Google Now smart watch close to being mass produced, says WSJ


A couple of weeks ago, we’d heard a rumor that Google would be working on a smart watch that would emphasize Google Now integration. This wasn’t totally unbelievable, of course, as rumors of smart watches being developed by the internet giant have been swirling for months. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that we’re closer than ever to seeing an unveiling.

According to them, Google has started talks with Asian partners to mass produce the device in the “months ahead.” As close as they make it sound, the timeline seems closer to “a few months” than anything in the immediate future. That’s still quite close, though, and such a timeline could put us on track for a Q1 2014 unveiling.


Google’s apparent goal with a smart watch of their own is to introduce a solution that’s not gimmicky, but useful, and has battery life exceptional enough to make for pain-free, day-to-day usage. Google certainly has a chance to hit on all those points, especially with the power of Google Now being the driving force behind the experience.

Being able to look down at your wrist and get all the updates that matter to you — such as upcoming appointments and meetings, reminders, directions to various destinations, information about movie showtimes and sports, and more — in automatic fashion would be killer. Google could also be looking to introduce standard connectivity features that is compatible with most smartphones, such as information about incoming calls and the ability to view notifications.

As decent as smart watches have been so far, there’s no secret that the sector is leaving a lot to be desired. The Pebble smart watch is an inexpensive option, but limited functionality has people from flocking to it in droves.

Samsung galaxy gear on wrist

Mainstream offerings from Samsung and Sony have garnered lots of attention, but the value of these products are questionable. Take Samsung, for instance — the Galaxy Gear only works with a few smartphones, and it costs $300. Even with millions of Samsung users, that’s not exactly a winning formula in today’s world.

More folks are looking to step into the ring soon, with Qualcomm’s Mirasol-enabled Toq smart watch turning quite a few heads. We’re also aware that LG could be getting ready to take the segment on at some point in the future.

While we’re happy about any attempts to move the smart watch scene forward, we reckon it won’t be until Google raises the bar that everyone else begins to step their game up (much like they’ve been able to do with Android so far). Let’s hope our expectations are met whenever they’re ready to unveil it at some point next year.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “The Pebble smart watch is an inexpensive option, but limited functionality has people from flocking to it in droves”

    Huh? Has kept… maybe?

  2. I wonder if Google has been partnering more with LG because of their new “stack and folding” battery technology. That would be ideal for a smartwatch in particular. Wouldn’t be surprised if LG is the hardware supplier for this product. Also, their flexible displays only make it that more an appealing partnership.

  3. I’d buy it. I trust Google to do more than Samsung would with a watch.

  4. I am prepared to wait until we see something worth buying. The pebble is great but lacks key functions that would make me put away my watch collection. The galaxy watch was uncomfortable and bulky, also the lack of compatibility with other brands is very unattractive.

    Good luck Google I have high hopes!

  5. the game changer will be when Googles watch works with both android and ios.

    1. I don’t doubt thats their plan they wouldn’t keep their services away from iOs

  6. They would need to make google now a little more personable like Siri or the Galaxy voice command… I mean Google Now doesnt even tell me a joke.. lol

  7. Why not just a wrist band with this new flexible screen tech? or even a bracelet

  8. Anybody buying a Galaxy gear is going to be kicking themselves if Google releases a smart watch with more functions and cheaper price.

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