Oct 28th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:15 pm

LG logo wm watermarked

Our ninjas have come back home with a very interesting bit of news all smart watch fans will love to hear. After searching through the USPTO, we found a very interesting trademark filed by LG. The Korean manufacturer has registered the name “LG G Health” and everything points towards it being the next important smart watch in the market.

Not much is detailed in the trademark filing, but we have heard rumors of such device coming from LG. Past rumors indicate that the device should be unveiled in 2014 and it will come with a flexible display (like the LG G Flex’s).

lg g health smart watch trademark

Aside from those couple details, we are left blank on information. The trademark suggests the device will be focused on health, though. This probably means it will somehow monitor your workouts and physical activity.

We hope LG executes this the right way. Smart watched often fail, whether they are built around functionality or exercise. Can LG get the right mix of both worlds? I am not sure, but I have been very pleased with LG’s work in the smartphone world lately. I have big hopes for the LG G Health.

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