Oct 29th, 2013

Google Plus photos auto awesome IO 2013

As much as we want to believe that Google’s scheduled live event on Google+ is for the Nexus 5 or Android 4.4, it’s probably best to put those expectations to rest. We’re expecting pure Google+ and / or Hangouts news here, folks. That announcement is scheduled to take place at the half-hour mark of this hour. Be sure to head here for details on how and where to follow along.

So if it’s not the treats we’ve been craving for the past month or so, then what is it? According to Engadget, it could be a new “Auto Awesome” feature for videos. We imagine it wouldn’t be too much unlike the feature for photos — Google will work their magic to make a video “better” than it already is.

Whether or not the changes that could be made to a video will be for the better are up in the air (any serious photographer will tell you that definitely isn’t always the case for photos). At the least, we can probably expect Google to offer up the same anti-shake feature that they currently do on YouTube. If YouTube detects a video might be a bit jerky, they’ll attempt to fix it.

The end result isn’t always pretty, but if you’re desperate for a steady video then it’s something to try. We imagine other simple tweaks like color correction, soundtracks and more could also be in-store. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the event kicks off to see if any of this will be in tow, but with such a short wait we’re sure that won’t be a problem for many of you.

[Update]: In case you haven’t noticed, some folks are having an issue loading the event page. According to Google’s Vic Gundotra, they’re having some rather major technical difficulties — power in half their building just went out. How convenient!

Don’t fret, though, as you can still access the event stream on the YouTube embed below. Site tight, though, as the event has been delayed a few minutes thanks to this unfortunate incident.

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