Battlefield 4 Commander now available for Android, free on Google Play (and buggy)


BF 4 Commander app

We’re sure FPS gamers out there have already gotten their fair share of Battlefield 4. Launching for consoles (and PC) during the last few days of October (beta since early October), it’s only today that the official companion app arrives on Google Play. Battlefield 4 Commander lets players take control of the battlefield in more of an RTS-like overhead fashion, supporting troops by issuing orders and supplying them with vehicles and war assets. It’s pretty neat, and breaks up the monotony of the normal FPS combat.

Battlefield 4 Commander app

From the looks of the Google Play reviews, things might be a little broken at the moment, but we’re sure the folks at EA are already ironing out the bugs. Best part about the app is it’s offered free of charge, just keep in mind that you’ll still need to own the game on at least one other platform and have an active soldier of at least rank 10. Also, it looks like PS4 users are out of luck for the time being as DICE discovered some issues with the app affecting the stability of the main game. Lame.

Download on Google Play: Battlefield 4 Commander


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Download the Nexus 4’s Android 4.4. KitKat (KRT16S) OTA directly from Google

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  1. So it’s buggy just Like the actual game?

    1. just like almost every game…

      1. If you haven’t played bf4 on PC you don’t understand how bad it got. Constant server issues among other problems. They rushed the game big time

        1. I like the part where I could drive my tank into the elevator of a blown up building, then free fall all the way from the top :P

        2. Gee, do you mean something like this:

        3. they said they were thinking of pushing it, but the console launch title thing probably as well as cod ghosts contributed to this.

    2. It doesn’t even launch. Everyone’s having the same problem: the app launches to a black screen, then crashes after 5 seconds.

    3. Yea BF4 is the buggiest battlefield ever, and I thought BF3 was bad on release. There was seemingly no QA from Dice/EA. It’s pathetic. Even on PS4, it looks and sounds incredible, but you can’t join multiplayer games with friends and you often get kicked out of the bigger maps like Conquest and Obliteraton. The smaller gametypes work fine though.

    4. At least I do see improvement each week on PC. Last update made it even better with new nVidia driver. The game runs smoothly on ultra.

      1. It was fine-ish for me until the client patch a few days ago. Now I’m lucky to last more than 5 minutes without it crashing or a massive memory leak eating all my RAM and start hammering my SSD.

  2. do you got the apk

  3. not supported on note 2

  4. App isn’t compatible with the Galaxy S3

  5. So looking at one of the reviews, it seems you can have gifs as your profile picture in Google Plus. How cool is that? I want a gif. =.3

  6. I prebought the game for $50 at newegg, but if you want the best experience for half the price with all the patches and superior drivers just wait 6 months minimum for any game!
    including this feature.

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