Samsung Galaxy Mega for Sprint leaks, release coming soon?



It isn’t news that the Samsung Galaxy Mega is headed to Sprint, but is the release finally approaching?  Official word of the handset’s destination was announced over the summer along with AT&T and US Cellular, but we haven’t heard much since. Now we are greeted with our first official press render of the Sprint variant courtesy of @evleaks.

A bit of background on the Mega. Samsung actually launched the handset in two size options, 5.8 and 6.3-inch variants, in other parts of the world earlier this year. The latter is the version expected to hit Sprint as a mid-ranged phablet option to sit alongside the rest of Samsung’s lineup, including the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. The handset features a 720p display, 1.7GHz dual-core CPU, and 1.5GB RAM. The Galaxy Mega also sports an 8MP camera.

The device, which will launch with Android 4.2.2 if things haven’t changed since its initial announcement, will come in two colors: Nova Black and Polaris White. What we see here is the Nova Black option dressed up for the Now Network. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from carrier branding. The handset is lacking any whatsoever. But you will notice a Sprint Zone icon resting ever so snuggly on the homescreen. Also note a date of November 8th displayed on the render, which falls two weeks from today. Is a clue towards when this big boy will be available?

We’re still awaiting a final release date for the handset, but rest assured, it looks like plans haven’t been scrapped. It’s far from a Galaxy Note 3 in terms of specs an performance, but it offers a decent option for those looking for a larger display without blowing their entire piggy bank. What do you guys think? Still excited about the Mega or did you already pick it up from AT&T? Let us know!

[via @evleaks]

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  1. No Sprint logo? Nice! Verizon should take notes.

    1. verizon: “Nope”

  2. Waiting for this phone for sprint since August has been frustrating BUT a good thing as I’ve decided to leave the big carriers behind me and give boost or metro a shot.

    Sprint never got the optimus g pro and they dragged their heels getting this…I’m done, when my contract ends in January, so does my 12 years with them.

    1. So, you’re blaming Sprint for manufacturers not sending all of their phones to Sprint? And not getting to them fast? Welp.

      1. he was waiting for this phone period.

      2. Except it’s generally up to the carriers to decide which oem’s they use, and which devices they use. And by use, I mean buy. So yeah, it’s ok to blame Sprint.

        1. Not exactly. You can’t blame Sprint for not carrying a Verizon only phone. You can’t blame Verizon for not carrying T-Mobile phones.

          Manufacturers build phones and load them with the software they’re distributed with. Not the carriers. Can’t blame a carrier for supply issues or other delays that at the manufacturing level.

          1. But the manufacturers load certain phones up with software per the carrier that is buying them.

            Look at it this way.. Let’s say Samsung comes out with the Galaxy God phone. It can OFFER it to every damn carrier on the planet and the moon. Certain carriers can say, ok, we want the God phone, but we want it with our bloatware and branding. Then another carrier can say, nope, we want nothin to do with the God phone.

            It all has to do with what each carrier wants and doesn’t want to spend. The OEM doesn’t really dictate too much, because the OEM is the business, and the carrier is the customer.

            So, again, it really is ok to blame the carrier.

          2. Right on the money let me add Carriers buy exclusivity to models or makes for profit and customer control.

      3. “Blaming” is an absurd word to use in this situation…

        I was/still am frustrated that Sprint, At&t and UScellular all announced @ the same time that they were going to be carrying this phone…. yet it’s still not out on sprint’s n etwork going on a quarter of a year that it’s been out on at&t’s…. there’s absolutely no excuse for that.

        FORTUNATELY for me, it’s opened my eyes that it makes no sense for me to be on a major carrier spending close to $180 a month for 2 lines when I can go to a smaller carrier, buy the phone I want to buy outright, and save @ least ½ in my bill a month…

        Sprint is a decent company but if you aren’t going to release phones in a timely manner than goodbye…I won’t be locked into another 2 years with you….

      4. actually carriers are the ones to decide whether or not they will offer it to there customers based on sale expectancy, affordability among other factors. Sprint is always the last to get anything so agree with her. Ex
        t mobile employee

  3. Finally saw the Htc One Max for Verizon Wireless….and if thats anything to go buy, then this phone is just as massive if not a lil more. When I saw the max i could not believe how giant that phone was. That & the Mega are pushing serious boundaries and it turned me off….couldnt picture using it….the Galaxy note 2 and three are sizes that push boundaries and can still be functional in one hand…..the Max and Mega are something else….

    1. Its not the size that matters its how you use it!

      1. She lied to you

        1. ….

          1. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    2. I for one would love a device like this. I use my phone for media and gaming, so larger screens, phone capabilities, and can still fit in your pocket (I have large pockets) is just what I need. My Nexus 7 can fit in my pocket, but I know it’s there. LoL!!

      1. Buy a tablet!

        1. My last sentence, though.

          How about I combine the size of a tablet with the pocket-ness of a phone?

  4. great. now everyone in the ghettos and the barrios will be sporting these huge phones.

    1. Ah I have Sprint and live no where near the ghetto so your point is invalid….

    2. If you’re so far removed from the “ghettos and barrios”, why do u care?

    3. That doesn’t make sense.

      1. go to a Sprint retail store. look around.

        1. That still don’t make sense.. Why would you see it more in those areas? Explanation please…

  5. do these phones come with a s-pen like the Note 2 and Note 3?

  6. Skip it…try the sony xperia z ultra…love it!

  7. I don’t know… Size wise yeah, spec wise nothing to exciting you’re probably better off picking up a Galaxy Note 2 if you’re going too.. and if you can spend a little bit more a Note 3.

  8. I’m not sure why anyone would pick this phone over the Galaxy Note 3, the HTC One Max or just about any other phone in its price range. The specs are barely middling.

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