Grand Theft Auto 5 is out today — where is the iFruit app for Android?



In case you didn’t know, one of the biggest video game launches of all time is going down today. I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto 5, the $200 million title that Rockstar put their heart, sweat, soul and tears into for the past 5 years. This is one of the most significant titles yet, with outlets like IGN giving it a perfect 10/10, saying this game is a masterpiece and that games like this don’t come around but once per decade.


With that, many of you are probably wondering where you can get all of the companion apps Rockstar has been advertising, such as the iFruit app which allows you to take care of Chop the dog (he’ll be more helpful in-game if you care for him in the app), and customize your vehicles at Los Santos Customs.

ifruit gtav

The app also allows you to keep tabs on your crew through the Rockstar Social Club, keep up with virtual friends on the Facebook parody LifeInvader, and more. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS at the moment. And no, it’s not because Rockstar parodied Apple’s popular brand.

The developers have confirmed that an Android app (as well as a Windows Phone version) is coming out soon, though they didn’t have anything to share in regards to a specific release date or window. It has us wondering whether Rockstar decided to release this as a timed exclusive for iOS users, as it is often way easier to get apps up in the Google Play Store than it is to get them approved by Apple.

A consolation prize for making fun of iOS in tongue-in-cheek fashion, perhaps? We’re not sure, but we’ll definitely be waiting patiently for the app’s release on our beloved platform. Is anyone looking to pick GTA 5 up today?

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    1. you know some stores are offering trade up programs… if you trade in a current gen game for the next gen counterpart they will exchange it for you. i think the stores involved are gamestop, bestbuy, and frys

      1. But there was never an official announcement saying that GTA5 is coming to next gen lol. So you can’t really upgrade to a game that doesn’t exist

        1. So you’re stating that for izzyt right. telling him that he could be waiting for nothing right. because we all know how stupid it would be for them not to release gta5 for next gen. it might not be the same game as current gen but maybe something like a “tales from san andreas” included with the original gta5. but to just say it’s not gonna exist is very silly.

          1. No im not saying that it won’t exist lol. I agree with you, it would very extremely stupid if they dont release it on next gen. Im just saying that there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so there is still a small chance that he will be waiting for nothing. GTA5 is a game worth buying twice. So i recommend that he buy it now for current gen, and then again for next gen if it does come out lol

          2. Gotcha… we can now be friends. Blackkrack psn username lol.

          3. Is there still a 100 person limit on the PS3 for friends?

          4. are you THAT popular that you need to ask that question.

          5. damn … i only have 4 :0

          6. lmao ok adding you now. mines is DoUknoGreg

          7. Not that silly, since Rockstar has said themselves there won’t be a next gen version. They “don’t need” next gen, is what they have said. They wanted a fully focused current gen masterpiece — to deliver the game they did meant sacrificing a next gen release.

          8. Can you supply us with the link to that info my good sir.

          9. I may have said too much. I can’t find the source where they said specifically “we don’t need it,” that might have been an R* tweet. Anyway, this interview does have some reasoning as to why it might not appear on next gen consoles (at least not at launch or any time soon):

          10. I do remember seeing that but no actual confirmation but so much money they would miss out on… to have to wait 4-6 years for a new gta for next gen would be hard.

          11. Then the ps5 will be out

      2. Fry’s takes trade-ins? I never new that. Wait!! Best Buy takes trade-ins!? I never new that. LoL!!

        1. Not really a trade in more of an exchange. I give zero fucks about what happens to the current gen game i turned in.

    2. The PS4 is not backwards compatible, bruh. You’ll have to play it on the PS3.

    3. Maybe it’ll come out with PS4/Xbone along with PC since next-gen is essentially x86-64. If anything I’d like to see next-gen hardware push WAY more AI content on the screen rather than just better graphics. I always disliked out the GTA worlds were so sparse with people, especially when they did NYC in GTA4. I’d would be awesome to see really high density people, cars, etc.

    4. Gta isn’t coming out on the next gens. If it does it’ll like maybe 6 months down the line

    5. The PS4 will be backwards compatible to the PS3? I thought I heard that it wasn’t. =.S

      1. GTA V was listed on Germany gamestop’s website. But of course, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  2. here’s hoping this game makes it to the PC

    1. Yes they will just after few months like any other GTA release in the past, except for 1 and 2. You can download GTA 2 for free from Rockstars if you into the nostalgic mood. I was playing and riding my Furore GT ;)

  3. Soon usually means “We’ll release it after you’ve forgotten all about it, and will never download it anyways because you’ve already lost interest.”

  4. I wonder if devs purposely sabotage their Android versions. Can Apple be extra meticulous in the app review if it’s already been released for Android? Like if you ever go to Israel, you cannot enter Arab Emirates?

  5. No big deal. The GTA games have always been late to my platform (PC) since GTA 3, so it’s fitting that the mobile app is late also. If the game is as good as they say then I don’t want to first experience it on ugly 720p anyways.

    1. You need a new TV mate!

      1. Tut the finest TV out there isn’t going to raise the resolution that the 360 or PS3 render the game at.

  6. I’m not sweating it too much. I’m waiting for the pc version which will probably be out in six months.

    1. Are you still waiting on Red Dead Redemption for pc as well?

      1. Uhhhh no. But thanks for your snarky unnecessary concern. Now go kick rocks.

        1. Snarky? Like coming to the article about the Ifruit app to drop a comment about how you’re too PC to even be bothered with the topic?

          And I’m sure you totally don’t just do that on every site that you go to. I wonder if you get any PC gaming done at all with all that knowledge you have to try to drop on people who might have forgotten that you’re there, and you’re still enjoying your PC.

          1. Try again. You can do better. If the point of view he article wasn’t to spark discussion you’d be right. But you’re wrong and sound silly as hell. Move along.

