How has battery life on the Nexus 5 been for you? [FORUM TALK]


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Early reviews of the Nexus 5 revealed some really weird battery claims. Many folks say battery life is great one day, but poor the next. Others say it’s been just as fine as it’s been on the Nexus 5, if not better. Whatever the case may be, reports are all over the place and we’re wondering how things have been faring for those of you who were able to get a Nexus 5 unit by now.

My personal unit hasn’t been through a full charging cycle yet, but I’ve had no qualms with battery life. I received my Nexus 5 at around 89% battery this past Monday, and that drained down to about 14% after  6 hours of somewhat heavy usage — it’s the first day, folks, and I need my apps. Today has been a bit more mild for me, though I have yet to go through a full charge and discharge cycle so I can’t get an accurate beeline just yet.

Chris Chavez reports similar up-and-down performance, with his first day being a bit dreadful, but the second day faring a lot better. The Nexus 5’s 2,300 mAh stands to give him about 12 hours on his current charge, though he tells me that’s from really, really light usage (and about 1.25 hours of screen-on time).

Our developer, Steve, also decided to chime in, though you should note his statistics are a bit skewed. His latest cycle was interrupted by a decent period of charging, so the 22 hours you see in his screenshot (below) probably isn’t the best representative of true battery life.

So, right now, we’re just confused. We’ll be keeping an eye on battery life over the next few days for our full review, but we want to get an early idea of how things are going for the rest of you. Be sure to chime in with your own findings in the comments section below, and don’t be afraid to extend the discussion to this big battery life thread over at AndroidForums.com. Let’s see if we can’t work together to find out just how good (or bad) battery life on this thing truly is.

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  1. Holy crap, 1.25 hours? I hope it isn’t that bad. I spent all of yesterday unlocking the boot loader, rooting and looking for a rom. So I don’t know yet.

    1. 1.25 hours was the screen-on time.

      1. Ya. That’s Galaxy Nexus levels tho. Horrible. I’m assuming that’s an anomaly due to a bad unit or first day of use only. It can’t be the same as my old Gnex. It can’t be that bad.

        1. 12 hours of use with 1.25 of that being with the screen on, that’s actually pretty decent. While I’ll definitely admit that the Nexus 5’s battery is small, it should last about a full 12-14 hours under general usage.

          My GS4’s standard battery can go roughly 24 hours without a charge under general usage. General usage being about 30min-1hr of screen on time with surfing twitter, facebook, and using Foursquare.

          The extended battery in my GS4 has gone as far as 1 day 18 hours with over 2 1/2 hours screen on time and still had about 8% left before I plugged it in.

          1. That’s pretty terrible. With only 1.25 hours of screen on time I can get two full days out of my N4 or a full day out of my Gnex. I’m expecting the N5 to be way better (for screen on time). And, I’m pretty confident that it has to be.

          2. No it isn’t. I get 2.5hours over 2 days on my N4. I’m guessing Chris might have the screen at full brightness. I thought I remember him mentioning that he likes running at full brightness.

          3. Yup, but it’s the same with all my other phones too. HTC One GPe runs at full brightness and gets drastically better battery life than Nexus 5 so far.

            Hoping things will improve after Google pushes another update.

        2. My GNex is currently at 2 hours screen on time (49% of the battery usage) out of 14 hours and still has 35% left with moderately heavy usage on a nearly 2 year old battery, so it seems to me to be worse than GNex levels.

          1. Ya. There is no way that is going to be the norm. Side note. Nexus 5 fast charge is freakin awesome.

  2. I got mine yesterday evening. By time I went to bed it was still over 70%. Charged it overnight. It has been on battery for 7h3m and it is at 83% still. Not a lot of heavy use. This is considerably better than where my S3 would be at at this time of the day.

    1. Good to know! What types of apps do you have with background updates(other than the normal calls/text/gmail)?

      1. Still at 80%

        35% screen (time on 1h 1m)

        Not really many apps that run in background other than k-9 mail (work mail checks every 5 minutes)

        1. 41% after 12h11m
          2h52m screen on

  3. Today is my first full day with it. So far I’m quite pleased with the battery. I’m at 19% with a little over 4 hours and 12 minutes of on screen time. The phone has been off the charger for 8 hours and 9 minutes. But I have been using it quite heavily all day. Really this isn’t this far off from my note 2 battery.

    1. Pretty much the same here. I’m at 22% left after about 10 hrs, of mild useage.

      1. What does your screen time say though?

      2. What does your screen time say though? IE this is what my N7.1 says and it’s at 54%.

          1. Sorry, not percentage, but time on, like mine says 2h 36m 10s.

        1. Sorry, I can’t remember, I never checked that. I’ve rebooted and re-charged my phone since then.

    2. I’m still guessing Chris had it at full brightness.

    3. I’m not trying to argue with you but my note 2 could and still can go 2 days easily on a single charge. My nexus 5 is nowhere near that.

      1. How big is the note 2 battery?

        1. I don’t have my Note 2 here with me but I believe it’s 3100 mAh.

          Edit: I will however agree with Toasted_Cracker, since he’s basically saying he’s happy with the N5 battery life, and say that I too am happy with it. I turned off Google Now and the battery life got better. Installed SetCPU this morning and we’ll see how much more I can squeeze out of it, assuming SetCPU is even working with this CPU.

  4. With android this will still be a difficult task. I mean some people run a ton of widgets on their home screens that uses data to display info, Im sure this will help drain battery a lil faster. I guess the test would cover a large variety of uses should yall choose not to control or limit the use. Im interested to see what you all come up with, but im still gettin a nexus 5. lol!

  5. Chris’ phone is doing A LOT while the screen is off. Awake time is draining your battery, and what is your brightness on while the screen is on? Also there was good amount of time when your cell reception was garbage!

    There are so many variables as to why one person’s battery is “better/worse” than another person’s.

    1. Full brightness (YOLO).

      The majority of 6 hours was while I slept, in which case the phone did well.

      After waking up and playing a simple YouTube video, it instantly dropped about 10% or so. Kinda crazy…

      1. Full brightness is SUPER bright on this phone. Not saying a quick 10% drop was justified, but mine has yet to go to full brightness except when I was out in bright direct sunlight, and it’s always been plenty bright.

