Google announces upcoming Glass hardware revision, allows all Explorers to invite 3 of their friends



The Google Glass team has announced via their Google+ profile that — exactly as we’d heard previously — a new version of Google Glass will be made available for Glass Explorers shortly. The new and improved Google Glass will only be made available to those that have purchased Glass before October 28th, 2013, where Glass Explorers will have the 1-time option to replace their current glass for the future revised version.

According to Google, this Glass 2.0 will work with a future line of shades and prescription lenses for Glass users, as well as come with a mono earbud to help improve hearing in noisy environments (one of Glass’ Achilles heels). No word on if Google was able to increase the mAhs in Glass for increased battery life, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Glass Explorer

Now here comes the best part. While we still don’t know when Glass will become officially available to the public, Google is opening the Glass program to more participants. Glass Explorers now have 14 days from when sent an invite email to invite 3 friends into the program, without Google’s hand in the matter. Here are the requirements for potential Glass Explorers:

  • be a US resident
  • be 18 years or older
  • purchase Glass
  • provide a U.S. based shipping address OR pick up the device in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles

Glass is still very much in its infancy, and with even more users comes increased feedback and an even better end product. We couldn’t be more excited.

[Glass Support | via Google+]

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  1. I would do anything for an invite… there’s so many app ideas I have for Glass but no unit to test it on.

    Oh well, time to annoy Glass Explorers until they give up an invite! :D

  2. So do the invitees have to pony up 1k+ dollars or is it cheaper, more expensive or what?
    I need to know if I should lobby for an invite or not. :P

    1. I’m 99% sure it will be at the same $1,500 price. But how knows, maybe you guys will get a coupon code for retail pricing. :P

      1. who*

      2. I’ll let you know when I register, but I’ll need an invite first so just shoot that over. ;)

  3. So Chris, can I get an Invite. Wassup homie?

  4. Why can’t my friends be cool lol

    1. my uncle recently purchased an almost new black Honda just by part-time work from a laptop… view

    2. …— (Home more)

  5. Friends don’t invite friends into a $1500 debt.

    1. 1> You can’t be sure the next one will be $1500.
      2> Hopefully whoever buys one can afford one.
      3> I believe 1 more than 2

  6. I want to be somebody’s friend! haha

  7. You should share the invites with AndroidForums Admins & Mods :)

  8. So are you guys giving out invitation? I would love to have one please….

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