Brand new Glass Development Kit to be unveiled November 19th


Mark November 19th and 20th on your calendar, Google Glass fans. That’s the day Google will be unveiling the next phase of the Glass Development Platform and announcing the all new Glass Developer Kit.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.19.47 PM


Ever since the limited developer beta of Google Glass launched, Google has suggested the first shipments of consumer ready Glass would come in 2014. Recent developments would suggest they’re on track, recently unleashing a horde of Glass invites, announcing a new edition of the Glass hardware, new Glass accessories, and working on some other mysteriously exciting Glass projects. (Read more Google Glass news)

We’re not sure if Google will pull out any surprises on the 19th or 20th, but if they do, they’ll be sharing it with the world on YouTube after the event and visiting with developers in LA and NYC in early December.

This second production run of Google Glass leads us to believe the 2014 timeline is accurate, but don’t expect to see Glass on your store shelves anytime soon. I think it’s more likely that Google will make an announcement for consumer ready Glass at Google IO 2014 with a launch to follow closer to the holidays.

You’ve still got an opportunity to win a Google Glass invite from Phandroid tomorrow but you’ll have to be fast, so check in early and often!

Rob Jackson
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  1. This is the one with the gaudy chunk hanging off behind the ear lobe, not impressed at all. Worth $49.95 at best.

    1. well, glass is not really made for fashion, but have you seen some of the models wearing google glass? sexy as hell!!! well, at least for me….

      1. Models may be sexy, but really a piece of hardware, bluetooth hardware at that, I like soft and warm.

    2. How about you design one better.

      1. Don’t have to already available —|13557030&CPNG=Toys&kpid=13557030&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=13557030&gclid=CNqA-ejl07oCFSNp7AodPw4AuA

        you see the targeted demographics of these don’t you? —

        Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up

        Educational Focus: Science

        Number of Pieces: 1

        Interacts With: Computer

        Power Source: Battery

        Material: Plastic

        Battery: Required, included: 1 lithium polymer
        Anything else?

        1. Those are too intrusive. we need something that doesn’t look like actual glasses.

  2. My birthday is the 19th…. I want to go :)

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