Apr 30th, 2013

Switch To Windows Phone app

It’s hard to tell if Microsoft is being genuine with their latest release to the Google Play Store this evening. “Switch to Windows Phone” just went live moments ago and it’s an Android app that looks to “help” users looking to make the switch to Windows Phone an easy one by locating apps (or similar apps) on WP8.

Given Google’s very open policy about app submissions in the Play Store, Microsoft is seemingly taking full advantage of this to stick it to Google on their home turf. Feels more like a low-blow to me. Unsurprisingly, the app is already getting pounded by Android fans who are keen to what Microsoft is up to. If you guys want to give it a download and see for yourself if Windows Phone 8 would make a good switch, it’s doubtful but I’ve provided the link for you anyway.

[Switch to Windows Phone on Google Play]

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