Motorola Assist, Connect come to Play Store, still exclusive to latest Moto devices


Motorola Assist Moto X

Motorola has moved two of their device-exclusive apps to the Google Play Store. They remain device exclusive.

Motorola Assist, the evolution of Motorola SmartActions (first introduced a few device cycles ago), and Motorola Connect, an app that forwards incoming texts and call to the desktop Chrome browser, are both available now as free download. These apps are currently only compatible with the Moto X and the most recent lineup of Verizon Droids (MAXX, Ultra, and Mini) and should already be installed on said device out of the box.

The benefit of moving the apps to the Play Store, then? Most likely it has to do with ease of updating for now, but it could eventually lead to a wider deployment with greater device support. We have no reason to believe that will happen anytime soon.

[via Google Play (Assist, Connect)]

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  1. Google’s ownership of Motorola has become more and more obvious in Motorola’s products in the last few months and that’s a really good thing.

    1. i know..little by little, im wanting this moto x…or any recent moto for that fact.

      1. I was the same way. I gave in and bought the Sprint version for $49 upgrade. If you can look past the specs, you will most likely love the phone after you use it. Very smooth, fast and it looks like Google is going to take care of Moto.

    2. Yet Google claims to not giving Motorola any special privileges or collaborations. I think thats complete BS with all the recent events happening in the past week.

      With the fact that the N5 got KitKat and the other Nexus devices took too long or didn’t get any at all compared to the Moto X.

      Also every major carrier has Moto Maker and Moto X advertisement posters everywhere in their stores as well as many city billboards. Where’s the Nexus 5 posters?

      It’s quite obvious where Google’s current priorities lay in.

      Motorola of course.

  2. WTG Moto! Bring that Kitty Kat to my RAZR M soon!

  3. The big thing about these apps is that they were updated. Motorola Connect now supports KitKat and Hangouts SMS. Motorola Assist now supports custom reply texts for both driving and meetings.

    1. I think this is pretty standard all the motorola apps preloaded on my droid 4 get moved to play store when they get their first update. sometimes the first updates are even OTA without warning, for stuff like smartactions.

  4. Wonder if they will let them be installed on custom ROMs on those devices.

    1. It should as look as it’s only looking at your build prop, otherwise, if these apps require some sort of tweaks that Motorola made to android, then I’m going to think that’s a no-go :-

  5. How long before I can side load this on my Nexus 4? :P

  6. if this becomes available for non-Moto devices that would be huge!

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