what you believe. You can call BS and even call me a troll. But I’m here to enlighten people to the right path. Do yourself a fucking favor and buy an iphone 5S. Maybe then you’ll answer with some intelligence.

          3. What if I want an iPhone 5C instead?

          4. Your life will be complete.

          5. Could I get a 1st generation iPhone 5?

      2. I upvoted you because I’m convinced that you’re being sarcastic, way to not break character.

      3. Buy the iPad2 because old stuff rocks! To make choices “easier” we discontinued the iPad3 AND iPad4 so the iPad Air looks a LOT better compared to something 3 YEARS OLD for a $100 difference MSRP (Probably less in the real world). I bet iOS7 will be quite ZIPPY on that old hardware! Assuming it can even accept a new OS still.

      4. I switched from Android to the iPhone 5s. iOS is nowhere near superior to Android. Nowhere near. The Appstore is a joke compared to Google Play. Good luck trying to find an app in that mess. 3rd party integration is severely lacking. The keyboard sucks. You can’t set your own defaults.
        The music app sucks. I can keep going.

      5. Going back over a couple of months of your comments, it’s came to my awareness (and based off of the multitude of comments posted in reply to yours, countless others as well), that you’re a egocentric, zombie-minded troll. And while I’m fully aware that you’re not likely to just take my word for it at face value, allow me to make a surely futile attempt of a retraction of your obviously severe cranial rectitus.

        While it is your opinion to have, I question as to why you believe that iOS7 is anything superior to really anything, including android. Android was built from the ground up by entrepreneurs who did so to offer the world ability beyond what iOS is and always has been; dull, conforming, and simplistic. Android is to iOS as what Firefox is to IE; an open-sourced, user-editable interface that’s not backed by the “take it and like it” mentality of it’s predecessor/competition. iOS, from it’s beginning til today continues to be, as it always has been, compiled by a bunch of people who were hired and put in a metaphorical think-tank to create an operating system that is, has always been, is made by, and is for the mundane. Follow that up with it’s owner’s “milk every dollar we can out of our consumer’s pocket by doing such shady business ethic as merely changing the name, adding the option of different color shells, adding 1 feature, and charging an extra $100.00 for it” mentality, and the realization that Apple apparently thinks “all of humanity are mindless drones” comes increasingly more obvious. And sadly, there are people like you that add to their reasoning as to why Apple would think that. Android offers functionality, personalization, and adaptability that iOS would NEVER allow or offer. For instance, with android, people can change their respective device’s screen resolution, responsiveness, functionality, orientation, user interface, and countless other options. What does Apple allow you to do? Change your background and some icons. Wow. Special. I can see why you’d be such an advocate. *cough*

        Fragmentation? Perhaps I haven’t done my homework on this, or perhaps you’re inventing things that don’t exist, but either way, I find the entire concept of fragmentation on Android OR iOS absolutely comical. Do you know what it takes to HAVE fragmentation? I’ll give you a hint: a disk drive. Your computer becomes fragmented because of where information is written ON TO A DISK, in random places on said disk. That, by it’s very definition, is fragmentation. Android (and iOS) run off of flash memory, not a disk storage. In other words, fragmentation IS NOT possible. But who knows, maybe you’re referring to some metaphorical version of fragmentation. Like I said before, I haven’t studied up on the entirely comical concept of fragmentation on Android, so maybe you know something I don’t. But let’s just say you do know something I don’t… Whatever amount of your hypothetical “fragmentation” could/does happen, it’s plausible performance degradation isn’t even worth mentioning.

        So… According to you, there’s no malware in iOS… Funny. After Apple released it’s iOS7, claiming it’s new fingerprint recognition was “absolutely un-hackable”, a mere 16 hours after iOS7’s release, a team of German scientists did just that. Hack it. And hack it good. Know what they used to do so? What you claim doesn’t exist in iOS, Malware. I hate to break this to you, but malware can be written for any operating system. ANY. The fact of the matter is, if you’ll excuse my bit of a joke, malware isn’t typically written as much for iOS because the writers of malware already recognize that people who use Apple are already likely forking out enough of their cash.

