Samsung Galaxy S4 hits 40 million in global sales nearly 6 months after its release


Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event New York

Whisperings of slumping Samsung Galaxy S4 sales have been making their way around the net for quite awhile now. This actually lead to recent rumors suggesting that Samsung could be planning to push the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5 forward a few months, to keep the cash flow rolling in.

Back in June, lower than expected Galaxy S4 sales had investors losing faith in Korean manufacturer. Samsung’s stock dropped 6% after orders for the GS4 reportedly dropped between 20 to 30%. While it’s true the Samsung Galaxy S4 might not have been the monumental success Samsung had hoped, you can’t exactly call the device a flop either. Far from it.

In a press briefing, Samsung CEO JK Shin told reporters that Galaxy S4 sales have recently hit the 40 million mark. Nothing to sneeze at considering it took the Samsung Galaxy S3 a good 7 months before it was able to hit 40 million in global sales, with the Galaxy S4 still beating it out by a full month.

However, after looking back it does appear things are slowing down for Samsung. It was only a month after the S4 debuted that the device quickly rose to 10 million in global sales in May — making it the quickest selling Android device to date. In June the Galaxy S4 hit 20 million in sales, slowing down to around 30 million in August where Samsung “only” sold a measly 5 million handsets for the month.

While it’s true sales for the device are definitely on the decline, it’s possible the recent release of Apple’s latest round of iPhones are taking some of Samsung’s pie, hitting 9 million in sales during their launch weekend. Also, with the Galaxy S3 still very fresh in consumers hands, the need to upgrade might not be enticing.

Next year, Galaxy S3 owners will be feeling the 2-year itch, and if Samsung can come up with Samsung fresh and new, we expect sales for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be even bigger than the 4.


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  1. I bought the S3 in December 12 after the whole “Nexus 4 inventory crash”. I needed a phone for work and could not have waited for the N4. I will admit the GS3 is still a good phone despite the dual-core processor. the 2gb ram helps it out. I did not see the GS4 as a worthy successor and therefore skipped it. and now with 4.3 being rumored for the GS3 in November, I may stick to this puppy for a while. I truly want the Nexus 5, but I have an itch that tells me I will not be able to get it at launch…I don’t have the best luck when it comes to launches…except for the Nintendo Wii…that was pretty cool.

    1. I have an S4 and bought S3’s for my parents. The screen on the S4 puts the S3 to shame — not just in terms of specs, it is immediately noticeable. With the Note 3’s further enhancements in brightness and efficiency, I am looking forward to the S5. LCD simply is not in the same league as AMOLED anymore.

      1. I think amoled looks over saturated and LCD looks more realistic. but that’s the beauty of android, I don’t have to use an amoled and you don’t have to use lcd

  2. i still think they need to make a 4.7 screen phone, with super specs and slim body!

    1. 5 inch screen with the body of a 4.7 inch phone doesn’t rock your world?

      1. nexus 5?

    2. Agreed. I’d rather have the phone be bit narrower/shorter. The 5″ I just can’t get used to. I love the size of the Moto X, it’s perfect.

      1. You probably thought you couldn’t live with a 4.7″ couple years ago. Don’t worry, you’ll learn.

        1. A few years ago the world thought 4.3″ was “massive” with the HD2 and the EVO 4G

          1. Lol yeah, as an owner of the EVO 4G on release day myself I suffered listening all those bright minds saying that my phone screen was absurdly and unnecessarily big.

    3. Samsung needs to think refinement, refinement, refinement.

      1. Refinement? Like what?

  3. if they release the same crap with the s5 then they will fail hard

    1. The device is the same size as it’s 4.8″ predecessor. It’s smaller than some 4.7″ devices.

      Edit: Replied to the wrong comment. This was meant for moises1204.

    2. Fail like the S4 is failing? Did u even read the article?

  4. The high end market is saturated. It’s smarter to go for the middle and the $300 phone market.

    1. The same way that would be smarter buying a Toyota over a Mercedes. (Or wouldn’t?)

      1. actually yes..I’d rather buy a fully loaded Toyota Camry, than buy a benz E- series.

        1. I doubt you’d say that if you made 10x the money you currently make.

          1. That depends on the person. Not everyone feels a need to flaunt what they’ve got.

          2. Really? And what about buying something because you truly enjoy it? I’m sure everyone likes that.

          3. do you seriously think they buy just to flaunt? I can’t even imagine what you think of people that buy apple products then.

          4. Flaunt.

          5. lmao. noted. Either way I enjoy my Nexus 4 . Altough I’m just gonna buy the S4 GE in the future when the price is Just right.

          6. Oh yeah because you know me better than I know myself. I forgot.

  5. While HTC built what they’re calling the Snapdragon Booth. The rig is comprised of 130 HTC One handsets, the SGS4 is selling 40 million in global sales. O_o lol

  6. I think Samsung is flooding the market and aren’t building the needed hype to sell

    1. So how in the heck they managed to sell 40 million S4s? Counting the whole galaxy devices it has probably reached over 100M in the last 6 months.

    2. Apple may have sold 9 million iPhone 5S and 5Cs in the first weekend but Samsung still sold 40 million Galaxy S4s which exceeds what Apple sold so far for its new lineup.

      Also combining both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is unfair. Might as well also combine Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3 sales to be fair. Also don’t forget the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega 6.3″, etc.

      The gap between Samsung and Apple is so close that it’s hard to say which one is ahead.

      1. Samsung is the biggest smartphones manufacturer in the world by numbers (total units sold). By a big margin. When it comes to profit tho, then apple is ahead. Plus apple has several devices for sale, Samsung has over 100 models.

        1. Isn’t Samsung making more profit than Apple now? I could be mistaken.

          1. Maybe last quarter yes, based on estimates of just the smartphone business. Nobody can touch apple margins tho. They have also other very successful products and Samsung pretty much break even, if so, with their other divisions. Plus was a quarter when the GS4 was released and Apple consumers were waiting for the 5s. Good comment yours tho. :)

  7. I’m still using the S3. If the LG G2 had expandable memory and removable battery I would have switched. I think the LG screens are better. I wouldn’t buy a Nexus 5 because I won’t get a break in my plan price if I bring my own device so why spend more money?

  8. S5 needs to have OIS, more efficient battery (energy consumption), stereo speakers (not frontal), water and dust proof, 5.2″ screen keeping the same overall size and weight of S4, minimum bezels, 4K capable cam, 3GB Ram, 64bit, fingerprint and iris reader, solar charging, flexible display. Hmmmm, that would do it for 2014.

    1. 64 bit CPU is useless. Fingerprint reader is useless. Solar charging is useless with current world’s technology. Flexible displays are still under development.

      1. So what is left then that you would call ” innovative “

      2. I think your comment is useless.

  9. If they’re doing so well then why resort to these tactics?


    1. my Aunty Ava recently got an almost new white Audi S7 just by some part time working online with a lap-top. my review here w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    2. y sammy?

    3. I think the bashers should be definitely fired and fined for giving up their employer. Just saying.

  10. I dunno with the current crop of phones and they’re still improving I say we ALL win! We’ve hit the limit for what will fit in the hand screen size wise, at least with the current for m factor (If that roll out screen in Samsung’s promo video ever debuts that’ll be the new thing IMO). So now it’s about comfort, more power, more features, integration with everything else and ease of use. Plus nicer materials without weighing it down!

  11. 24 Billion in revenue. Not to damn shabby.

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