Is this a picture of the Nexus 5 fresh out of the box?


While we’re still waiting for Google to officially unveil the Nexus 5 (as well as Android 4.4 KitKat), one lucky soul over at Overclockers seems to have gotten their hands on the device. User Nickyyy claimed to have received stock of the device, potentially for a shop he or she works at. When asked to tell more, they simply responded with the photo you see below.

nexus 5 leak

It appears to be a Nexus 5 in the flesh, with the device looking to be going through the boot process (unless that’s just the typical protective plastic with a Nexus 5 logo on it). Off to the left of it is a box that looks Google-y enough to make this leak believable. There isn’t much else that can be learned from such a simple photo, but the leakster mentioned we should be seeing it in “the next few days.”

They wouldn’t say much more than that, unfortunately, but we have more than enough information about the device itself. We should be getting a 5-inch full HD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi ac and NFC.

As you can see we know nearly everything there is to know about this device, except one thing — when, where, and how much. We know we’re might close (otherwise Google wouldn’t have updated all their apps to work with KitKat at the same exact time). Get on it, Google!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I cant do this anymore, take my money Google

    1. I got mine waiting….

  2. Logo might just be on the usual plastic protection

    1. Looks MUCH more like that.

  3. For a second there.. I thought that was the back and Google had been tricking us this whole time! I just woke up and am half asleep though. Or am I still dreaming?! I think Google is Inceptioning me?!

  4. Stop teasing and announce the phone already.

  5. … Another Nexus 5 leak. Woohoo -.- .
    Im guessing with all these leaks of nexus 5s showing up in stock and listings of electronoc shops, Google seems to be only postponing the release until they get 100% percent ready for the launch. I really hope that is the reason and that they learnt from last years disaster launch(Nexus 4).

    1. If that’s *not* the case and this thing still manages to grenade their servers and their stock, I think they should just about hang it up. With the advent of TMo’s new no-contract model, I think the Nexus can really only go up.

      1. I wish they’d pass it off to another or multiple other etailers. That’d be the smart thing to do honestly. (plus the fact that we probably wouldn’t have to pay shipping and tax on it too)

    2. You know you make a really good point. If that’s really the case then Google can take their sweet time. I just want to be able to purchase a Nexus 5 on launch day without having to camp out by my Computer/ phone for 24hrs. Keeping the N5 in stock will also eliminate all the people trying to sell the product for an insane amount of money online.

  6. Looks fake to me. The lower bezel of the phone looks too big and the box to, what you can see if it doesn’t look proportionate to the box bottom.

    1. It looks alright to me.

    2. Looks fine to me. There’s a chance it could be fake, but nothing I saw when looking at this image jumped out to me as fake. *shrugs*

  7. I would prefer it if the Box was red or white instead of blue. (red/white just matches with the KitKat inside and looks better imo)

    1. Because you carry the box around? I carry the phone around.

      1. I might >.> Just until I have a sleeve for my nexus 5.
        But you are right, it is a minor issue (even though I usually save boxes as the sentimental hoarder that I am)

  8. Can anyone please create an overview of how big the nexus5 is compared to the galaxy nexus? Both phones have their dimensions leaked now I think and I juut want to see how much bigger/thinner/wider it will be when I upgrade.

    1. gen5 Nexus 5:
      137.84 x 69.17 x 8.59 mm | 130 g (4.58 oz)
      4.95″, full HD 1080p, 445 ppi

      gen3 Galaxy Nexus:
      135.5 x 67.94 x 8.94 mm | 135 g (4.76 oz)
      4.65″, HD 720p, 316 ppi

      Nexus 5 is a little bigger but worth it — Snapdragon 800 beats everything out there, plus 8MP OIS camera.

      Also Nexus 5 weighs LESS.

      I have two Galaxy Nexus for me and my wife, and I’m getting the Nexus 5.

      1. There is no questioning about whether I will get the nexus 5. What I was wondering was if the additional screen size would result in a significantly bigger phone (the step from Nexus One to Galaxy Nexus was big. The phone seemed HUGE at that time compared to my N1, but now I am so used to it that tha N1 looks so small. But I wanted to be prepared this time)


      2. Sadly it doesn’t beat the Apple A7.

        1. Have you used a nexus 5?

        2. I have the 5s and it lags like hell. It benchmarks amazingly, but in day to day usage, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

      3. Looks like the N5 is even bigger, really wish they would stop increasing the sizse of Android phones, it’s utterly pointless, I don’t care about a bigger screen I want to be able to use it with one god damn hand. The Moto X is the best sized phone on the market.

        1. Agreed! Sick of these gigantic phones.

    2. Try versus.com

      1. No need, I’ve already answered before you.

      2. thanks bro.

      3. Great website, thanks a lot. Has got me sooooo pumped for the Nexus 5. I forgot about all the other things the nexus 5 has that my almost 2 year old Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have.

        At first I felt a bit guilty buying a new phone when the GNex would likely see an Android KitKat upgrade, but seeing it compared to the N5 side by side showed me the upgrade is WELL worth it (<— big understatement)

        Google better release it fast and I better find a way to get it shipped to the Netherlands ASAP

        1. order from a buddy ship it to here you are

          1. Got no buddies in any countries with a device playstore…but I might have a colleague. Will try to get him to do it for me, though I doubt he will spam f5 like there is no tomorrow so I am hoping Google uses this time to build enough stock or that he can pick it up from a store.

