Oct 23rd, 2013


Motorola DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini users have been enjoying their devices to the… max. These are great smartphones, but no phone is perfect. They have to be improved via OTA updates and if you have one of these phone you may get one sooner than you think!

Motorola VP of Product Management Punit Soni reminded us so in his last Google+ post. “Verizon users… You know that SW update is coming soon…”, he said. His followers were soon to jump into the golden question – when? More exactly, a follower said he was anxious and wanted more information, to which he answered simple “Don’t be :)”.

These performance upgrades don’t tend to be that important, but this one fixes very substantial issues with the devices. The camera is not optimal, for example (this is especially the case with the Moto X). Chris mentions this update turns the Moto X’s horrible camera into an “ok” one.


Motorola DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini update improvements

  • Improved camera quality, faster focus and faster switching between rear and front camera mode.
  • Better touchless control.
  • Improved call quality.
  • Added and improved features: MotoCare, Assist and more.

We may still not know when this update is coming, but Punit seems very sure of himself. We would say it is coming sooner rather than later, but don’t take our word on that. Let’s just be patient (we know it’s hard).