  6. my galaxy nexus would be lucky to break 1 hour of screen on time (with the extended battery). That’s with mostly using chrome. Today at work I have my verizon galaxy nexus sitting here and after 8 hours of NO USE, it’s at 68% battery. My nexus 5 (tmobile prepaid) with light usage is at 87%. So far I’m happy.

    1. GN GSM is not as bad.

  7. Let’s check back every month to monitor it. I feel these batteries have horrible diminishing returns as it gets older. That would be a really cool experiment.

    1. Never fully drain it! That’s the way to postpone general battery life from diminishing.

      1. I always get confused by that. The NiCAd batteries you needed to drain completely before charging. But it’s kinda hard to charge when it drains so fast :-/

  8. This is exactly why I’ve decided to wait for a month or so to buy one. Want to see how 2nd run devices compare to the early adopters run.
    I like my note 3 but hate the locked bootloader on the att version.

  9. hhmm since I’ve had the note3 “battery life” hasn’t crossed my mind….

  10. So far I love the battery life on my nexus 5. Phone came with 60% battery and I was able to get 2 hr 30min of screen time.

    1. Thanks for that, I was so scared…

  11. Charged my Nexus 5 when I received it on Monday, today is Wednesday and I have not had to charge it again since the first day yet. 26% left, 1d 19h 56m 56s on battery, 3h 32m 13s Screen “Time on”.

    1. all mobile data or is this 100% wifi?

      1. Both Wifi and Straight Talk microSIM (AT&T) LTE.

        LTE Speed Tests results posted here: http://androidforums.com/nexus-5/791632-nexus-5-straight-talk-unlocked-phone-microsim-t-fast-lte-speeds.html

  12. Does anybody know if it’s better to first kill the phone when you get it and then do a full charge, or if it’s best to give it a full charge and then kill it? I usually do the first, but I want to know best practice.

    1. Don’t take this 100%, but what I’ve heard of the newest batteries – meaning lithium – is that it only does them harm if you totaly drain them. Only Nickel-Cadmium batteries had to be fully drained the first time. That’s the way I know it and have been doing it. Never had a problem. (Just changed my HTC Desire HD’s battery, after 3 years of use.)

      1. I’ve heard that before, but not sure I believe it since I’ve been doing it with N7 for the last year and all previous phones, and have noticed better battery life this way than charging in the middle. Also, never had a battery go bad on me in the past 5 years of android use, but not really had a phone more than a year. I do know when storing a battery it’s best to have it charged and out of the device, or else you can get “puffy syndrome”, aka exploded battery.

      2. Yeah I read the same thing, recommended to charge when it’s below 80% and to not let it go under 20%.

      3. This is true. Lithium batteries actually have a current left when your device says “0%”. This is because if the battery actually reached 0%, it wouldn’t have enough energy to charge. I know, that sounds weird. LoL!!

        They say don’t discharge so low, because if you don’t charge your device soon enough, your battery could die… forever. =.P

        I think the time after your phone dying at 0% to it dying forever is like a month afterwards.

    2. It really doesn’t matter. Just use it as you normally would.

    3. its best to do several charging and discharging cycles when the phone is new so the battery can calibrate itself. I always drain it completely when I first use it then do a full charge then drain it again then do a full charge again and let it settle after that.

  13. Charged my LG G2 to 100% and got 48 hours of battery life with screen time of 5.5 hours. This was all mobile data.

    1. Sweet phone, just hope LG keeps it updated.

    2. Exactly, great phone with great battery life.

      1. Thats funny, a down vote for saying the G2 has great battery life. Better read the reviews homey

        1. you have to say “Nexus 5 is great, has great battery life I haven’t had any problems [insert google compliment] for upvotes

    3. if this phone had as much developer support as the nexus phones I’d buy it instead of the nexus 5

      1. The G2 had a surge of developer support as soon as CM10 was available. All of it is over an XDA. I have always preferred the Nexus experience but LG has done so many spectacular things with this phone I’m staying stock rooted. Using Xposed Framework App and you don’t need a ROM.

      2. Lots of developer support for G2. CM runs great on it and plenty of lite stock ROMs for it too.

    4. I will never get that on a phone. I play too many high-end games. LoL!!

    5. That’s great! Wish Google had gone for the same size battery…

    6. That’s very impressive, was that all on 3G or LTE?

      1. That was LTE the entire time

        1. Wow that is even more impressive. So on 3G/HSPA+ it should do much better and on Wifi way way better than what my N4 does. Thanks for the info bud!

          1. On wifi it seams to be about equal. However, I dont have an AC router just an N.

          2. Showing some impressive reduced mobile/data signal power consumption abilities. LTE is a monster compared to 3G and 3G consumes much more than Wifi. LG G2 looked great in Wifi tests at GSMArena but your results on LTE shows just how much better the phone really is.

          3. No problem.

  14. Mines fine so far, snapdragon 800 is an efficient chip

    1. Screen on time so far and what percent is your phone at now, would be most helpful:-)

      1. I’m sure it would be, but it’s on my Qi pad right now ;)

  15. It’s a Nexus. Google cut corners to keep the price low. No sense comparing it to The Nexus and S3. Compared to current flagship phones, battery life is sub par. It may be better than what you had, but its not class leading by any stretch.

  16. Sounds exactly like the HTC one, which has a similar battery. Not surprising.

    1. htc one is alot better

      1. I just got rid of my HTC one, the Nexus 5 destroys it in terms of power and speed… and so far equals it in battery, if not marginally better.

        1. A part of me believes that the speed increase you see is because you’re running stock Android. When I ran Google Edition on my One, ti was SO much faster. That’s because it used like no RAM at all.

          KitKat uses like 500MB of RAM. You’re left with 1.5GB of RAM. You won’t be seeing any lag any time soon.

          I don’t think it “destroys” the HTC One. Mainly because there’s nothing out there to use the max power of phones.

          My phone is mainly at 1GHz when I’m using it. It rarely goes to 1.7Ghz. So I doubt you’d really see a power increase. LoL!!

          Sorry for my paragraph. I’m at work with nothing to do. =.P

          1. I was running stock on my One too… It may be a mixture of KitKat and the better processor. All I can say is that just opening things like Evernote and zipping around is generally noticeably better. “Destroys” was perhaps a bit far fetched, but I don’t regret swapping my One for it. I do miss the speakers, build quality and infra-red though… but that’s the price you pay for getting on the Nexus train.

          2. That’s what I’m afraid of too. I want to get the Nexus 5, but I know I will miss those speakers.

            Oh my gosh!! I’m so mad. LoL!!

