Nov 22nd, 2013


As Android 4.4 starts to arrive on handsets outside of the Nexus 5, it’s only a matter of time before the major players on the market start to see their update to KitKat. This include the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, and we may have our first indication of when users of those handsets can expect Google’s latest vision. According to an image that is purported to show Samsung’s release schedule for KitKat, both handsets should see the update in January.

While a January delivery is not unbelievable (several more handsets are expected to receive Android 4.4 in the same month), we wouldn’t write the date down in pen until we get official confirmation from Samsung. Assuming that this leak is legit (and there is always the chance it is not), past updates have proven that we can never really count a software update release date as official until the OTA update begins arriving. Even if Samsung begins pushing KitKat in January, carrier-specific versions of the GS4 and Note 3 could still see further delays

When Android 4.4 KitKat does finally arrive, you can expect Samsung to wrap it in the now-familiar TouchWiz interface. Outwardly, users shouldn’t expect a huge change from the current Jelly Bean builds installed on these devices. Under the hood, however, the KitKat update should make for a smoother device experience overall.

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