Moto G makes brief appearance on Motorola’s site, quickly removed


Moto G leak

Hopping onto Motorola’s official site, one keen-eyed Reddit user discovered a new addition to the site’s menu options. Joining the Moto X at the top of the page was the “Moto G”. If that name sounds familiar to you, it should. We discovered the Moto G in a trademark filing a little over a week ago, and expected some kind of announcement would soon follow. The Moto G tab on Motorola’s site linked to “moto-g.com“, but visiting now shows nothing but a dead link.


While Motorola is still mum on details, we have a good feeling the Moto G could be the rumored “budget” friendly Moto X variant, otherwise known as the Motorola Moto DVX. The DVX was recently rebranded the Moto G in Brazil, so we’d expect the same would go for other markets.

Motorola has been on a roll lately, and while the Moto X wasn’t the low-cost smartphone many had hoped, it looks like they might still throw Android users a bone who are light on funds, but still want a touchless Google Now experience.


[Motorola | via: Droid-Life]

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    1. why do you think its photoshopped? im not saying its not, but any specific reason?

  2. wtf?
    when I go to Motorola’s site, it redirects to old styled corded and cordless phones…

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