Oct 23rd, 2013


If you are looking for a luxury electric car, there is no better than Tesla Motors vehicles. These are the epitome of elegance and high-tech – what could make them better? How about a dashboard with a device that runs Google Chrome and Android.

tesla-dashboard-thumbTesla CEO Elon Musk is promising they are working on these features. When asked about building application for that beautiful 17-inch dashboard screen to take advantage of, Elon mentions the company will offer an Android emulator at some point. Developers will then be able to build apps especially designed for a better driving experience.

The emulator will only come after they have worked out other upgrades, though. More specifically, Musk wants to take care of localization and to add the Chrome browser. After that, an Android emulator should be the next step, which makes us pretty excited.

We hope none of you will be playing Angry Birds while driving, but imagine being able to get Waze in that huge display. This definitely makes the Tesla Model S one of my favorite cars, it’s just sad I can’t quite afford it. This bad boy starts at over $60,000 – that’s more than a Corvette! For now, I can just get a tablet and stick it in my dashboard.

[via Chromespot]

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