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This past week, Google opened up the Glass Explorer program by allowing all current Glass Explorers to invite three friends to purchase Glass. The Glass Team also announced that hardware version 2.0 was well underway and would be available to all Glass Explorers in the future. What they didn’t tell us was that an official accessory shop for Glass would soon be opening.

The official Glass Shop contains most current Glass accessories (clear shield, charger, pouch) and adds the new and upcoming mono earbud. The earbud, according to the Glass Shop is specifically designed for Glass to provide high-quality sound for both video and phone calls.  At this time, the sunglasses attachment seems to be missing from the store. And, interesting enough, the clear shield listed is only compatible with Glass units purchased after October 28th.

Here’s a quick list of accessories, prices, and availability:

  • Extra Mono Earbud – $50 – Out of stock
  • Clear Shield – $75
  • Extra Charger and cable – $50 – Out of stock
  • Extra Pouch – $50 – Out of stock

If you’re a current Glass Explorer or recently received an invite from a friend, you might want to keep extra special care of your accessories. As you can see, replacing them is pretty costly. While most consumers were hoping to see an affordable consumer edition of Glass in the future, these accessory prices will definitely raise an eyebrow or two.

To visit the store yourself, head on over to the official Glass Shop.

[via LivingThruGlass]

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  1. Holy crap. That’s ridiculous. You know they marked up the price only because the price of Glass is so insane. Seriously, what is this, Apple Glass? :/

    1. lol $50 pouch, must be made of iSheep wool

  2. .

    1. I am an Explorer. The only thing I see in stock is that $75 piece of plastic that no one knows what to do with. (Clear Shield)

      1. Yeah, same here. Initially the out of stock notifications didn’t appear for me. I was a bit excited about ordering another USB.

        Thanks for article!

      2. Oh yeah, uses for the clear lenses I have found: when cycling on cloudy days, running in low light situations, etc.

  3. Why is the headphone not using a headphone jack?

    1. Throw back to the G1. Lol Or, they probably didn’t have enough room to add a 3.5mm headphone jack and since the micro USB port was already there….. why not use it?

      1. micro usb head phones arent really widely used. Someone could of always cut of the other headphone from an old pair lol. Plus i like how you dont have to worry which way is up or down on it

        1. Yeah, honestly. I’m not a fan of this design or execution. Could have been better implemented. :/

  4. hiked up prices now so that they can take the subsidized hit later?

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