        Now, like I’ve said, I’ve gone through a number of your posts…. You’ve made statements such as (and I’m directly copying and pasting what you’ve said):

        Post A). “Apple does have a better performance and has the 64 bits processor. Which makes iOs far superior.” So, by your own words, having a 64-bit processor is what makes iOS “better”? Well that’s funny, because without a HUGELY fast processor, your iPhone/iPad would slug around like molasses on a cold day. Your iOS is DEPENDANT on the processor and RAM on your device. Imagine a 30 year old computer running Windows 8, if somehow you could even get it to work. That’s what your iOS would be like without a fast processor. Android, however, is NOT dependant on it’s processor or ram. Granted, a faster processor and more ram will help ANY device, but android’s coding is made to make use of what it has available to it, up to the processor and ram’s limitations. Put KitKat on a 3+ year old phone, like say the Droid 3, and the Droid 3 will perform like it’s never done so before, because of the improvements in the coding. No hardware changes needed, like iOS is seemingly dependant of needing for every “upgrade”. Sure, they can make their iOS RUN on previous devices, maybe without any “loss” of performance in doing so, but aside from maybe some functionality improvements to the device, the device CERTAINLY doesn’t improve performance because of a firmware update (with the exception of bug fixes) the way Android can. But since you’re so in love with a processor that you’ve deemed to be so remarkable that it “saves” your iphone from being unusably slow, take a comparable processor in an android phone and then compare them. (Which, again, proves that android doesn’t need a “top-tier” processor to have gotten it thus far the way iOS always has)… Just hypothetically, take iOS(anything) and put it into a phone without the processor and ram that iPhones/iPads have. Say for instance a Palm Pre or Samsung Captivate. While both the Pre and Captivate are (were, as they’re both 2+years old) very capable and powerful phones, if you could somehow port iOS onto them, you’d inevitably want to throw your phone purely from the inability to do anything with it without TREMENDOUS lag. And just to be clear, the Pre isn’t even an android phone, so it’s not like I’m being biased toward android here… I’m merely stating that iOS has high DEMANDS of both processor and ram ability. Android doesn’t. But if you seriously want to gloat about 64 bit processing, which android could change to at any point if it ever felt the need to, consider this: With next to nothing on any device truly pushing limitations of even 32 bit processing on phones or tablets of any kind, what possible benefit is there to having another 32? Simple answer: placebo effect. Making fools like you think that 64 means diddly squat right now. Maybe in years to come, when technology and apps require more ability than 32 bit processing, then this will mean something. As of yet, it doesn’t. But heck, let’s build a bridge from New York to London. Because about when that’s complete (and likely even later than that), that’ll be around the time 64 bit processing will be fundamentally needed in our portable devices. Simply put, if you cant even make 32 bit processing hiccup with 99.9% of all apps in use over any market or device, “needing” 64 bit processing is like needing a unicorn to fly you to the center of the earth. What purpose is there? What need is there? What good does it do? Does it even make sense? None, none, none, and nope. For a total of STFU.

