Something’s happening: 12 Google apps were updated on Oct 29th [UPDATE]


Google apps updated Oct 29th

12 Google apps
All in the Play Store
12 Google apps
What could be in store?

12 Google apps
All updated today
12 Google apps
What comes our way?

Technically, there’s 12 updates this week if you count Google Wallet. Of course, Google+ was updated earlier today, and Hangouts — well, we know what both those app updates bring. But these other ones — these other ones are new. Something’s happening, guys…

UPDATE: Blogger was just added. That makes 12, folks.
via Reddit

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    Wait.. I don’t know what’s happening though.

  2. Not sure what’s happening, but…

    1. I’ll pay for a Ron Paul “ITS HAPPENING” Live Wallpaper

      make it happen Android devs

  3. That goes to show Google pays attention to all of their apps on Android. Unlike most Android developers that put their updates on iOS first and abandon the other platform.

  4. This article makes no sense…..? Lol

    1. Do the math. It’ll make perfect sense.

      1. I saw that but it’s a bikram yoga stretch…..smg

    2. This article is an elaborate poem.

  5. Worst poem ever? Gotta give credit where it’s due O_o

    1. Not gonna lie, it’s late, and I’ve had a few drinks. *hiccup*

      I love you, Mr. Locke…

      1. No worries! I meant it as a compliment, kinda like a Razzi award or something. Besides, I appreciate your fresh writing style over most, even on your worst days. Cheers Chris!

  6. Kind of crappy they released updates but didnt include all the awesome features announced today for hangouts

  7. Hmmm… could it be chocolate on the outside, crunchy wafer on the inside…

  8. They’re finally giving us a big break.

  9. It says they were all updated, but im pretty sure I didn’t get a notification saying they got updated? How is that possible?

    1. If you update/upload a screenshot or the text for description or updates, it will show up as updated on Google Play.

      1. ahh! That makes sense. So was something behind the scenes. Interesting.

    2. staged rollouts

  10. But what it means 11 days? Or 11 weeks? Or nothing at all they just want to mess with us!?!?!

  11. Reddit has more updates to add to this – Blogger is one , and Google Play Services got it yesterday with Wallet.

    1. Also Analytics and one more…. can’t remember the name.

      1. Fiber

      2. Google Fiber yesterday lol

  12. What’s happening is Google is toying with our emotions again & we keep taking the bait……

  13. “12 Google apps

    What comes our way?”

    A partridge in a pear tree?

  14. Google Play Services now showing Oct 28. This is it folks.

    1. I don’t even know what to do anymore…. *jumps out window*

      1. Still with the teen aged angst I see.

  15. Trick or treat…I like Kit Kat bars…:-)

  16. 12

    Omg midnight launch confirmed!

  17. article title reminds me of this

  18. I vote December 12th 2012 at 12 pm or am, or no correlation.

  19. Whats happening ? Apps are getting updated. If thats whats happening then we already know whats happening. What does all 12 apps being updated mean, outside of that Google updated all of them because they are core Google apps. Isnt that kinda normal ?

    1. not at all

    2. What’s happening? Well…

  20. Confirmed: everything will be rolling out on 13-13-13 (Jan 13th, 2014) by everything that includes hangouts 6.2 (imagine darth vader and the emperor having a chat) and true location sharing (hit the pin in the bottom left corner and you’ll be instantly teleported to the location of that random guy in new Zealand you can’t remember adding to your circles who publicly shares his location)

  21. I see Google Voice isn’t on the list :-|

    1. I couldn’t find Currents, either. And for that, why can’t i find Wave?
      but seriously. i use Google Voice. and I really wish it weren’t the hated/forgotten child of Google (at least, for Android. I’m looking at you, iOS with your G-Voice Hangouts integration.)

      1. I hope with these updates and kitkat that google voice becomes part of hangouts, just so it gets the attentiion it needs.

      2. Google Voice was acquired 5 years ago so that Grand Central (what Google Voice used to be) would not become a threat. They never intended to grow and develop Google Voice.

        And with SMS now on Hangouts we are seeing the official beginning of the end for Google Voice, an application they never intended to develop to begin with.

  22. The entire concept of Halloween was actually implanted by a time-travelling Sergey Brin in preparation for the launch of the Nexus 5.

    I think I’m running temperature… nurse!

  23. Orkut isnt on list too.

  24. Hmm, I don’t get it… I don’t remember that I’ve got any of those updates, but when I go to the play store, for example, I go to the Drive, I see that it states that the last version is from yesterday and it matches the same version that I have installed on my phone. But then again I don’t have autoupdate from play store and I’m pretty sure that the app was not updated yesterday or at any recent time… any ideas?!?

    1. The updates haven’t actually been pushed out yet, the date is all that’s changed so far..

  25. They are making our devices ready for the kitkat update!!

  26. 12 updates and 0 of them are available for my device.

    1. The updates haven’t actually been pushed out yet, the date is all that’s changed so far.

  27. Not that hard to figure out. Google is updating the apps for the upcoming Kit Kat release.

  28. Got a Nexus 7 2013, got a Nexus 4 – not getting a 5 cause the 4 is wonderful BUT, I want my Kit Kat NOW ….wwwwhhhhiiiiiiinnnnneeee! Really. I’m angsted (?) out.

  29. Nothing, that’s what’s coming my way. I’m on VZW with a GNex and can’t leave.

    1. man i hate it when verizon locks me in a cell and tosses the key…
      i long for the old days when they just manipulated people through misleading advertisements causing them to sign lengthy contracts with a simple financial penalty for leaving…

      *leave Verizon, your future self will thank you*

  30. Cloud Print was also updated guys..

    1. Mine says June 12th.

    2. My Cloud Print also says 6/12

  31. Still waiting for the Hangouts update. I only see 1.2 updated at the end of September.

  32. Bug fixes.

  33. Does anyone have the new Hangouts yet?? Ive yet to hear a peep since its “launch” by Vic yesterday.

  34. Half life 3 confirmed. (I know, wrong forum)

  35. I wonder if Google could be handing out Kit-Kats for Halloween?

  36. BBM ME: 7B725FA9

    1. No.

      1. No one wants to BBM with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Um, did I ask anyone to BBM me? Nope. But nice work on the exclamation marks, you’ll get rsi if you carry on with all those.

  37. google play store itself is new…

  38. My two cents… The number 12 has nothing to do with anything… They just updating apps for the big 4.4 release. Which also happens to be named Kit Kat. Halloween is tomorrow… Kit Kat, Halloween… see where I’m going with this?

  39. Will be curious to see how they do some of this because if they want to deliver the KitKat experience to “everyone”, they have probably moved most of the heavy lifting to Play services and refactored the apps so they can deliver a lot of the 4.4 functionality over all of the old OSes through the Play update.

    While its probably not the case, they can really deliver many of the changes that have leaked via updates that may already be pushed to many phones over the past few days. Google Play Services is the biggest “useful” trojan for delivering updates that there is.

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