No, Samsung didn’t “sell” 800,000 Galaxy Gears, they shipped that many to retailers


Samsung galaxy gear on wrist

Yesterday, we reported on a story that suggested Samsung only sold about 50,000 Galaxy Gear units. It’s quite the paltry number considering how big the Galaxy S and Note line-ups are. Samsung, who had been under fire from critics about what could be considered a flop, decided to fire back with word to Yonhap Korea that there are about 800,000 units that have been shipped.

It’s imperative to note that “shipped” doesn’t necessarily indicate sell-through, meaning this number accounts for all the units that have been sent to all retailers. What they actually sell to the end-user would be considered sell-through, and that number very well may be squarely at the previously reported figure of 50,000.

Did Samsung intend to confuse folks with their wording to try and do a bit of damage control in the midst of this week’s news? Was this simply a translation error? We’ll never know for sure, nor will we probably find out how many Galaxy Gear units Samsung actually ended up selling — they tend not to tout numbers when they’re low. Just know that they didn’t already sell nearly a million to the general public.

[via Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. There are two types of sold. There’s Sell In and Sell Through. Sell In are what they sold into the channel – ie. sold to retailers. Sell Through are what they’ve managed to sell through the channel – ie. product that has made it through the distribution channel and into customer’s hands.

      1. Thanks for your lovely explanation but I know this. Samsung is reporting SOLD. Google it. 50,000 was sold in South Korea alone. Again, not SHIPPED.

        1. But I can’t find any information source that indicates whether they are talking sell in or sell through.

    2. Update: Although Reuters reports the figure represents sales, Korean publicationYonhap claims Samsung is referring to shipments to retailers. Samsung Korea has confirmed in an email to The Verge that the figure relates to shipments as originally reported by Yonhap.

  1. Ouch. If it’s true that they sold only 50k of 800k, then they can stop manufacturing and they will still never sell all of the remaining stock.

  2. Can’t wait for the watches to go on fire sale!

    1. *FIRE SALLEEE!* -Call Of Duty Zombies voice

  3. I have yet to see anyone with one of these watches… and I follow a large tech crowd

    1. Hahah, so true.

      I myself wear a sony smartwatch 2, two of my immediate co worker is wearing the Pebble.

      I have another pebble just to switch on occasion.

      I have never seen anyone wearing the Galaxy Gear so far.

      Waiting for the sub $50 fire sale.

    2. I’ve seen one. It didn’t look as bulky as when it’s on display. If I didn’t know what it was I wouldnt have realized what it was

  4. I’d take one if it were free, or nearly so..otherwise…no thanks.

    1. Sure. For free. To hawk on Ebay.

  5. the Galaxy Gear is primarily for Pedophiles

    1. So you have several then?

      1. Please stop coming on to me

      1. How does your gf feel about being a meme?

        1. Ask your mom the next time you see her ;)

    2. Don’t listen to these guys, I’m sure you know from experience.

  6. If they did ship that many to retailers, then they did sell that many…………to retailers. Sell-through is how many are sold to consumers.

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  7. Soooo, Samsung shipped those 800K units for free? On good faith? I think not, the sold them to retailers and then the retailers in turn have to sell them. It may be a flop for the retailers but Samsung sold 800k no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t bode well overall for Samsung because retailers won’t order as many units if they come out with a Gear2.

    1. +10

      thank goodness another person understands this.

    2. Wait until retailers starting to return them back to Samsung. That’s called return reserves for technical accounting people.

  8. Channel stuffing is an old game that players like Microsoft and Samsung have played before. I believe the sell though is closer to the 50k than the sell-in being reported here. It probably took the better part of the year to sell-though the 1.2M Zunes shipped and the 2M Galaxy Tabs, and much due to fire sales. I expect the same with the Gear.

    What’s more popular, Samsung Gear or Obamacare? Do you personally know anyone with either?



  9. I think Samsung relies on people misinterpreting their info so the watch/phones seem more popular then actually are. They “sold” 40 million s4’s but I have only ever seen 2 people with it ? They sold “800,000” galaxy gears and have yet to see one on anybodys wrist?

    1. iDiot logic.

      Ive only see 2 nexus devices (and I live in NYC !!) but that doesn’t mean they’re not selling or selling well.

  10. It wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung has lied .

    1. AT least, this time, they didn’t copy…

      1. Or maybe they did …

  11. Dear uneducated/ignorant masses.

    SHIPPED = SOLD. they sold them to the retailers, they were not given to them for free.

    1. Yeah and they can very well be returned back to Samsung.

      1. If they din’t sell, Samsung would be losing money and based on their recent profit records, that’s not the case, also if the retailers do return the goods they won’t get all their money back.

        1. Yes, one product of the hundreds and hundreds Samsung makes/sells determines their profitability.

          1. My comment wasn’t limited to just the galaxy gear, Samsung only lists it’s products by shipments in sales records, go to every Samsung article on the web, like for instance a month back they had 5 million shipments of the note 3 and 40 million GS4 by end of year, in other words if they were shipping these many units but only selling 1/20th of the stock as suggested by this article, they would be nearly dead broke. And yes this gear does make a difference this thing is like 100-150 dollars lessthan a ssurface and we all know what happened with that, they ended up with too many units and Microsoft’s earning went into the red zone, so yes 240 million will be noticable come January

      2. not necessarily. terms could be all sales are final, terms could be less %50 restocking fee.

        giant retailers get terms just like you and me.

