Nov 19th, 2013

Samsung galaxy gear on wrist

Yesterday, we reported on a story that suggested Samsung only sold about 50,000 Galaxy Gear units. It’s quite the paltry number considering how big the Galaxy S and Note line-ups are. Samsung, who had been under fire from critics about what could be considered a flop, decided to fire back with word to Yonhap Korea that there are about 800,000 units that have been shipped.

It’s imperative to note that “shipped” doesn’t necessarily indicate sell-through, meaning this number accounts for all the units that have been sent to all retailers. What they actually sell to the end-user would be considered sell-through, and that number very well may be squarely at the previously reported figure of 50,000.

Did Samsung intend to confuse folks with their wording to try and do a bit of damage control in the midst of this week’s news? Was this simply a translation error? We’ll never know for sure, nor will we probably find out how many Galaxy Gear units Samsung actually ended up selling — they tend not to tout numbers when they’re low. Just know that they didn’t already sell nearly a million to the general public.

[via Reuters]