  17. This is good battery life. 3.5 hours of screen on time. Note 2.

    I shyed away from the Nexus after I saw the little battery

    1. The Note 2 is better than the Nexus 5

      1. How? I never seem to get this answer.

        1. Battery life, micro SD slot, camera, removable battery, screen size, S Pen, oh and better selfies with the FFC.

          1. Not to mention all those updates

          2. Battery life? That varies from user to user.

            MicroSD card? I’ll give that an up. Though 32GB is more than enough for me. (Edit: Sorry, this is about the Nexus 5, not the One. LoL!!)

            Camera? Cameras are all the same to mean nowadays. But if you can see differences from overall shots and not just the main auto-everything shots, then okay, it’s better.

            Removable Battery? Removable batteries don’t last as long, from my experiences. They die out and become bad and bloated after 6 months. I won’t agree with you on that.

            Screen Size? I can give you that. I want a phablet because I use my phone for media purposes.

            S-Pen? So is it the S-Pen or the software behind it? Because the S-Pen is just a stylus, if I’m correct.

            And selfies? What do you mean by that? LoL!!

          3. If you get better battery life on your Nexus 5 than a Note 2 doing EXACTLY the same thing, my mind would literally explode.

          4. Me personally, I would get better battery life on the Nexus 5 since I spend most of my screen-on time playing games. LoL!!

          5. S Pen is a stylus on steroids, but if you don’t use it like that, then yeah it’s just a stylus. Also the rest of the stuff is totally personal preference, but those are the arguments people make.

        2. Anyone that purchases the Nexus 5 is a racist. Nah in all seriousness, I think oh have more functionality out of the Note 2 than the Nexus 5 which for some is a deal breaker. I would personally choose the Nexus 5, but I wouldnt choose the Nexus 5 over the HTC One, G2 or the Note 3

  18. Mine has been abysmal… Hope for better tomorrow… Even though I have already decided to go back to my G2 (possibly the Lil moto x)

  19. “Weird” battery life is always reported when phones are first released with people claiming their battery life is terrible. Batteries have to get broken in, and with the constant tinkering people do with new phones, it’s no surprise that people will proclaim a phone has poor battery life.

    1. C’mon. People are posting the battery stats. Screen on time is abysmal.

    2. Might be the kernel adjusting, whenever you flash a kernel they recommend you wait 2-3 days or charge cycles before judging. Might be the same here?

  20. I just can’t help but feel like kik kat was slightly rushed at his point… big ugly icons, half baked hangouts SMS integration, unintuitive panel adding option and now what seems to be conflicting battery reports

    1. Add a buggy camera app to that list.

      1. Right, it seems to take different photos tho

  21. My 1st charge was pretty good, granted I didn’t play with it a ton, but I also had an app keeping it awake for like 6 hours initially. 3.5 hours screen on time, 1day 9 hours it lasted.


  22. I got a lemon. Off a full charge, I got 1 hour and 30 minutes of screen on time. Also got dead pixels and a yellow screen. Sweet.

    1. That’s definitely what the 15 day return window is for, eh?

      1. More like why you don’t buy the 1st batch.

      2. that’s what a warranty is for…

  23. My first day wasn’t amazing but I’m on second day and it’s slightly better.

  24. 12hs 23 of average use, 1hr 6m of screen on time and i’m at 50%… I’ll take that.
    One tweek I did was use tasker to turn wifi off from 9AM to 6PM though.
    This phone is great.

  25. I havent used min a ton today but the battery life has been great compared to my HTC One.

    1. Nice! If you continue to use it at the same rate and you’ll be at about 50hrs and 2.75hrs screen on time! I can definitely live with that. Anything, other than normal, that you have running in the background? Doesn’t look like it based on the second screenshot.

      1. Not today, other than pocket casts and radio for an hour or 2

  26. I’m coming from a Verizon Gnex. Enough said.

    1. I also have a Verizon GNex, and these battery reports make it seem like it’s about the same. What a shame.

  27. Mine not bad as I initially thought. But not like G2. N5 claims to have all the opitmization stuff. But still does not live up to hype. Just okay!

  28. This is my first real day with the phone (got it last night at about 8 PM). Charged overnight. A little worrisome but hoping it’s a first day thing.

    I’m at 10 hours off the charger, 35% of the battery is screen but only 1 hr 37min of on time. Spent about 15 minutes on the subway with no reception, purposely didn’t turn on airplane mode.

    I also unlocked and rooted it right when i got it and installed greenify to try and help. Hoping it improves.

    1. I didn’t say the most important thing: I’m at 41% battery life remaining.

  29. I got my nexus 5 yesterday and received it at 86%. I like to drain the battery to dead before I charge on the first go around. I will say I watched two movies last night in HD on WiFi and only drained to 45% and then I went to bed. I woke up it was at 43% I then messed around web surfing, YouTube, facebook for three hours and its at 7% now. I didn’t take it to work because I haven’t got my straight talksim in the mail yet so im currently using my nexus 4. battery seems pretty good thus far but this is the first cycle. I’ll update more later

  30. It might be easier to describe my battery life if ups would deliver it already

  31. So I was using my phone pretty heavily from the time I got it and charged it to 100%. I played with it for the next 6.75 hours downloading apps, using GPS, Hangouts, Video, you name it. That’s pretty much my normal use when on my phone. I WILL DEFINITELY BE NEEDING AN EXTENDED BATTERY CASE (when available).

    1% battery left

    6h 44m 27s on battery

    Screen 29% / Screen time 3h 35m 42s
    Mediasaver 15%
    Android OS 9%
    Hangouts 8%
    Google Play 5%

    1. That’s pretty much what I’ve been getting.

      1. Hey Chris love ur work.. keep up the good job.. I had similar issues.. Try using BatteryGuru from Snapdragon.. you will get more battery then what u getting now.

      2. you can also do a full battery cycle charge.

        1. drain ur battery all the way.
        2. make sure the phone is off.
        3. plug in to the charger to and charge to 100%. then leave for another 1 hour plugged in after 100%
        4. unplug and turn it on.
        5. wait 3-5 min after phone is turned on and all the apps finished refreshing.
        6. plug the phone in charge for another 1-2 hours and then use the phone.
        7. if ur runing low again dont just plug in and charge for short time. let it die and do a full charge to 100%.

        if u can do this 2-3 times back to back for each full charging cycle it will help train ur battery to use its full capacity. if u do this at least 1 times a month u will get a good battery all year long and battery will last longer as well.

