Oct 29th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:29 pm


More folks will soon be able to get in on the CyanogenMod fun on some of the latest smartphones available. The ROM developers have made nightlies available for both the Motorola Moto X (certain unlocked versions, anyway) and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra.

This means you can get flashable builds on an almost-daily basis, giving you an early crack at the CyanogenMod experience before it goes full stable for your device. That said, you should know that flashing nightlies comes with a risk.

For starters, nothing is promised to be stable. You’re literally on the cutting edge of development, so new features may come and go, and things might not work as well as they should. You might run into a force close here and there. Your phone might even explode (as unlikely as that is).

Throughout it all, though, it’s important to remember just one thing — no one is responsible for what happens to your phone but you. Take heed to that warning, and if you decide you want to take the risk you can head to the CyanogenMod mirror to download the necessary files for either of these phones. Get to it!

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