Nov 21st, 2013


While we don’t have any official numbers, we don’t imagine Microsoft’s anti-Google “Scroogled” campaign has been very successful for them. But don’t tell Microsoft that. They’ve been going gung-ho with this Scroogled thing, attacking the Google Play Store over privacy concerns, even releasing an Android app not too long ago that tries to coax Android users into moving to Windows Phone.

Attempting to scare people away from the competition instead of offering a better product sounds… well, desperate. Today it looks like they’ve finally hit rock bottom. I now introduce to you, Microsoft’s new Scroogled product store. Here, anti-Google fans can share their mutual hatred of all things Google by buying Microsoft’s fear mongering propaganda merchandise.

Microsoft Scroogled merch store

You hear that? That’s the sound of empty cash registers. Sorry, Microsoft, nobody is buying what you’re selling. While we sit shaking our heads wondering if Microsoft will ever “get it,” it’s Google’s witty comeback that really gave us a chuckle. In a statement to Slate, Google said:

“Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space is really heating up.” -Google


[Microsoft Store | via Winsource, Chromespot]

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