    2. The battery life on the Nexus 5 is beyond awful. I’m loving the comments how 10 hours is really good. I usually go 24 hours with my Lumia with no issue and can go from Saturday morning until Sunday when I go to bed on a single charge. I pity anybody that thinks anything less than morning to night is acceptable. My nexus 5 will go in the drawer until Google releases a fix.

  32. Am I the only 1 that turns things like data off when not using it?

    1. Yes. Push mail, Hangouts, notifications don’t work when you turn data off.

      1. I guess i’m just not that “in the moment” that I need to be connected to everything I use all of the time. I’d rather just catch up with everything in 1 go than be constantly listening out for things.
        I’m just always amazed when I hear people complaining about battery yet they leave GPS, BT, etc left on when they’re not using it. Data I could understand but everything else is pointless if you’re not using it there and then.

    2. yes ;) with no data, your smartphone stops being so smart.

    3. What’s the point using a smartphone, then? :|

  33. 1h20m of screen time, most of my battery was from listening to a radio show on my mp3 player. Better than my HTC one x, thats for sure.

    1. I have the one x and planning on getting the nex5. Reports sound better than my battery too. Im afraid to use my phone when out and about

    2. I really had a bad battery experience with my old HTC One X…
      I doubt Nexus 5 can be worse than that.

  34. Managed 14 hrs and 20 mins today without charging, always had 3G or WiFi on, GMail syncing every five minutes, with 4 hrs 50 mins screen on time, so really impressed.

    On first day (last night) it was off charge for 7 hours, plugged it in when battery was at 21%, and had over 4 and half hours screen time.

    Really impressive.

  35. Drops 10% roughly an hour when I am constantly doing things.

  36. Not great. Had a small charge for like 5 mins towards the end. And listened to music for about an hour. The big drop.

    1. Excuse the pic in the corner :P









    1. I use this on my One X and it really did help a bit. Idk about an extra 10 hours though, maybe 2 or 3. Anything helps, right?



      Apparently xdapao3 does. He apparently never sits down the entire day and spends most waking hours interacting with his “personal assistant”.

  38. Battery anxiety is for people who buy stupid phones with integrated batteries.
    In the last 10 years I have used my smartphones whenever and however much I need them without a care nor any concern whatsoever with their charge level. When I hear the low battery warning I swap batteries. When I am at home I charge the battery/ies separately. I NEVER charge the smartphone which stays ALWAYS with me, always READY and always MOBILE.
    Willingly handicapping oneself with integrated batteries is pure madness to my poweruser mind…
    – Note II user soon to become Note III user

    1. yeah but I’m sick of carrying around two extra batteries everywhere i go.

      1. Then don’t and see how you like start worrying about your battery status and limiting your using your smartphone, handicapping it with “battery saving” settings (i.e. feature crippling settings) and so on…
        If you are a poweruser try it for a couple of days and you will be so thankful and so happy to be able to choose to carry 1 or however many extra batteries if/when you NEED…
        I myself carry 1 or 2 extras ALWAYS.

        1. yeah but my phone will manage to murder all three batteries in less than 10 hours. It’s not too much to ask to have a phone that can reliably get through a night out and not run dead in my pocket just trying to stay on standby.

          1. your complaint is against your phone then, not against removable batteries.
            try to imagine it having an integrated battery, totally useless phone with that kind of battery time. you would have already binned it (which from what you say you should do anyway :P )

          2. Trust me, I want to throw my phone away so badly, but I can’t right now. All I’m saying is, if a phone has a non-removable battery it had better damn well come close to at least a day on a single charge. Hell, I’d be happy with 15 hours.

          3. Not being funny, but if you’re going through 3 batteries in 10hrs then either you are constantly using the phone or you have rogue apps keeping your phone awake all the time. Either way it doesn’t sound like there’s a phone invented yet that could survive your usage/setup.

        2. I see extra batteries as more of a hassle. I don’t want to have to take my case off and open my phone twice a day or more to extend it’s life when I can just plug it in. If I needed extra batteries thst bad I would seriously just lug around my charger. They aren’t any less space sufficient.

          1. With removable batteries you CAN carry extra battery/ies, you do not HAVE to.
            Saying that carrying a charger and an extra battery is the same thing is too stupid to even comment on.

          2. I see extra batteries as more of a hassle. The idea of taking my case of twice or more a day and replacing the battery is too much. Just plugging it in works fine for me. If I had that big a need to carry extra batteries around, I would just bring my charger. They are hardly much bigger and require less work to do a simple task. I hated unibody phones when I had my iPhone, but when I got the One X, not knowing it was also unibody (I didn’t think such an Android exsited), I quickly got used to it. Plus it helps the form factor and slimness of the phone. It’s all personal preference though. I met a guy on the bus who carried a car battery in his backpack with and inverter in order to charge his phone. Now that’s extreme.

          3. The idea of chaining my “personal assistant” down to a wall charger for hours every day, to have to watch the battery status at all times and to limit my using the extremely useful tool that is my smartphone is just too much for me.
            Guess I am a poweruser and you are not.

        3. Carrying extra batteries just clutters up my pockets. I’ve already got a phone, keys and wallet to carry. That is enough. I just want bigger internal batteries.

          Also, the only phone maker that seems to have removable batteries anymore is Samsung and their phones suck. I hated the GS II I am replacing(with a Nexus 5). TouchWiz sucks. Build quality sucks. Also, ugly too, although I could easily deal with that if everything else was good. HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony all have non-removable batteries.

          1. “the only phone maker that seems to have removable batteries anymore is Samsung and their phones suck”
            LMAO, to me the Note series is NIGHT AND DAY compared to ANYTHING else out there. If you appreciate the rest of the toys on the market over what’s SO MUCH SUPERIOR there is no point trying to argue this. You won’t get it.

            “I just want bigger internal batteries.”
            What you want and what the market offers are 2 different things, you choose between what’s on offer. I too would change several things about what I think is FAR AND AWAY the best smartphone on the planet, the Samsung Galaxy Note III. I would want it to have a 6″/6.2″ display, 64/128GB internal storage option (plus keeping the SD slot of course) an Hyperglaze or rubber backplate, I would want for it not to have Region Lock and Knox warranty status and would want speedier SW updates.

