Samsung pushes forward with Premium Suite upgrades for Galaxy S4, Note 2 and S3 starting today



Samsung already mentioned that they’d be bringing a big upgrade to many of their top Android handsets soon. That update will bring us Android 4.3 and compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, among other things. We’re happy to report that those updates are beginning today, with Samsung adding a couple of more devices to their official rollout list.

Owners of the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 will be seeing the upgrade in the “coming weeks,” though the earliest rollouts will begin today. Samsung is understandably reluctant to give a specific time table for carrier-bound devices, as it’s up to the carriers to determine when their handsets will receive the upgrade.

That still leaves the Samsung Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Mini. Samsung says those devices will be in line to receive the upgrade “in the coming months,” so we have a while yet before we hear anything more about those.

Alongside the aforementioned Galaxy Gear compatibility, this update will bring Easy Mode, Multi Window, new camera features, SAFE and KNOX support for enterprise and security, and more. Samsung’s Premium Suite upgrades rarely disappoint, so get psyched up and keep your fingers crossed that it won’t take too long to arrive on your carrier of choice.

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  1. Hopefully AT&T rolls this out ASAP.

  2. Bought what thing? This is about a software update coming for several devices. Might finally be time to reenable updates on my GS3.

  3. Well I’m on vzw, so some time first quarter 2014.

  4. So does KNOX support mean we loose Root?

  5. Way to go Samsung. Keep that quality stuff coming so there’s less articles like the one from a couple days ago.


  6. I just got this new update and it’s horrible! ! How can I change it back! ! Don’t update it. You will regret it. The texting sucks. I guess it’s like auto correct for the IPhone. Grrr.

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