KitKat posts “magical” Android animation video on YouTube; “one to enjoy whilst you’re waiting”


You thought the Android KitKat hype-beasting was nearly over? Guess again. We’re typically treated to a simple cryptic image or two from KitKat in the mornings, but today they’ve done something a bit differently — they’ve cooked up an entire video for our eager eyes to feast on. They call it the #magicbreak, with the video depicting two BugDroid robots enjoying each other’s company.

One of them looks ready to show off a rabbit-in-the-hat trick using a KitKat bar as a wand, but lo-and-behold, he eats the KitKat bar and does a little shimmy for good measure. This entire video probably means nothing, and could just be a fun way for KitKat to start their tease-heavy day. Except… perhaps there’s more to this than we realize.

On the Google+ post KitKat used to publicize the video, they posted the line “one to enjoy whilst you’re waiting.” Waiting for what, KitKat? Waiting for that Google+ event taking place today? Are you trying to tell us that there will be more than just Google+ news revealed during that little shindig?

We have our doubts about that theory, but it’s something to keep in mind. KitKat could just be making a general reference to our wait for Android 4.4 KitKat, which — as has been proven as of yesterday — we have no clue when to expect. Now that the long-rumored October 28th big bang theory has dissolved into nothingness, most folks are holding on to hope for an October 31st or November 1st unveiling.

The former is little more than a theory based on the fact that “KitKat” and “Halloween” almost go hand-in-hand, and it would make perfect marketing sense. The latter date was put into the atmosphere by @evleaks, who mentioned “November 1st” to the world in one of their Nexus 5 leaks.

At this point, it’s best to just sit, wait, and not let your desire to sleuth your way to an answer get the best of you. We’re likely just a few days out either way, and it’s best to just be patient and wait instead of putting your hopes so high that they won’t be able to come down when nothing comes to fruition. Take a look at the silly video above.

[via Google+]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. How freaking adorable, now give me a freaking break and release the freaking phone and the freaking OS, NOW!

    1. I’m think we will see a reveal of KitKat from the G+ team. So many of KitKat’s new features seem to be tied to G+ that it’s not that unlikely. Gallery to G+ photos. Messaging (and maybe voice calls) to G+ hangouts. New camera features.
      The #momentsthatmatter used by Vic Gundotra in his G+ post getting ready for the event matches the “for capturing the moments that matter” tagline used on the leaked pre-release sign-up page on Wind mobile.

      1. you might be right. Google is crushing all competitors but what’s the one space where Google is still struggling? Social – vs. Facebook, Twitter, etc. hence, Google can leverage their Android strength to strengthen Google+/Hangouts etc.

        1. Exactly. Force people to use some of the G+ services built into Android KitKat maybe a bunch of them will realize how great G+ is and start to use it more. Google makes money off of advertising. They really want people to use their social media site so they can start pushing some ads with it. It makes perfect sense.

          1. Google will put their Android foot on the throat of Facebook. Twitter is next.

          2. Facebook needs to die.

          3. It’s about time. Google comes up with the greatest products that no one has ever heard of. Google Wave anyone? That was fantastic but dead in the water because no one used it.

    2. Dude, it won’t be for awhile. We still haven’t even seen event invites yet.

  2. That was cute

  3. What a pointless video

    1. Hmm. I could say the same thing about your comment.

      The video is cute and raises excitement about Android Kit Kat. It’s a win-win for both companies, so it’s not pointless.

      1. This video is directed at me, the consumer. I gained nothing from the video. I couldn’t find a served purpose.

        One consumers opinion doesn’t trump another’s, but at least they reached someone with this video.

        1. As the old saying goes: you can’t please everyone.

          Yup. I think that applies here.

  4. >.> 4.4 better be fricken mind blowing or something with all the hype Google has put behind it.

  5. Well, that event was a big goose egg…..nothing, yippy skippy, chromecast, the 7, blabbity, blobbity, blah…..

  6. Anyone getting the event could not be found?

      1. Nice, thanks!

  7. >.> just throwing this up here

    1. If you are right with your prediction, you will be known as God, for you are the only one who has even thought of the possibility.

      1. I definently wasn’t the only one but 2-3 weeks ago when I was saying it was October 31 everyone was reporting a October 25 release date, and when that date passed and nothing happened they switched their mind to October 31st, called it from the get go. Yes!!!!!!

    2. Well, they should have had it all ready to go earlier so that all the kitkat candy bars had logos for Halloween…. they really dropped the ball here.

      1. Don’t know yet if it’s really on halloween , and we won’t know until they actually release it, Halloween is just the most logical choice since kitkats are candy, and you give candy out on Halloween, but yeah would have been great advertising to have an android logo or a picture of the device on the wrapper of all kitkats.

    3. How do you think Google is going to release the Nexus 5? Just quietly put it up on the Play store? There will be an event like there always is. Google invites the media and others to this type of stuff and there is no evidence that shows that they won’t do the same again with the Nexus 5.

  8. Great 4.4 will be out before VZW gets 4.3 to their “nexus”.

    1. The galaxy s4 is going to get 4.3 before a nexus device? Wahhhhhhhhhhht O.o Verizon exists only to torture.

      1. and yet another reason why they aren’t getting this

    2. If you mean the ONE update. The ONE is not a NEXUS.

      1. Or h4rr4r could mean the Galaxy nexus. You know, the “Nexus” on Verizon.

        1. crap, forgot about the GNEX. lol

          1. Its okay, Verizon did too. Google wishes they could.

    3. Before VZW gets 4.3 on their “Nexus”? I’d be surprised if the Verizon Galaxy Nexus got 4.3 or any other update at all.

      1. I agree, I think they have now abandoned it.

  9. This is a Magic “Trick”. The “Treat” will be on Halloween.

    1. A KitKat(or Nexus 5) release date tomorrow is very unlikely. Do you think Google is just going to release it with no fan fare? No. There will be an event like there always is for this kind of thing. The media attends these types of things. People are invited. Invitations still need to go out.

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