Android 4.4 test ROM leaks for T-Mobile Moto X, could also work for Verizon units


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Need more proof that Motorola is doing everything they can to prove they’re a company worthy of donning Google’s name? After the company confirmed they’d be bringing Android 4.4 to their Moto X and the latest Verizon DROID models, members of XDA have uncovered a test build of Android 4.4 for T-Mobile’s version of the Moto X.

Before we continue, I should note that this build is not promised to be stable, and that no one but you is responsible for anything you do to your device. With that said, an unlocked bootloader, this download and the instructions immediately ahead should get you going:

1. Put your phone in fastboot mode (press and hold power + volume down when phone is off)
2. Connect phone to PC
3. Extract zip on PC and run flashall.bat

The original poster, who was not involved in development of the leaked ROM, says the build does seem to have some of the latest Android 4.4 KitKat features, including an updated keyboard, the Home selector in the settings menu, new Hangouts and more. Some of Motorola’s own apps have been updated, as well, including Touchless Controls, Active Notifications and camera improvements.

Some things you don’t get are the new Google Experience Launcher, and the you’ll still get that blue hue on your status bar icons. Regardless, if you’re sweet tooth is craving some KitKat you will probably forgive those omissions.

We should also note that discussion in the XDA thread seems to suggest this build will work on bootloader-unlocked Verizon units, as well. Users are reporting that you’ll have to manually change PRL settings upon each reboot on the Verizon model, but that might be a small price to pay if you really want KitKat.

Be sure to hit up the XDA thread if you have more specific questions, as those folks are always eager to help you out (but don’t post without looking for the answer in the thread, otherwise you’ll be put on the naughty list). Let us know if you’ll be trying this on your Verizon or T-Mobile Moto X units!

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  1. And yet I’m still here waiting for 4.4 for my NEXUS devices!!!

  2. I wish there was a way to have a unlocked bootloader on a VZW Moto x.

    1. Buy a developer device.

  3. Yeah I’m a little upset they didn’t release a factory image for the n4 yet. I thought nexus devices where supposed to get updates immediately, that’s why I bought one

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