Moto X now $100 cheaper off-contract through MotoMaker


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If you’ve been looking for a good reason to snap up a Moto X without having to sign a two-year contract for AT&T, a $100 price drop might be a good reason. After seeing the phone come down in price to $99 and $149 on the two-year agreement deal, Motorola has now also applied that same price drop to their off-contract pricing. That means you’ll be able to get a Moto X for as little as $480 without having to sign a two-year contract (add $50 for the 32GB version).

Unfortunately, things still aren’t all peachy with the MotoMaker. AT&T is still the only carrier supported, though Motorola did promise that exclusively wouldn’t last forever. They still don’t have the wooden backs that some folks are holding out for. They haven’t even reintroduced custom engravings, with Motorola said to be having trouble ensuring the highest etching quality.

With all of those negatives it’s tough for many people to get excited about getting a MotoMaker edition of those phone, but if you’re one of the few who don’t mind the current stipulations and circumstances you can head to Motorola’s site to order yours today.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Still too much. $350 is the price point for the Nexus 5, so that should be a telling sign.

    1. If not for the nexus you would praise this price.

      1. No, I would not. I would take an HTC One for $500 over the $480.

  2. I think i’ll wait the nexus 5

  3. Seems to be another indicator to the imminent release of Nexus 5. Google wouldnt want to completely cannibalize its Moto X sales by releasing a phone that is much cheaper.

    1. It already did by releasing N5 (yet to release of course). I don’t understand the rationale behind developing MotoX and then releasing even a better phone for cheaper months later by LG.

  4. Unfortunately the tmobile version and the developer version remain at $599 and $649. Hopefully they will see a price drop soon as well.

  5. I hope their exclusivity deal with AT&T was worth it. I probably would have bought this on launch day if it were available through MotoMaker on T-Mo, but now the N5 is calling my name.

    1. Exactly my thought, I forgot about the AT&T deal and went to the site just now thinking I might be interested, built the phone then got to carrier select and there was only one option…..so I left.

  6. Just give me a 32MB phone out of contract with a wood back.

    I am literally going insane with this POS Samsung Reverb on Virgin.

    I NEED a new Android, but I have to wait for them to drip-drip-drip til they release teh one I want.


    1. Ditto, I just want my wooden, T-Mobile Moto. Don’t care about storage space because I have so much accumulated on Google Drive.

  7. 1.7 GHz Dual Core for that price? IMO, it kinda seems like the only good things about this phone are Active Notificatons and MotoMaker, but even with this I suspect 1/3 of people are going to slap a case on it within 3 days.
    The specs are good, but not $480 good…
    I don’t mean to be slamming the phone, but I don’t see many upsides.

  8. still very expensive, should cost less than a nexus based on specs alone

  9. you can grab this from republicwireless.com for $299 on Nov. 1st., along with their $45 a month for unlimited 4G or $25 a month for unlimited 3G.
    no contract :)
    thats what im switching over to after paying $91 a month with sprint for too long.

  10. Comparing MotoX to other phones is like comparing a well made meal created from fine ingredients to an average meal created from the most exquisite ingredients.

    Its your choice, whether you want to enjoy your meal or keep bragging about the ingredients.

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