Nov 3rd, 2013

nexus 8You weren’t really naive enough to think that the leaks from Mountain View were going to end once the Nexus 5 went on sale, were you? No, sir, that’s not the way Google rolls these days. Having updated their domain with the release of Android 4.4, the above tablet, which we have so far not seen anywhere, was very visibly featured under the section A Library that goes with you.

Most of the web is considering the tablet to be an 8-inch one, particularly considering the slimmed down bezels from the top and bottom which I’m sure pretty much every one would welcome. While it’s difficult to estimate the size of the device from a single photo, if this is a real device that would be released significantly before summer 2014, it only makes sense that they build something in between their small and large tablet offering.

Is there a market for that size? I prefer 10″ tablets because I use them primarily for watching movies while travelling, and if the tablet is light enough, I don’t have fatigue issues holding it up for longer periods of time while reading. Having said that, the 7″ mark is where Android has excelled commercially. And if the tablet doesn’t take up any more space or weight than the current Nexus 7 and the cost is in the same vicinity, I’m quite confident that consumers would opt for the larger version.

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