        1. From Reuter: “UK retailer Phones4U offered the Gear for free to consumers buying the Galaxy Note3 on contract earlier this month, while earlier media reports said that the device was suffering some 30 percent of return rates in U.S. stores of Best Buy.”

          30% got returned from Best Buy to Samsung…

    2. 100% right, but without any actual human buying and using the said device, it just doesn’t exist.

    3. What a great spin!! Shipped = Sold! MBA in finance?? What brand of kook-aid are your drinking?

      There are plenty of articles about people getting that garbage for free when they buy a “high-end” Samsung smartphone. You read that? They are giving them away. Is that “sold” also in your snake-oil book?

      They may have “shipped” 800K, but I doubt even Samsung really knows how many actually had a customer getting suckered into paying $300 for it.

      They are either sitting on a shelf waiting for the next fire-sale, or gathering dust in someone’s desk drawer.

      1. or 30% have been shipped by to Samsung…

  12. I don’t think you understand how the market works. Based on demand retailers order x amount of product to meet the need, they wouldn’t order that much if people weren’t buying. All sales including Apples stuff is measured by units shiped , they don’t have some guy at the register counting every iPhone sold lol

    1. I think I understand retail just fine. I’m not sure if you actually read the article, but I explained the differences between shipped and sell-through.

  13. Ugly and bulky for the wrist, no wonder why the sell number is so low. If it’s thinner and more stylish then the number might be high. I’ve seen in AT&T store, and just can’t understand why they built such a ugly smart watch. What a waste!

    1. “thinner and more stylish” over function and form right? typical iDiot.

      1. It’s a watch you know. Something you wear. Not just another utilitarian machine.
        You may not have noticed, but even cars care about their looks :-°

      2. Thank you for continuing the Fandroid stereotype. Did you you have to practice for it, or was it a genetic trait?

        You’re a hypocrite. When Android/PC products essentially copy Apple’s designs (remember “ultrabooks”?) and try making visual design important too it’s called “competition is good”.

        But hey, when Apple does it, you resort to name-calling. Grow up.

        1. Shut the hell up and stop your crying.

  14. And they can ship them right back to Samsung!!!! Cause I’m not paying $300 for a smartwatch!!!

  15. I actually own this smart watch and it is not as bulky as people think and certainly not ugly at all (which is always according to personal preference). When I wear this device people seem to want to see my watch in action. I believe it to be a great buy as I am a watch wearer and this device goes well with my POLO collection (sorry to appear vain). For example, my Michael Kors watch cost a few hundred dollars and the only thing it can do is provide the date and time. My gear prodives date, time, videos, pictures, apps (although limited), plus email, hangouts, and gmail notifications ect. The display and videos are actually decent, and with apps like Watch Styler, custumizable. My advice would be to go to you nearest bestbuy and try it out. Keep in mind that some videos showcased this device with anti-theft locks, which presented an extra bulky appearence. I have heard many people say that they plan on getting this device (after actually seeing it on me) for Christmas. I believe those numbers will indeed improve during the Holidays. I hope so. This device has much potential and i believe the dev support will also improve as sells do.

    1. It is a real stretch to consider calling this thing “good looking”. Ive seen them, tried it on…. Its a huge bulky ugly watch that you have to charge every night. Major fail.

      Now; if you are willing to put up with all the short comings (like looks, weight, battery length) and like the geek aspect of a watch telling you when you phone is ringing; have at it… But dont try to convince anyone that this hulk is stylish.

      1. DavidB23

        Once again it is always according to personal preference when it pertains to what is ugly or “good looking”. I am only providing my honest opinion based on my “everyday experience” with the device and I have, so far, only experienced compliments on how nice this watch looks. I also seem to attract those minds who inquire about its functionality, which i am anxious to provide answers to. As far as the “geek aspect”, I have don’t have any problem in that field, because although i maybe, I don’t look the part. When it pertains to “stylish”, it simply may not be for you. For instance, i may get away with wearing a fitted shirt, while you may look like the Michelin Man in the same shirt. i could probaly show up to a party in supendors, a bow tie and red loafers yet receive many compliments (because i radiate confidence), while you actually look the part of a geek in the same attire. The point of the matter is that I can only relate my opinion based on my everyday experience (not my claim to have “tried it on” or “seen them”). If you get a hair cut and some random girl tells you that it is not attractive and I get the same hair cut and receive a compliment from the same girl, it may just be the person wearing the cut and not the cut itself.With that related, respect the opinions of others, quit being dogmatic, and maybe you should stop trying to convince people this device is not stylish, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have a nice day, pal.

        1. I dont have to convince anyone of anything. The truth is the same for everyone; and the truth is, these things are not selling, and the few that do are being returned. They are an ugly failure; a fact based on failure to sell, not some arbitrary opinion. But Im sure it looks good on you.

