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Get your Android Circle ready, Android Forums is now on Google+


Android Forums

Calling all Google+ers. Android Forums, the original and one of the largest Android forums on the web, is now on Google+. If you aren’t aware, Google+ is pretty much an Android haven, filled with Android news, developers, and enthusiasts alike. I mean, why shouldn’t it be? Both come from our beloved El Goog. It only makes sense for Android Forums to be there, tackling that space, the same way we rock the forums.

So go ahead, toss a Circle around +Android Forums and be sure to hit that +1 button to let us know you care.

Derek Ross
I'm a passionate Android enthusiast that's on the pulse of the latest Android news, writing about Android as often as possible. I'm also a little addicted to social networking. Hit me up, I'd love to chat.

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  1. what took so long?

    1. Android Forums was on Verizon Wireless. And you know how they are with updates.

      1. Stop cracking on my big red like that. (-_-)

        1. Somebody has to do it.

        2. My computer can’t decipher your symbols. =.[
          Unless you actually put boxes. LoL!!

          1. It was emoji lol

  2. Y’all late. Don’t let it happen again.

    Side note… How do you have 276 followers and 3 hundred and something +1’s?

    1. I shared it on G+. I asked my followers to do work. Work was done.

  3. my penis has enlarged with this news..

  4. hello,
    this is really a very good news it is very beneficial for Android developer who can discuss there query and get answer easily.
    thanks for sharing

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