Oct 29th, 2013

One of the best things Motorola did when developing their latest smartphones was putting various features of the phone into the Google Play Store as apps. This meant apps could be easily updated with new features without having to go through strenuous carrier testing phases for OTA updates. The first major fruits of that move are being seen today, with Motorola bringing a new update for Touchless Controls.

For Moto X users, this update will bring the ability to use a “Find My Phone” command. Issuing said command will cause your phone to ring. This’ll help you find it in situations where you know it’s nearby, but can’t exactly pinpoint where it is. Motorola DROID users have had access to a similar command — dubbed “Find My DROID” — for quite some time.

You can find a video demo of that in action sitting above. We’re not yet sure how this sounds on the Moto X, but if the DROID phones are anything to go by then it should be loud and alerting enough for you to be able to find your phone in no time.

That’s the extent of the changes users will immediately notice. Motorola also mentioned there were several bug fixes, but as is often the case we don’t know what, exactly, they were. Be sure to get your upgrade from the Google Play Store if you own either the Moto X, DROID Mini, DROID MAXX, or DROID Ultra.

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