Nexus 5 coming to Sprint, says @evleaks


nexus 5 angle

Twitter account @evleaks has leaked yet another shot of the Nexus 5. This time, it’s a side angle shot of the device that gives us a look at a perspective we don’t often see. What’s more interesting about this leak, though, is that the device is apparently said to be coming to Sprint. It’s not the most shocking development in the world, as the Now Network hasn’t been opposed to carrying a couple of Nexus devices in the past.

Last year was the first time they didn’t have a Nexus phone since the Nexus One launched, though we’re not sure how much of that has to do with Google’s distaste with CDMA after the Verizon / Galaxy Nexus debacle. Regardless, it’ll be nice to see the Nexus 4 up and running on another CDMA carrier, and we hope Big Red joins the ranks by the end of it all. Now, how about that announcement, Google?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Moto G makes brief appearance on Motorola’s site, quickly removed

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  1. ….. Sprint? Seriously?


  2. Nexus looks sexy laying on her back like that

    1. You’re weird……Fantasizing over an inanimate object. Have you tried a real woman before?

      1. Call me presumptuous but I have a sneaky suspicion that he was not being entirely serious. You know, like a joke.

        1. What’s the difference between three d¡cks and a joke? Well… Covert Hops Society can’t take a joke.

    2. i know..i wanna hit that.

  3. If it supports tri-band LTE on sprint’s 800/1900/2500 mhz bands, then this is my next phone.

    1. It is supposed to support all three bands.

      1. fcc filings say that? i havent been paying as close attention as maybe i should have been

        1. Yes, all three :)

  4. And it’s supposed to have all three bands of Sprint’s LTE. I’ll take one, please.

  5. um…yeah. Why not? The only one that shouldn’t get it is Verizon.

  6. dont bet on the price staying at 300-350….I can lay a good bet down that its price point will be 500 for a 16GB and 549 for a 32GB on sprint. Around those ranges or higher.

    1. Unless you can buy it directly from Google. There is only a single D820 device and it supports AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

      1. A manufacturers part number and a SKU are two separate things. Also worth mentioning we’ve already seen a D820_C and D820_S pass through the FCC.

        1. I definitely won’t disagree with you on this.

    2. I doubt it but maybe. The S4 and G2 are $550 from Sprint full price.

  7. Did you say Nexus 4 instead of Nexus 5 in the same sentence to emphasize that there’s no way in hell the Nexus 5 is coming to Verizon? :)

  8. Viewing angles are terrible! I jest, I jest.

  9. and this is where I’d post a picture of my Nexus 5… IF I HAD ONE!

  10. Am I the only one that finds the near-minimalism in the design to be fantastic?

    Oh, and the N5 coming to Sprint?

    1. Nope- I’m a big fan as well.

  11. why is the nexus 5 sad to be coming to sprint?? lol your title for the webpage itself says “nexus 5 sad to be coming”

  12. androidheadlines has actual press shots from sprint… soo yeah, sprint.

  13. good to hear, with the listing of radios a little while back it makes sense, would be great if the one on the play store worked with at&t, t-mobile and sprint (and help twist that knife in verizon a little more too, lol)

  14. Galaxy Nexus was exclusive to VERIZON and now Nexus 5 is also EXCLU but EXCLUDED

    1. There is a 3/5 chance that the nexus 5 will come to Verizon.
      It fully supports their network.

    2. Galaxy Nexus was not exclusive to verizon. They had a CDMA version, and a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus.

  15. It’s not like CDMA Nexus’s get updates like they should anyway so who cares?

    1. Most Nexus owners don’t wait for Google. They get their updates from XDA and Rootzwiki. In case your new to Android, the attraction to Nexus devices primarily is a bootloader that’s easily unlockable.

      1. why is this so difficult people!?

        1. Homophones are hard!!

      2. I’ll bet you 3 crisp new monopoly looking $100 bills that 4.4 comes out of Google before it comes out of XDA.

        1. LOL. I’ll have to pass on your offer sir. I’d have to pass “Go” twice just to pay up. ;-P

        2. Obviously Google releases their update, then the developers make it a lot better than Google did. And those developer modified versions are updated a lot more often than Google……. Also there’s sure to be bugs in Kit Kat. Those bugs will for sure be addressed by the development community long before Google releases an OTA patch.