        Post B) “5 years of lagging. I just can’t wait for more problems in the future! Everyone should just switch to iphone.” Read above response. Wouldn’t it only completely make sense that something that doesn’t NEED a faster processor and more ram might take longer to react? I mean, come on, I really don’t think even someone as thick in the head as you has a hard time understanding that faster processing = faster processes. So android does a dang good amount of processing with what it has available to it. Not to mention that there’s options/settings built into android that actually intentionally give you the impression of lag; transitions and window animation speed settings, namely. But I bet you never realized that, since apparently you think you know everything about android. But in truth, and I want you to ask yourself this, when have you actually ever compared your iOS device to something that has comparable specs with android? My guess; Never. Don’t go taking a iPhone up against a makeshift phone with poor specs that has android on it and claim it’s “android’s fault” that the phone isn’t “as good” as your iBias. Compare a Galaxy Note 3 to your iPhone 5s. Productivity, functionality, speed, battery, camera (admittedly, the iPhone’s camera is good, but 5MPs less), and a slew of other performance-related footnotes DOMINATE the iPhone. Not to mention that an SD-card slot, a feature iPhones have NEVER had. By comparison, the 5s benefits from a better charger (which really, isn’t Android’s fault so much as it is the manufacturer’s and the fact that the sub-par micro USB slot has become the “standard” in most devices these days, even if it is the updated USB3 slot in the Note 3, the lightning connecter of Apple’s is still better), and I’ll hand it to Apple in the sense that they do optimize well. That being said, when you finally compare apples to, well… apples…. Android doesn’t “just” beat iOS7, it massacres it. Factor in things like customizations, functionality, and “personality” of an operating system into the equation above and beyond that though, and your supposed “Apple reigns supreme” title falls. Hard. Splat. Road pizza. No recovery. But, I suppose if you’re a mindless drone that likes simplicity, I’m not going to say that the iPhone doesn’t perform well or isn’t a quality device. It does and it is. I’d just rather think for myself than have Apple handcuff me, in any way, with MY device. Just take into thought in the future if you’re making a comparison, make it a level playing field. I did. Apple lost. Stop crying.

        Post C). “Your what we call a fa&&et. Stop trolling this site. That is my job .” Do I even need to touch this comment of yours? Seriously. First of all, have some dignity. We live in a day and age where acceptance is either something you’ve evolved to do, or have remained so paramount in having your head up your ass that you can actually lick your own lung. I’m sure you feel all pleased with yourself any time you can cyber-bully someone by placing out there the “I’m a bigger douche than you” card, but seriously, it shouldn’t come to where you need to be told in comments that you should grow up. Especially not when you infamously post comments like Post D) “Your comment is so inmature. I’ll be the bigger man here.” Really? Let’s see it happen. Because the totality of your comments state and prove otherwise.

        Post E) “iphones are the best and ipad is the best selling tablet ever.” If this statement alone doesn’t prove to you (and anyone else reading this) what a absolutely without ability of an original/logical/comprehensive thought, blindly ignorant, and obsessively close-minded dolt you are, it’ll be hard to find something on this topic that does. First of all, it’s pretty freakin’ easy for one company that makes repetitive models of the same-named phone say that it outsells it’s model more than any one else. How many phone manufacturers use/make/sell android devices? Let’s be kind here and say 2 dozen. Now let’s say those 24 manufactures make 16 models of phones that operate on Android. 24×16 = 384. That’s 384 models of phones using android. How many manufacturers make iPhones? Apple and…. Nobody else. So… If you had to choose between 1 of 1 “something” or 1 of 384 “somethings”, what’s the likelihood that the 1:1 item is going to sell more repetitively? I’d “venture” to say that it’s pretty damn likely. So when I hear schmuck comments or Apple commercials that state “best selling device”, it’s just tempting me to back-hand slap the snot out of morons. With that line of thinking, let me guess, you also drive a Ford, since it’s “the best selling vehicle”. And while that comparison is in the air, there are many features and abilities that other vehicle manufacturers have that Ford does not, and vise-versa. That being said, you’re not going to convince anyone that Fords are the best vehicle out there. It, like operating systems for our devices, are a matter of personal perspective, consumer wants, and the ability for those manufacturers to give us what we want which shapes and asserts, in our own personal minds, our belief’s “superiority” of the competition. In other words, what might be best for you is not what’s best for me. But I’m not so naive as to think that just because one manufacturer’s product is the “best selling” simply because of the vast difference of competitors in a product lineup. Gee, how could 1 product outsell 384 other options? In reality, it doesn’t. http://accounts.icharts.net/icharts/embed/M3/WzStD
        Android share of the market = 70%. iOS share of the market = 21%. In no world I know of does 21% mean more than 70%, not even yours. In dedication to you, I’ve provided an instructional set of tips you vastly need to implement. Step 1: Remove head from sphincter. Step 2. Repeat step one til you figure out how to do step one, dumbass. Step 3. Check your facts. Step 4. Keep your close-minded, hasn’t-yet-implemented-thought-yet opinions to yourself. Step 5. If step 4 has caused stupidity again, repeat all previous steps until this ceases. Step 6: You won’t get this far, so no need for you to post anything ever again.