          2. Notes are far to big for most you need pockets like a clown no wonder you have to carry a fanny pack to fit extra batterys in.
            Note 3 is the best phone at the moment in terms of specs and not really much better than the nexus 5 when it comes to performance and it cost twice as much.
            The note 2 is dated are there are a few phones out now that are better s4 nexus 5 htc one g2 etc.
            Can you honestly say you need more than 32gb of storage on a phone ?
            Ive had an s3 for the last year with official extended battery 3000mah but have sold that as i now have a 32gb nexus 5 and to be honest battery life is very even 13-15 hours without charge and 3-4 hours screen time that plenty for most users.
            Now sd cars are handy but sammy phones take an age with read and write data to an sd card (class 10 or not ) gallery takes an age to show load photos and the fact you cant transfer or store apps on them on a sammy device isnt that good either, You are clearly a fanboy and judging by your comments seem a little disgruntled that others are enjoying the nexus 5 ?

    2. i fail to see the point of your post. This forum thread already selects for those who do not want to carry a second battery with them so while what you are saying is correct, no one who is reading this thread cares nor will it change their mind.

      1. Point was to show that if more people realized how stupid and limiting and annoying are integrated batteries threads like this wouldn’t exist, battery anxiety wouldn’t exist and everybody could take much better advantage of their smartphones. The way things are going I am very concerned that in a couple of years I won’t have the option anymore because the ignorant masses followed F’ing Apple down this path…
        Samsung is one of the very few remaining makers offering removable batteries (which for me is just fantastic seeing that to me the Note series are the best smartphones in the world by far and they all have this deal maker/breaker feature), I am very afraid that the next one will have an integrated battery just like the rest of the useless toys on the market today.

        1. I, for one, do not care to be battery swapping like crazy. You’ve missed the point if you think battery swapping is OK for everybody and not just for a few.

          1. “swapping like crazy” ROTFLMAO!!!!
            You swap (A 30 SEC AFFAIR as opposed to HOURS LONG tethered charges) at the exact same time that you would be forced to chain down your once MOBILE phone to a wall socket!!!!! No more, no less often…. JEEZ, people are incredible……..

          2. Yeah, and wait for the goddamned thing to boot up, all while dismissing any notifications I had waiting. Not to mention having to carry around an extra battery and a special charger. Yeah, sounds like SUPER fun!

          3. You mean you can’t act on your pending notifications BEFORE the 60 SECONDS boot up..? Yeah, sounds like a perfectly reasonable objection… (besides, MANY notifications appear back if you don’t clear them before booting up/rebooting. especially those related to calls/messages, which are the ones you don’t want to miss)
            “having to carry around an extra battery” as opposed to WHAT???? To having a dead phone!?!?!
            “and a special charger” ROTFLMAO!!!! the “special charger” stays AT HOME.
            JEEZ, people are incredible……..

          4. “You mean you can’t act on your pending notifications BEFORE the 60 SECONDS boot up”

            Like a reminder that goes away once dismissed or rebooted? No.

            Try chilling out for a second. Nobody wants to swap batteries except you and 10 others. That makes YOU the oddball, not me.

            “To having a dead phone!?!?!”

            The entire point is to put a good enough battery in the device so this won’t happen, not to make it so abysmal that people feel the unnatural need to buy an extra battery + charger and sit there and swap midday.

          5. Yeah I know that, the average user is not a poweruser and that’s why today the market is mostly made of useless toys like this.
            Still, idiots keep complaining and worrying about battery life though……

          6. has nothing to do with being a power user. My wife and her sister both want replaceable batteries. Are you telling me that if your favorite phone also had a version where the battery was replaceable, you would forgo it?

          7. Those who find a non-removable-battery to be an instant deal-breaker are MOSTLY powerusers, not EXCLUSIVELY powerusers, of course. In any case I fail to see the relevance in replying that some (smart) average user still find it very convenient to take advantage of the many pros in having a removable battery.

            “Are you telling me that if your favorite phone also had a version where the battery was replaceable, you would forgo it?” I don’t understand the question… The best smartphone in the world right now is the Note III, second best is the Note II, both have removable batteries. Is your question what I would do if, for example, the Note III (which is my next smartphone, to be delivered to me in the next few days) came only with a non-removable battery?

          8. The power-user comment was directed at you, but the question about forgoing a version of your favorite phone that came with a removable battery, that was directed at anyone who says having a removable battery is a waste.

          9. If it fits your usage pattern then it is not a useless toy. I am getting excellent battery life because my daily life does not revolve around being a phone power user. My usage consists of almost all texts and email and not a huge amount of that. The idea of toting around something else in my pockets is not appealing but if your lifestyle demands it then go for it. However, don’t denigrate others simply because your lifestyle makes it a necessity. I am sure the Note 2 or 3 works out beautifully for you but they are not what I am looking for. The N5 works for me

          10. if your light usage makes your battery lasts a whole day you woldn’t be obliged by anyone to carry an extra battery if your phone had a removable one, it’s just an OPTION you have for if/when you ever require it. (and you can still take advantage of the other benefits removable batteries offer even when not carrying around extra batteries)
            And BTW my daily life does not revolve around being a phone poweruser, my smartphone revolves around (and HELPS immensely with) my very active lifestyle.
            I call it my “personal assistant” and “pocket computer” because that’s what my Note II is to me…
            It seems clear that your smartphone is little more than a phone to you. Fine. Just don’t tell me that smartphones (if one were to take full advantage of the whole gamut of their capabilities) do not need removable batteries, that’s BS.

          11. “Like a reminder that goes away once dismissed or rebooted? No.” In the RARE instance (now I am sure you are going to reply it always happens to you…) in which you happen to have one such notification right before having to boot up you can easily and quickly set up another remainder on Google Keep or the alarm app or whatever. This objection is ludicruos.

            “The entire point is to put a good enough battery in the device so this won’t happen, not to make it so abysmal that people feel the unnatural need to buy an extra battery + charger and sit there and swap midday.”
            Right, like having removable batteries means having “abysmal” batteries that need swapping… As things stand today among the BEST batteries you find the ones in the very few remaining smartphones with removable batteries, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The Note II and Note III both have VERY GOOD batteries while MOST of the non-removable-battery toys have ABYSMAL batteries.