          1. “Most Nexus owners don’t wait for Google. They get their updates from XDA and Rootzwiki.”

            You’re obviously not illiterate. You do, however, have a serious comprehension deficiency.

            the developers on XDA and Rootzwiki WAIT ON GOOGLE’S UPDATE…


            if a NEXUS owner is waiting on XDA or Rootzwiki then THEY ARE WAITING ON GOOGLE.



            P.S. Quit acting like you are knowledgeable about Android. You flash ROMs. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          2. Ordinarily I’d be bored at work and gladly engage you in back and forth discussion. However this is my day off. It is a moral victory though that I was able to spark the reaction that you gave. LOL. It’s a compliment to me that someone systematically seeks out all my posts to try to one up me…….. Best of luck with your trolling. I’m going to go get some chicken taco’s at this AWESOME mexican restaurant here in Arroyo Grande. I’m not sure where your from but maybe some day you can stop by “The Pit” and train with us.

          3. I’ll take that as an admission of ignorance since you couldn’t refute anything I said…

            REAL fighters don’t fight in a ring. If your MMA ability is anything like your claimed Android proficiency then I’m pretty sure you suck assssss. What’s more if you could actually present a challenge to me fighting MMA or otherwise you wouldn’t require a boring job to feed your fat ass..YOU’D BE A PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER LMFAO!!!! but you’re not…so you and the other amateur weekend warriors can enjoy your little post-work fight club LMFAO!!!! “The Pit”? Nigga I played basketball at the United Center…that DOES NOT make me Jordan LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I wouldn’t really call this a leak. The nexus 5 already passed through the fcc showing support for all of sprint cdma and lte bands so its basically been confirmed two months ago.

  17. I think its funny that the Android bloggers are bothered by the Nexus 5 situation. People arent pissed that Google hasn’t released the Nexus 5. They’re pissed that the blogs keep hyping a product that Google hasn’t even announced. I couldn’t care less when the Nexus comes out, or what networks it comes to. It’s not the only phone that can run stock Android. It’s essentially a watered down G2. Actually Verizon is currently selling 4 different phones that all run stock Android. Plus AOSP ROMs are available for LOTS of devices. And those ROMs see updates WAY quicker than Google.

    1. Which Verizon phones are running stock Android, other than the Galaxy Nexus?

      1. Moto X, Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini.

        1. Those devices don’t run stock Android.

          1. Yes they do. There’s no Motorola specific UI on any of those devices. No additional UI = stock Android. These devices do however have the Beta version of touchless control that will be arriving with Android 4.4 Kit Kat……. I’m glad i could help clear up your confusion. Have a nice day. ☺

          2. Another Google insider that knows all, congratulations, Sir/miss, or whatever undisclosed option you chose.

          3. Hey retard, UI alone doesn’t make one version of android different from another. Is droid’s “circles” widget part of the stock android UI? Dumbass.

          4. Name calling? Really? If you want to engage the adults in grown up conversation, it’s best to put on your big boy pants and try to conduct yourself as though we were conversing in person. Because I PROMISE you wouldn’t walk up to me and call me a retard or a dumbass. People like you only talk like that behind the safety of a keyboard in mommy and daddy’s house…… As far as your reasoning for the stock Android topic, Sprint, T-Mobile, and anyone else who sells a Nexus 5 will likely include carrier specific apps/widgets. So by your logic that would make the Nexus 5 a device that does not have stock Android. By your method of tthinking only Nexus 5’s that ship from the Play Store will include stock Android

          5. Nexus devices carry NO CARRIER BRANDING WHATSOEVER…THAT’S what makes Nexi special…along with the fact that those phones receive updates to ANDROID before ANY OTHER PHONE because those phones are updated directly by GOOGLE and not through the OEMs and carriers…PERIOD!

            THAT is “stock” Android…the ONLY stock Android is AOSP! What Motorola is talking about is the LOOK of Android ie. User Interface!!! a lot of people mistake talking about the LOOK of stock android (free of TouchWiz, Sense, etc.) with stock Android CODE…one can only “enhance” Android by ADDING CODE TO “STOCK” ANDROID…if you have any features not in STOCK AOSP 4.2 then by definition you do not have STOCK AOSP ANDROID 4.2..