          1. (sigh) From living, I’ve observed that most people (certainly not all) are slaves to the “popular” opinion and/or gossip of others. I have not returned mine because it works for me, which means your ” and the few that do are being returned” (whatever that means) statement is not entirely correct. Now failure because of sales is certainly a different matter and something I never argued for this might be considered a fact. However, whether something is ugly or not is according to perception and is something we learn early in school. (i.e.pink is ugly, blue is cool, ect.). Now, i will use your same statement, “i dont have to convince anyone of anything”. I don’t know you or anything about you (other than you hate when someone’s opinion is different than yours). With my money, I will continue to buy what I want, because I have the ability to do so. You continue to buy what you can and I wont have any ill will towards you, and yea, it does look great on me. Get your swag up.

    2. I think this device is for people who still wear watches. The majority of the world believes there phone is an adequate replacement for a watch. I believe that makes it a specialty item with a niche audience. I love watches so I would entertain the idea.

  16. Samsung fanboys would never be able to tell the differences between “Shipped” and “sold”. Again, Samsung playing with words has fooled many.

  17. You know something is really fake when even pro-Android websites deny it :-D

  18. *sigh* ….. TECHNICALLY, if anyone has ever worked in retail, samsung DID sell 800,000 watches…they just SOLD them to retailers. contrary to what most people think, a company that makes a product is not selling it in the store. verizon buys the smart watch from samsung, then verizon sells it. same thing with best buy, sprint, at&t, car dealerships, walmart, etc. so the original article is technically correct. now, if one really wants to dig and find out how much of these watches RETAILERS have sold…then THAT is the actual correct number. all the apple fanboys can go sit back in their corners and sulk. that being said…i think these “smart watches” are extremely lame ideas and an insane waste of time and money. i’m just bashing ignorant people :-)

  19. 50000 is for South Korea only please double check your “sources”

  20. how they sold probably 2000 gear the max world wide.

  21. Funny story, when the sales lady went to retrieve my Note 3 from the back at my local Verizon store, she came back in tow with Galaxy Gear.

    Me – wow you guys are giving away free watches with a Note 3 purchase?

    Sales lady – No, it’s $299. Will you also be getting a Galaxy Gear today.

    Me – ummm No, you can take it to the back now.

  22. Meanwhile real tech giants like Sony sold over 1 million PS4s in 24 hours.

    1. well according to phandroid that’s a lie

      1. And you believe that Sony got that?!? The same goes for Apple, Google, Samsung and everyone else…
        When those companies release those kind of numbers I don’t believe not a second of it…
        At best they are always referring about shipped units, but as usual they lie about that…

        1. I believe if Sony shipped a million units that a million units were sold. Feel free to walk in to a store and prove me otherwise.

  23. Its a rather ridiculous device. I suspect most people who buy one realize that before their return window closes; and return it. Id love Samsung to publish the return rate on this overpriced charge every night paper weight.

  24. How can anyone trust this company? It’s just lie after lie, more lies and denials! I think they’ve abused their public trust. To me, it’s like they feel they can do anything they want and get away with it. They don’t care because they feel consumers will continue to buy their products even if they lose in court or are caught lying and cheating. Patent infringement, cheating on benchmarks, lying about sales figures are just some of the more recent callouts. They need to be put in their place either by Apple slapping them with a major defeat in court or consumers waking up and buying non Samsung Android devices. I think one of these scenarios will play out in the very near future.

    1. In some weird way you are right. Samsung tend to copy Apple on Everything!

      1. There’s a difference between “copying” and “not being the first one to make a certain type of product.” The touch interface has been around long before Apple made it popular. A few of the features they have sued over (including the all-important ‘pinch to zoom’) were actually copied from even older devices. It’s pretty lame to sue over features that would be devised by a bunch of 10-year-olds if you asked them to decide how a touch interface should work. There are only so many ways you can move your fingers on a surface. Apple needs to stop using Microsoft’s tactic of ‘destroy and delay the opposition’ instead of innovating fabulous new ideas that will make people WANT THEIR STUFF! Maybe since their legal department has become so profitable, that’s where they’ve decided to invest. Too bad for their locked-in slaves.

    2. Truth is they CAN do anything they want and get away with it (though they may pay a few hefty prices for it). They are king of the hill in the android device market. Everyone is going to buy their stuff because it rocks, they (and I) don’t care really about how they may have lied about this or that. When another manufacturer can show me a phone that will do slow motion video, has a pen and can recognize even the sloppiest handwriting, easily import said writing into maps, addresses, contacts or other relevant storage, along with all the other cool little features (most of which, I admit, I probably won’t use), then I might seriously consider switching to another brand. Til then, Samsung is at the top of the features pyramid. That’s to their credit, that other companies can’t seem to match them for sheer “coolness.”

  25. Galaxy gear is selling here in Dubai like hot cakes.

  26. let me check phandroid keeps writing these anti Android articles why don’t you all switch to iOS then. did you all get facts right to publish this loaded article or did apple pay you all.

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