        Yes, comparatively speaking, Android is the new kid on the block, being a year younger than iOS, and made in an open source way, but don’t think that just because of those things and your inability to implement facts and common sense into your thought process that it’s somehow inferior. I assure you, just because you are, doesn’t mean that it is.

        Want one more selling point of android? What’s something that Apple has NEVER offered it’s users? Freedom. What does Android promote that Apple does not? Thought. So if you like being a sheep, controlled by powers greater than you and told how everything’s “going to be whether you like it or not”, having yourself shackled to whatever Apple deems without any ability to use your own thought process and thereby making you dumber (because that’s what happens when you don’t think), then by all means, iOS7 (and any of it’s predecessors) is far superior.

        Side point that’s absolutely unnecessary: At least android development tries for the user to experience “fun”…. Heck, even in naming the operating systems, android does that. “KitKat” is a lot more fun sounding than “iOS7”. “iOS7.. is… what… I… am… using… I… sound… like… a… robot… Apple… is… killing… my… higher… brain… functions… Shutting… down… Too… much… reality… being… used…”

        1. you are pathetic. Hey, maybe the iphone 5s can help you with that.

          1. I see how much thought you put into your reply, and yet you call someone else pathetic? What’s that line you like using? Something about a kettle and a pot… Don’t hurt yourself by using your brain. There’s a ice pack, pacifier, and a blanket waiting for you in your room, junior. Sadly, short of an enema, those might be all that can help you.

          2. Whatever drugs your taking I’ll take a dozen please!

    4. I bet you also expect people to discuss politics in a civil and open minded way. GG

      1. And cats and dogs should to live together in harmony! Tech =/= politics. With technology, you buy what you want and you live with it. With politics, you get whatever gets the most votes, even if you didn’t vote for whatever/whoever it was. I don’t think what I’m proposing for these comments is too much to ask.

        1. You’d be surprised how similarly people approach tech and politics. People are adamantly loyal to their platform and consider it part of their identity. Much like political affiliations.

          1. I do indeed find it surprising. Unfortunately for Phandroid, the commenters here don’t seem to handle themselves very well when it comes to expressing themselves in the context of that loyalty. I’m trying to draw attention to that (it certainly appears I’ve gotten my audience’s attention lol).

      2. мʏ ƈʟαѕѕмαтɛ’ѕ нαʟғ-ѕιѕтɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $71/нօυʀ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ աιтнօυт աօʀĸ ғօʀ ғιʋɛ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ ιɴƈօмɛ աαѕ $14515 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. нɛʀɛ fox200&#46com

    5. This is true. No need to bash iOS. If you don’t like it, have legit reasons. Opinions should be welcomed.

      I sound like someone from PBS. LoL!!

      1. Thanks for the comment No_Nickname90, I appreciate your objectiveness.

  4. How about make sure to turn your imessages off before on iPhone before switching to android so you can receive SMS from iPhone users.

    1. What?

    2. Hmm… Do you mean:

      “How about making sure to turn off your iMessages before you get rid of your iPhone. This way you’ll be able to get text messages from other iPhone users.”

      This doesn’t make sense to me. Why wouldn’t you get SMS messages if you switched phones? I thought the iPhone new if it was messaging an iPhone or not.

    3. Can’t believe you’re getting downvoted for this, it’s absolutely correct unless things have changed in the last few months.

      People, if you have iMessage set up on your iPhone and do not disable it before activating your Android device, other iPhones will assume your Apple ID is still a valid recipient and continue to transmit messages to that Apple ID.

  5. This thread is full of giggles and shits, I love it.

    1. There aren’t enough chortles or diarrheas, though.

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