            True all-day and quick-charging batteries are a revolution still waiting to happen (I would be most happy when they come out), they do not exist today so unless you are advocating brick-phones there is no REAL alternative to removable batteries (granted, if you are a poweruser and NEED to be able to use your smartphone at all times and without limits…).

          12. “right before having to boot up you can easily and quickly set up another remainder on Google Keep or the alarm app or whatever. This objection is ludicruos.”

            So now on top of having to swap the battery, I’m forced to perform a number of tasks? How am I being ludicrous to object to that?
            “Right, like having removable batteries means having “abysmal” batteries that need swapping…”

            I’m not objecting to removable batteries, just daily battery swapping. Batteries wear out, and I like to replace them after a year or two, so I’m with you on that I’d prefer removable batteries. But having to swap batteries on a daily basis is inexcusable for the majority of people, myself included.

            Many devices have good battery life, removeable or not (including the G2). I just don’t see why they chose to fall so short in that regard on the Nexus 5.

          13. “So now on top of having to swap the battery, I’m forced to perform a number of tasks?”
            No no, you are right… Re-setting up a reminder IF you happen to have a non-recurring reminder right before to having to swap (which I am sure happens to you all the time) is just too much… Sooooooooo much more handy having to chain one’s phone down to a wall socket (since you sit in front of one all day, apparently) and tethering your ONCE mobile phone to a wall socket for 2-3 hours… ROTFMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            “I’m not objecting to removable batteries, just daily battery swapping.” WTF???? Don’t you CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE DAILY????

            30-sec battery swapping once a day (or however often do you normally have to charge your phone) + SEPARATELY charging the depleted battery whenever you go back home (and thus ALWAYS having with you your smarphone CHARGED, READY AND MOBILE) are *more cumbersome* than having to, with the exact same frequency, chain down one’s smartphone to a wall socket???????? I must come from another planet because this “logic” totally escapes me… Actually, this sounds to me like pure madness.

          14. “I must come from another planet”

            You said it.

    3. Portable Wireless clip on batteries that charge your phone in your pocket wirelessly would be a great solution for this. I posted my idea above.

      1. I disagree. My phone continually goes in and out of my pockets, fannypack and car dock and lies on surfaces. Attaching (how? how securely?) stuff on the back of my phone is a horrible idea, it thickens it, it weighs it down, it renders it uncomfortable to hold and handle and it even makes it ugly.
        The “great solution” to this problem has always been here: removable batteries.

        1. What I really want to know is, who are all these people who are apparently out in the mountains all day, away from a charger? I don’t have an issue with integrated batteries because I have plenty of opportunities to charge my phone during the day, which is rarely needed anyway. As far as batteries going dead, I will get rid of the device long before the battery ever gets to that point.

          1. I know, I too wonder at all these people for whom an “all day battery” is a battery tha lasts office hours because after that is always straight home and all these people who are apparently always sitting in front of a wall charger… I think I would cut my wrists if I had to give up my very active lifestyle for a life like that.
            Oh, I live in Italy by the sea BTW but I have mountains 60 Kms from here and often go there for leisure with friends and GF.
            I also travel a lot and live part of the year abroad.

          2. Living the dream! While the rest of us are slaves to desk.

          3. I don’t know if you said that in jest but that is how it is, most of the time I am not sitting near a wall socket like all these “I would just carry a wall charger” (which still tethers your once MOBILE phone to a wall anyway so it’s not comparable AT ALL to a removable battery) apparently do…

          4. So you apparently go for days at a time where there’s no electricity in sight. No wonder you’re pissed :P

          5. So you don’t know that even the very best batteries out there only last for 6 hours of screen-on time (usually MUCH less) not days at a time… No wonder you don’t get it… ;)
            Stand up and move away from that wall socket, from time to time, or you will get a sore bum :)

          6. Won’t happen… I have a treadmill desk :) I don’t think I use my phone six hours a week most of the time, much less six hours a day And even if I did, it probably wouldn’t be six hours straight without a power outlet. And even on those rare occasions where this happened, I imagine a portable charger would do. Hell, even airports have USB charging these days.

            I can see a non-removable battery as being inconvenient if you’re outdoors for hours and hours at a time without ever having to get back in your car and drive from point A to point B (where you could charge), but with the number of people bitching about non-removable batteries on this site, you’d swear that half of them were mountain rangers or something, but most of them are probably desk jockeys like me.

          7. That was my sons opinion too. As long he can go 8-10 hours he’s fine. He is usually near a wall charger or in his car so rarely is this a problem.

        2. Fanny pack?!? That rocks, dude!!!

          1. Wore slung across the chest in hot weather when all I wear is a T-shirt and light and tight jeans as opposed to keeping everything in my pockets light many guys do. I *barely* tolerate a paper handkerchief in my front pockets, I wonder how you are able to keep there phones, house keys, car keys, money and documents… In my fanny pack I am able to easily carry all of the above mentioned plus 2 spare batteries, earphones and a pocket knife. I don’t like it as a “fashion accessory” but the alternative, stuffing my front pockets, is not an alternative, to me.

          2. Android Fanny Pack. I love it! I know that you were referring to xdapao3’s fashion statement, but I’m going to have to create this battery and use that as it’s name. A mini fanny pack that wraps around the fanny of your phone. I can see the logo now a little Android with a fanny pack on it.

          3. Ok this is a bad idea, now I have that visual in my mind.

      2. There is a Qi battery pack that I was looking at getting. It doesn’t clip on though. However, I buy carpenter pants that have the pocket on the side to hold my phone since it is too big to comfortably put in my front pocket anyways. I think with this Qi battery pack and the Nexus 5 together it would be tight enough in my side pocket to keep the phone close enough to charge. That way it can charge in my pocket but wouldn’t actually add and bulk to the phone when I’m using it. It would be pretty bulky to carry in my pocket and that might suck but I might give it a try and only use it when I know I will have a long day away from a charger.

    4. Agreed.
      I also have 2 spare batteries.
      I only bring 1 spare in my bag everyday, the other will be needed when I travel far.
      For daily usage, 2 batteries are more than enough for heavy user. Charge the used one in the office or when at home.

      Replacing the battery only need a couple of minutes, and I can stand that, compared to waiting my phone charged into wall charger for 2 and half hours.

      Greenify to hibernate some battery-draining-apps?
      Not really need that…

    5. I have always agreed with this. I did just purchase the nexus 5 though. I am currently using an S3 on Verizon and have a spare battery. Galaxy Nexus before that, same situation.

