Verizon Galaxy S4 getting OTA update, Android 4.3 and Galaxy Gear support on board



Samsung is ready to bring the Android 4.3 update to its older devices – the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3. The news came yesterday, when Samsung announced that its Premium Suite would bring forth Android 4.3, Galaxy Gear compatibility and more to the Galaxy smartphones.

The update was promised to be rolling out within a few weeks, but the first devices would get it as soon as October 28th. We know US carriers are very picky about updates, though, especially Verizon. But guess who is getting the update already? Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 owners!

We have received some reports of Verizon Galaxy S4 devices getting this update. If you have one, you will soon be able to enjoy the Galaxy Gear along with your Galaxy Note 3 friends! We honestly never thought Verizon would be so quick about this. They are the most cautious and picky with updates, so we will have to tip our hat for them on this one. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new trend for Big Red.

Verizon Galaxy S4 update details

  • Blocking Mode feature in Settings Menu
  • Enabling NFC feature before using Group Play
  • Samsung Knox, Security Enhanced for Android
  • OS has been upgraded to Android Jellybean 4.3 OS
  • Starter Mode renamed to Easy Mode
  • Viewdini stub application has been removed (note: customers
    who already downloaded the full application will not lose it)
  • Weatherbug application “auto-refresh”
  • Mobile Hotspot now works with the Data Usage Meter
  • Video app crashing has been resolved
  • Call audio issue while on a call and taking a picture have been

Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Wireless

And of course, there is also Galaxy Gear support (as mentioned above). Some of our tipster are saying they are already getting the update, so make sure to keep an eye open for it.

Are you guys getting the Galaxy Gear? Even if you are not, this is a pretty sweet update!


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  1. I would love to know when Verizon plans on updating my galaxy nexus. can’t wait to get a nexus 5 and leave Verizon for good

    1. And what happens if the Nexus 5 unexpectedly comes to Verizon after all? Would you stay?

      1. most likely no because I’m sure the nexus 5 would be treated the same as the galaxy nexus on Verizon. the only possible way I’d stay on Verizon if a nexus 5 came to them would be if it was guaranteed to be updated on the same schedule as all the other nexus 5’s. even then I probably wouldn’t believe them at this point and switch anyway.

  2. Its a cold day in hell as verizon got the update first. But then again the shithole town I live in I refer to as hell it is shaped like a pentagram and ridiculously hot but it is freezing out today let the freezing begin

  3. I just got the update and all looks ok except for the persistent notification from the phandroid app in the notification area. I can’t seem to clear it. I’m fully stock no root acess. Anybody know how to clear it or does the app need an update to get rid of the notification.

    1. Getting this too. Kind of annoying TBH.

  4. Noticed it this morning when I woke up. And look they added more bloat. Good thing it has micro sd and I can hide apps so I can’t see them. Even with all the Verizon and touchwiz bloat, the phone is really fast.

  5. I got this update last night . I am getting the no sim card error. Didn’t have this issue before. Anyone having the same issue and how do you fix it?

  6. this is why I rooted my note 2 for att, I was so sick of waiting for atleast 4.2 for a year I was stuck with 4.1.2 so I gave up my Samsung features for cyanongenmod personally I like it better no bloat better battery just a little made I had to lose my multi window and pop up window maybe when att releases 4.3 I’ll rollback but by then I’ll already have the note 2 or 3 (lol) depending on how long it actually takes

  7. @michael – tap the notification, then uncheck show notification

  8. I am still in utter shock that VZW got this out before anyone else. pulled it down last night and its so much smoother and responsive than 4.2.2.

  9. Where the hell is my note 2 update

  10. I updated (OTA) my VZW Galaxy S4 to 4.3 yesterday. There is a bug that I
    confirmed with VZW support that affects BT connection to car stereos
    (at least audio, I don’t use BT voice too much). If that is important to
    you, then I suggest waiting until that gets patched. TLDR: 4.3 update
    can break car bluetooth!

  11. @shawn Thanks for the tip. That will have to work until they update the app.

  12. Just installed. No immediate issues.

  13. Is it a problem that I’m the most excited about the removal of the ongoing WIFI notification?

    Like, I just wanna thank God…

  14. Updated my GS4 this afternoon. its a bit quicker with multitasking and opening apps. Also the text is slightly different. Also very important to most Verizon GS4 users im sure, is Verizon removed the annoying Wifi button in the notification center. Samsung took away the ability to view all of your quick toggles by sliding to the right and now youre forced to pull the notification bar with 2 fingers. Emojis have also been uploaded into the keyboard by long pressing the microphone/settings button, the full catalog featured on iphones is now available in color. In addition, emojis are viewed in color and no longer android faces but are now closer to the IPhone’s emojis look. i like the update a lot. it’ll definitely suffice until KitKat!

  15. updating now

  16. I got mine Thursday and I’m very happy Verizon was the first to get this update very very happy about this. Great update and hopefully Verizon will keep this going!!

  17. I got my update and am very annoyed! Now when I try to send a text message it will not pull up the phone number of recipient name instead it pulls up their email address. Argh! Text doesn’t = email. Without the person’s phone number popping up, it makes it hard to send messages.

    1. Same problem here. Any fixes for this?

      1. I contacted Verizon who said they are working to fix problem and will email me with instructions on how to fix… Not that I am holding my breath. If I hear how to fix, I will post it.

  18. I got this update this morning, and ever since my phone has been playing Miley Cyrus on it’s own. I have never downloaded this song on my phone. Went to the Verizon store and was told it was the Samsung Hub. They removed the cache and put a forced stop on it twice. Well, it started playing again tonite. Guess I am going back to another Verizon store tomorrow. So far I am not impressed with this update. :(

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