          2. “If the point of view he article wasn’t to spark discussion you’d be right.”

            Be careful, you’ll tie your silly self in knots trying to employ that fancy logic.

            But no, that fact that you’ve decided that this article was meant to spark discussion does not mean that you weren’t a snarky prick with nothing of substance to offer the discussion. I think I was actually spot on, and touched a nerve.

          3. You didn’t touch an important nerve. You’re just annoying.

          4. Yes, I know. I totally didn’t just completely sum up your behavior.

      2. The original red dead came out on consoles only too.
        Whats your point?

        From what I remember all Console GTA’s and Max Paynes Have been released on the PC platform jerk

        Troll Failure

      3. Fail troll… Red Dead Redemption was developed by Rockstar SD and their team did not have budget nor developers for a full port to PC. GTA has always been developed by Rockstar North who have always brought together a team for a PC port. They have also always released their PC version after console versions, especially since these games are now pirated within the same week. GTFO

        1. Lol, I don’t care

  7. Wait, what?? Android gets left out of the initial app launch for a HUGE game and yet the article still makes fun of apple’s app eco system? If only this author was brighter…

    1. I wasn’t making fun of anything… I simply said there might be more to this than we know, with the main flag being how much easier it is to publish apps on Android than iOS. That’s an immutable fact. If that was “making fun” of Apple’s app ecosystem, then I apologize as that’s not what my intentions were.

      1. Don’t apologize to that fool, if anything he should be apologize for taking a shot at your intelligence.

        1. We pity the the fool who doesn’t know how to read.

  8. Does anyone know does this app need gold on xbox to work?

    1. It shouldn’t since it isn’t on xbox.

      1. What? GTA 5? Are you saying that’s not on Xbox? Because it is. A gamestop employee asked me “PS3 or 360”.

        1. No, I’ve got it on 360. I was talking about iFruit. That guy above might have a point though, it might need xbox gold to connect to the game.

          1. I was thinking that you would input your online account user name. Or maybe there’s an account within the game that you create. But it makes more sense to link it to your system user account name. Hmm…

            I’ll just wait and see.

          2. it would probably use your social club account, shouldn’t require gold either way, gold = online gameplay, not remote sync

        2. *Face palm

    2. What do you mean by gold? A Gold XBox Live membership? if so then probably because I assume the game has to connect to the internet to sync up with the app.

  9. I’d be surprised if it takes me more than a couple of weeks to complete the game (hardcore gamers will probably finish it much faster) so unless they release the app in a few days it will be irrelevant to people who buy the game at launch.

    1. Well have you heard of replay value?

      1. Have you heard of people with large backlogs plus new games constantly coming out who don’t have time to replay a 40-100 hour game a 2nd time? I can count the number of games I’ve played twice on one hand.

        1. Good for you, that’s your choice. I also don’t replay most games but in this case it’s not your regular game it’s GTA

          1. What difference does it make, especially with GTA V and the ability to go back and replay individual missions at any time to get higher scores/medals?

            I can understand games with different class types or story branches to explore, but mostly the first time you play a game is the only way you’ll play it. I started a 2nd run through KOTOR with the intention of playing as Dark Side as possible, but after managing to bottom out the Sith meter really early on, there was nowhere to go. I thought about replaying the Mass Effect trilogy as a male Shepard and being more Renegade, but again, no time and less interest.

      2. Yeah, what does it have to do with not-having a cool feature available *when* you’re playing the game? Or should he keep on playing it until the feature is available? I understand you love GTA, but you don’t have to apologize and make excuses for R*’s faults in regards to it. Rob has a really relevant point.

  10. been playing the game all day. i love it so far.

  11. I love the game been playing it since I got it but I have to say it feels like a huge kick in the pants to not be able to have that app. I feel like I’m missing out on stuff I’ve tried taking Chop out to play fetch and run out on the beach but it doesn’t seem to be helping his happiness as much as having that app would

  12. very disappointing I will probably finish The game before the app comes out. Wtf man and the dog with the reason I was most excited now I can’t even use him

  13. Getting screed because the apple fan boys get to reserve all the custom plates WTF… Love the game, don’t get me wrong it is justalways a bum feeling getting left out and left behind. Duds I was first to get GTA 5 in my home town and because ice got android I don’t get to reserve any plate relevant to my hometown boo!

  14. ‘please train your dog trough the app’
    I would if the app would be available… *sigh*

  15. Seems to me the ios v android thing is happening alot, my guess is that appleknow they r losing the mobile app market and so have probably invested money in this type of thing to promote themselves over the more and more popular and accessable android devset. One of apples marketing ploys is the reliability of their products v android and this seems another perfect way to tie into that mentality. I hopd the planned wait isn’t too long. Ed. Funny that apple has released their ‘new’ coloured iphones just in time as well. Quite fruity I’d say! ; p

  16. this is totally upsetting and frustrating to read. time and time again android devices are left outta the loop upon release of something big as this game. i just dont understand why is it that these developers always releasing for apple like they are some kinda god. now i have to wait and play a game with a half bake experience. just becuz developers want to relase this for iOS 1st. “whats the big idea” smh total fail if u ask me. didnt they realize that android users was going to purchase this game too.

  17. This is pathetic. I just got to the dog a couple hours ago and read where it says train him and what not with the app. This would have made a little sense about 6 years ago maybe when Android was fairly new, but completely unacceptable today. Apple must have paid them a lot of money for this limited exclusive deal.

  18. I wouldn’t worry to much I have the app on ipod and has huge issues with connection hopefully it will be fixed on my s3

  19. Not for everyone they just left all the android and windows user’s in the dark. Pisses me off, not everyone wants a shitty iPhone.

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