            You probably think CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, and AOKP are stock Android too…WRONG!…they are BASED off of stock Android!! By your line of thinking EVERY SINGLE ANDROID DEVICE IN THE WORLD is running an OEM “enhanced” version of stock android since at the end of the day when you remove their “enhancements” you’re left with stock android!!!!

            I actually started laughing out loud reading your post…the funniest part is where you actually think u are right…here’s what will happen when the Nexux 5 is released:


            P.S. If I saw you out in public misinforming people about Android and I corrected you and you kept insisting in your wrongness I would call you a retard, a dumbass, and any other word i could think of that describes ignorant asinine people…and i PROMISE you wouldn’t do anything about it tough guy!!!!!

          6. Wow!!!! And I thought I was bored. LMAO!!! I see your points and agree with most of what your saying because the core of your argument is fundamentally correct. However I too had to laugh out loud at how worked up you allowed yourself to get over something that is so trivial. I especially liked the end of your sensitive ranting where you try to act tough. I don’t make empty threats or try to be a keyboard warrior. I do however welcome the idea of putting on my gloves and head gear and sparring MMA with some REAL badass guys. So I will take the high road and not make wild accusations. I will however say that I ordinarily welcome physical conflict.

          7. LMFAO!!!!

            Dude I can see your fat ass in your picture!!!

            MMA!!??? LMFAO!!!

            I promise if we ever meet to give you time to put on your protective gear before i go to town on that ass LMFAO!!!!

          8. I see your fat ass in your picture too Brah Man. LMAO!!!!! Talk is cheap.

          9. This should help. Straight from the horses mouth.

          10. You call it “enhanced” I call it “not stock Android”.

          11. Actually I don’t call it enhanced. Motorola and Google call it stock Android so that’s what I call it. If some guy on the internet decides to call it something else, I’ll just laugh and say “Alright then. Good luck with that. Whatever makes ya happy.”

            On a side note, the touchless control I have is what’s coming in Android 4.4 on your beloved Nexus 5. ☺☺ Have a good day.

          12. Shoo fly.

    2. You really think anyone updates faster than Google?

      1. What’s your Android experience level? Maybe you should research Cyanogenmod. They have nightly builds as well as frequent stable builds.

        1. And what do you think those updates are built off of? It usually takes CM a few weeks to push the latest of Google. CM doesnt have 4.4 if Google doesn’t publish it first.

          1. Don’t bother with the 4g63 retard. He goes to Engadget and phone arena once in a while and now he thinks he’s an android wiz.

          2. It doesn’t take an Android wiz to correct a beginner like yourself.

        2. You have no clue what your talking about!!!

          1. How so? Explain

        3. CyanogenMod isn’t “updated” nightly…you might want to go learn what a nightly ACTUALLY is..

          GOOGLE releases AOSP and THEN developers and companies like CyanogenMod, PA, AOKP, Samsung (TouchWiz), HTC (Sense),etc. make ROMs based off of what GOOGLE has released…

          it is impossible in every possible way for any developer to release a version update to Android before the company that releases Android…

          i think what you are mistaking for an update are “features” that are tested in the nightlies..

          if you still think you know what you’re talking about then all i have to say is show me where i can find an Android 4.4 based ROM today…

          1. I think you misunderstood what I said, but I’ll be happy to clarify for you…… If there are bugs in a new release of Android it usually gets fixed REALLY quickly through the development community long before Google releases an OTA fix. Clearly your 100% correct that as soon as a new version of Android drops, developers apply their mods to the new AOSP source code from Google.

  18. I would think that sprint would let it be a Google exclusive. They are getting the LG g2 any day. Why have 2 of the same phones basically? If I was sprint I would sit back and let the subscribers come.

  19. Sprint? Great. Lets hope it comes to all carriers and is also available on the Play Store.

  20. Does this mean a Google Play Nexus 5 can be activated on Sprint, or do you need a Sprint/CDMA version? I realize everyone is moving to LTE…but would this mean you could use the N5 on CDMA Sprint, GSM AT&T/T-Mo, and LTE for all 3? Sorry, new to this prepaid thing…

    1. I would assume it would be a cdma version for Sprint

  21. Note about Sprint is that your phone
    will be lock on domestic carrier after 2 year contract is over… never again
    can be used with other carrier if you decide to sell it unless you unlock the
    phone thru other means. Which is why its a bad idea to have sprint carrier this

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