Nov 6th, 2013


Some mysterious barges under Google’s control have been popping up in the past few weeks. One of them was spotted off the coast of the San Francisco Bay, at former Navy base Treasure Island. Another was spotted on the other side of the country, near Maine.

Rumors ran rampant, of course, and many started trying to guess what these barges were for. Guesses ranged from stuff as boring as floating data centers to stuff as exciting as a unique retail experience for Google Glass whenever the things are set to launch early next year. Google didn’t keep us in the clouds for long, though, as the company has finally decided to come out with it. You ready for this?

It’s a “learning center.” That’s right — a learning center. Not the most exciting or magical use ever, but there it is. Google says they’re simply experimenting with a new type of space that will help people learn about new technology in an “interactive space.”

They didn’t tell us what that technology was, of course, but some are guessing these spaces will be used to pilot the stuff being made in the highly secretive Google X program. Perhaps these will be used as some of the locations mentioned in Google’s product research survey, where the company has invited anyone and everyone to sign-up for a chance to test new products before anyone else.

Speculation will still run rampant, but at least we have a better idea of what’s going on with El Goog out at sea. Now, they just wish you’d go back to salivating over the newly-launched Nexus 5.

[via TechCrunch]

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