      If the nexus doesn’t meet my needs, I will probably give up on the nexus line and get an S4.

  39. Someone needs to cram the lg g2 battery into this phone. I wonder what the size difference is between the 2 batteries and the space that would be required.

    1. If this were possible it seems you would get a full 20 hours which would be a full day without charging.

    2. It’s been discussed on XDA and it is not possible, the G2 battery doesn’t have the same dimensions.

  40. Outside of a bigger battery, a next to perfect solution is… A portable wireless charging unit that attaches to the back of your phone and charges it. Not a full blown case but just a small 1500 mA wireless induction battery that clips to the device. Does anyone know of one.

      1. Thanks, that looks pretty nice.

  41. I’m currently at 17h34m and at 6%… but seems to have stopped going down :/

  42. Stopped at 6%….

    1. was the screen on time 2 hours?

      1. by the time it died (17h 53m 26s) it was almost 3 hours. the next day i got 15 hours 24m but with over well 3 hours screen time and lots of calls. I’ve found the screen brightness on auto seems very high. I also think the location tracking may be hurting it, particularly when traveling.

  43. Based on the pictures in the post:

    (1) iPhone 5S
    (2) LG G2
    (3) HTC One
    (4) Nexus 5

    Just my opinion but that’s the order I’d choose them. Pretty disappointing. Would have liked to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well… probably the only one that could defeat the iPhone although I’d also like to see what the Samsung Galaxy Zoom could do!

    1. S4 *that* good? How about the Note 3?

      1. wrong the LG G2 is better than all of theme iphone pictures sucks compare to LG G2

    2. Sadly, I agree with your ordering.

  44. thanks for posting the article. Looks like the Nexus cam is not for me.. too bad

  45. Dam. I was really looking forward to getting the Nexus 5. The inconsistent battery and poor camera performance are really pushing me towards the G2. If CM11 is coming for the G2 then I’m all over it.

    1. I waited sooo long for the N5, but am now getting the G2…too.

  46. That hair is ridiculous. Lol who are you, the love child of James ames Dean and Harry Belafonte?

  47. I found the LTE reception to be poorer on the N5 than on my Samsung S4. Of the various places I routinely go, the LTE was barely on to cycling back to 3G/4G–which it rarely did on the S4. I believe this poorer reception was the cause for my battery life to significantly shorter with the N5 versus the S4.

  48. Nice hair

  49. I went 17 hours with 4 hours of on-screen time.

    1. LTE and WiFi were on, on T-mobile.

      1. Where do you live? What kind of speeds do you get with LTE? And also what plan are you on? Just curious I’m on T-Mobile prepay 30 dollar plan. No LTE cause I have an SGII

        1. Houston. 25 to 30mbps down and 4 to 14mbps up. I’m on the 2.5gb plan with unlimited text, unlimited talk and 500mb of Tethering for $60 a month.

          1. ok. Wow that is amazing, them speeds rock. Thanks for the response.

    2. That seems acceptable. Still not great but it would do. What was your brightness set at?

        1. Wow. That’s pretty dim. I’d probably have just under half. I wonder how much of a decrease that would make in battery life.

          1. It’s not too bad. I don’t notice anything until I go lower then that. I always turn my phones down to the lowest level where I can still see everything nice and clear, on some phones that number was 100%.

    3. thats fucking impossible. Please stop.

      1. What? Why do I have to stop anything? All I did was post how long my phone lasted on the first charge.

  50. Haha. I see that your HTC one is getting that stupid purple haze that HTC says they will “fix” with a software patch.

  51. DAT hair is wack. Chris, you might as well change your name to Bilbo Swaggons #hashtagerrythang #yolo #toolbox

  52. Why the iPhone 5S? I would have rather seen a Note 3 or even a S4.

  53. I live in a strong cell signal area (so tend to get better battery life), and gave it a lighter workout today after torturing it the first day.

  54. I’m on UK’s Three network which doesn’t support 4G yet, would I be saving battery life if I switch from 4G mode to 3G?

    1. I’m in the same boat as you, I didn’t realise there was a 3g/4g switch. in changing mine to 3g now :)

  55. I like that lady on the left in the “Picture quality” section. I actually would prefer her to the Nexus 5 : )
    However the loo in the backgroud spoils the photo a bit.

  56. My first full day I got just over 12hrs out of it, with 4.5hrs screen-on time.
    Today I’ve been off the charger 4hrs but barely used it at all (15mins screen-on) and I’ve dropped to 90%. Seems acceptable to me, not brilliant, but acceptable.

  57. I can’t imagine that horrible cell signal helps any, lol

  58. Got almost 24 hours on mine. near 5 hours screen time at that point I still had 28% LTE seems to be the killer here. I have an HSPA+ sim in mine,

    1. That sounds promising for my type of usage. I’m hoping for about 4-4.5 hours screen on time with LTE but I’d have no problem with only getting like 16 hours off charger to get that. I’m curious what you you set your brightness at?

      1. Auto brightness actually

        1. Oh. Ok. I usually find auto brightness to be pretty annoying. I usually set my brightness at a fix value at just a little under half. I tested it out at a Sprint store(mine doesn’t arrive until Monday) and just under half seems to be plenty bright for me. If your experience is any indicator of what I’ll be getting then I’m not really worried. Thanks.

          1. Honestly I haven’t drained it below 20% since I got the thing. And yes auto brightness is rather annoying I just haven’t noticed it. One thing to keep in mind I use it for email all day long.With the new OS this thing is a trooper.

  59. This was yesterdays dealings. Keep in mind I have a “4G” sim and not a 4G LTE (AT&T)

    1. every time you turned on the display the graph fell down like a straight drop

  60. The whole thread about removable vs, non removable batteries is rapidly becoming a moot point. With technologies being developed that can fully charge a battery in a few minutes and batteries the size of an SD card that can power a phone for days … in a few years a smartphone with a removable battery will be the same sort of antique curiosity that the “bag phone” is now.

    On topic … For right now, a couple of Qi chargers and the N5 more than meets my needs. Full to 1/2 charge in in about 2.5 hours (very heavy use (first day )) average usage is getting about 8.5 hrs

    1. I don’t know of any smartphones that charge in “a few minutes”. I’ve also never seen a battery the “size of an SD card that can power a phone for days”.