      4. Very useful site, thanks

  9. I’m a bit more confused now since the news about it coming to Sprint. We knew early on that it would be, but do I buy one as soon as they are released from google play or do I have to wait and buy a sprint variant?

    1. I believe you’ll have to wait for a Sprint variant.

      1. Ah yes, the waiting game, I know it well.

        1. The NA N5/d820 supports both GSM and CDMA, plus Sprint’s, At&t’s, and Tmo’s LTE bands, the real question is whether you’ll be required to buy it from them, but since they do now offer separate SIMs, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. To double clarify, there’s only one version, so no variant to wait on.

        2. I just wanted to eat my words, it has been confirmed that you can buy it on the play store and bring it to Sprint for activation…this is the first time this has ever happened.

    2. I hope not. I’m gunna buy one from play, and if I can’t put t on Sprint, I’m switching to TMobile. Been thinking about it anyway.

  10. I think we all overlooked the obvious clues to the release date…if you look that the KIt Kat bar, they look like four 1’s side by side (11/11) or Nov 11th, and plus Kit Kat starts with two “K”s, (the eleventh letter in alphabet) ,again 11/11…just my two cents worth.

    1. I think we’ve already seen our record with “obvious clues,” and it would make the Charlotte Bobcats look decent by comparison.

      Cool theory, though. No, seriously.

      1. as a Charlottean, let me just say I can’t get past the “worst team ever” with their losing record.


        When we lost ‘Hornets’ and Muggsy Bogues/Larry Johnson, my interest in basketball rapidly declined. But Charlotte (and Panthers) have a knack for firing effective players and hiring on ‘new talent’ that rarely (with the exception of Steve Smith) goes anywhere good.

        in relation to Nexus 5, I want it.

    2. 11/11 looks like 5 Kitkat bars. A Kitkat bar makes 11/1 tho…

      1. I like that better – lol

      2. That’s more like it.

    3. Heard that also proves Half Life 3’s existence and the Roswell Incident.

    4. so tupacs comin back?

  11. Soon we will have an unboxing of this thing and Google will be still thinking about an official date to announce it.

    1. They’ll announce it the day after it’s available for purchase lol

      1. Ill be watching the announcement on my Nexus 5.

  12. Aghh just want to get my hands on this phone already!! But dang..that bottom bezel just gets bigger each year o_O Could LG have not have kept it as slim as the G2’s? =

    1. For perfect bezel size, please see moto x.

      1. The Moto X (according to dimensions given on Wikipedia) is 12.6 mm average top/bottom bezels and 3.4 mm for size bezels, not bad but nothing to write home about. I don’t know what the dimensions are officially on the Nexus 5 – last phandroid post was “Nexus 5 pre-registration page goes live on WIND, seemingly confirms a few specs in the process” which results in 14.1 mm top/bottom, 3.8 side. Yes Moto X is better in both directions – bummer (previous rumors had the Nexus 5 smaller – more like the G2). The G2 has better bezels than Moto X – 10.8 and 3.1. 3 is good enough for the sides, but I hope somebody starts cutting down the other number to 8 or so. Then a 5.2″ phone will fit in my pocket quite well.

    2. Bottom AND top bezel is smaller than the Nexus 4.

  13. This doesnt have a removable battery right? How large is the battery?

    1. no, and 2300mAh just like it was in the FCC specs

      1. I remember reading about the 32GB one having a 3000Mah battery.

        1. That was just a rumor though. Only the 2300 has been pictured or referenced in documentation. But I do hope it is true.

        2. No, that was just one of the million N5 rumors.

  14. Looks like the manual on top of the device. Not a boot screen.

    1. WTF? It’s the clear plastic protector that always comes on new devices.

  15. Quit jerking us around!

  16. This is really getting absurd. It’s nearly November and not a peep from Google on Android 4.4 or the Nexus 5. Meanwhile half my friends purchased new crapple products this fall.

  17. Quick, someone teach this person how to create a system dump!

    1. Exactly! We’ve seen the phone. Some Kit Kat goodness would be nice.

  18. Please learn to take clear leak photos. JS

    1. pic must have been taken from the iPhone…lmao!

      1. true.

      2. That’s one point that makes no sense the iPhone has arguably the best smartphone camera.

        1. PROVE IT! Where is your comparison shot?

  19. This is getting ridiculous. I sold my S4 over 2 weeks ago hoping to get N5 by now but nothing so far. I have been using a cheap phone for last 2 weeks, today is the last day to return. I guess I have to return this mofo another device.

    1. Also sold my Oppo Find 5 two weeks ago, thought it would get released on oct. 21 :(
      Running Nokia N78 atm <3

      1. N78 was a great phone, for what it was. Very stylish.

    2. Yeah I did the same with my GNex a month ago, and have been using my old broken vibrant. Talk about cruel and unusual…..

    3. Why would you all not at LEAST wait until SOME type of official announcement? Just curious.

  20. BBM Me: 7B725FA9

  21. Was the Overclockers post removed? I’m getting the message ‘Invalid Post Specified’

  22. Ahhhhh! It’s 2013, what bargain bin cell phones are people using for these pictures!

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