      You really consider 8.5 hours good? I can easily spend more than 8.5 hours away from a charger. For example, I went to an all day concert a few months ago. It was in the middle of a park and I was away from a charger from 9:30am to 12:30am. That is 15 hours. I am in situations like that probably a third of the time.

  61. Mine seems worse than my Nexus 4. Not a battery expert but just seems to drain faster. Moderate to light usage today.

  62. Maybe Google doesn’t care about battery life as much because they are going to release their smartwatch soon, and therefore expect to cut down on screen time.

  63. If you disable the hot word detection in the google voice setting, disable background sync (or just the things you don’t need syncing), set gps to battery saver or just disable it all together, disable NFC/android beam and set your brightness to about 35-40% theres no way you shouldn’t get excellent battery. The guys over at CNET got 3 days 14 hours doing that.

    1. url to the article please?

        1. dude.. it got charged TWICE to get that result …

          1. You are absolutely right. I completely missed that. Still. I tried their tips and I’m seeing much better battery life.

          2. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

  64. So far, so good for me. I left for work at about 6:30am yesterday and when I checked it around 7pm, I still had about 50% battery life. Not particularly heavy usage, but it seems like more than enough to get through a day, at least for now.

    If I start having issues, I guess I’ll disable a few things like others have done to get crazy multi-day battery life.

  65. So … was he using HDR in the review or not?
    And in the pic of the guys face, the Nexus 5 pic is YELLOW. That’s unacceptable performance!

  66. I already gave up on the Nexus 5. With only 3 hours of usage on a full charge, I’m at 50% remaining and I haven’t talked on the phone or browsed the web in that time. MOST of the time, it’s been idle on my desk. I get 2 days on my Lumia with moderate usage and 6 hours with the Nexus with minimal usage. This is ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, but its a Lumia. No thanks. I’m an Apple and Android user and I prefer staying away from anything M$ except for the Xbone. And its just a hunch, but I doubt its “going in the drawer”.
      With that said the battery on the N5 is disappointing. I’m a power user always texting away and on social media a lot, but music streaming is definitely always on while on those sites, and Howard Stern streaming for 4 hours straight on SiriusXM in the morning.
      My battery was gone in about 5.5 hours yesterday. That is unacceptable. I’mstill going to keep the phone, i love everything else about it.

      1. I’ll take a Lumia before ANY of this LG crap. Wanna compare drop tests or how about the video where the guy hammers a nail into a piece of wood with the GLASS side of his Lumia. If you drop your Nexus 5, it’s going to be in pieces and a paperweight first time. You can’t touch the camera or durability of a Lumia and since I also use my phone for things like email and contacts/calendar, there is NO comparison to Windows Phone. Google hasn’t figured those things out yet.

  67. I have Nexus 5 32gb and i can say battery life is disgusting. I’m not heavy user but battery drain with in 4 to 6 hours. I have tried to stop and close mau apps and services but problem still the same. I’m seriously thinking to rerurn the phone to Google.

    1. I know right? i love everything about this phone except the battery life is horrid. Why Google? Why?!?!? When are phone manufacturers going to get the hint. Go ahead and make the phone a few millimeters thicker and double the battery life. This race to thinness that sacrifices battery life is just idiotic.

      My wife’s Nexus 4 has been unplugged for 8h 9m unused and it’s at 97%… my Nexus 5 goes down to 80% in just a few hours of being unplugged even if I don’t use it. Something is seriously borked.

      1. Thank you! Make the phone a little bigger and give us a bigger battery. Why can Motorola make a droid with great battery but no one else can? Samsung phones , LG, even Apple, all have bad battery life. I have a GPE S4 and love it. The battery is ok but still love it. I don’t think I need to spend this much money just to have a good phone with good battery life.

  68. Well i don’t see any faulty in battery life of nexus 5, it is same as other android phones( one or one and half day). Dunno why people complain about battery so much ,maybe they are still stucked with classic nokia phone which can run one week without charge.

  69. The battery life on the 5 is terrible compared to my old Nexus 4 (I have the 32gb version). It seems like it drains quickly even when i’m not using it at all. Turn the screen on and it seems to drop a percentage point per minute. Not good. Something isn’t right.

    1. Remember it has a higher res screen and LTE which can be a bit of a battery hog.

      1. Ha! My S4 GPE has a bigger screen with LTE and has a better battery. And the Droid line usually has good battery. Charge us a little more and put a bigger battery in.

  70. in other news.. droid maxx lasts 3-4 days on full charge. XD dont care about custom roms on this phone. :P

    1. Wish I would get a Droid on AT&T. :)

  71. Hi all, thought I’d post,to share my experience.

    I got my N5 on Wednesday…with lite usage and a boost charge (45 mins) I managed to get over 20hrs, here’s the thing though I let the bat drain right out and when I went to charge it wouldn’t take a charge, tried a couple of diff chargers but no joy. Had to take it back to the store and got a replacement. Not sure if this is a known issue, buy thought I’d let you guys know. Anyone else had this experience…?

  72. The Nexus 5 battery test results are unimpressive, so almost daily
    charging would be the norm as with most smartphones. Still, the handset
    should get you through the working hours with normal usage, and that’s
    what counts for decent battery life these days.


    1. I was disappointed with the minimal battery boost. You’d have thought that Google would learn this from watching LG make the G2 but go figure. It’s acceptable, just not great. I certainly hope that Google isn’t taking a page out of the upgrade playbook that usually bites most companies eventually. But at $349 or $399 it’s really difficult to complain.

  73. bought his n hers N5’s. mine started up fine, wifes struggled right from start and needed reboot to complete setup. since over same period of time in same location my “phone” power usage was 2% and hers was 32% neither made calls…main diff between two is she’s got FB on hers…..big difference in battery performance?

  74. Had horrible battery life for the first 3 days. Just tried an experiment and turned off LTE and now i am seeing heroic #s… Went from 10-15%/hr down to 2-3%…Still deciding what to do here though because my Sammy Note 2 gets 3-4%/hr discharge with LTE on…

    1. This is not new. LTE will kill you assuming you’re using it for many things, e.g. multiple email accounts, gmail with large attachments, etc.

      1. True, but my note 2 gets pretty similar duration whether I’m on lte or hspa. This has a much shorter life on lte it seems…

  75. I have been getting a good 10-15 hours on my nexus 5 so far. Id say moderate to borderline heavy use. But I’ve always been able to pull long battery life out of my phones.

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