AT&T HTC One now receiving Android 4.3 over-the-air update


HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079

Well, that wasn’t much of a wait now, was it? After HTC’s US President promised that, although slightly behind schedule, Android 4.3 for the HTC One would be rolling out soon on AT&T (and T-Mobile). Today, that update has officially gone live.

Software build 3.17.502.3 is already rolling out on AT&T, with HTC One users making the jump from Android 4.1.2, all the way up to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. One users can look forward to new quick toggles from Android 4.2, as well as a few new Sense 5 tricks, and low light camera improvements. Of course, there’s also Android 4.3 optimizations under the hood.

Got an AT&T HTC One? Feel free to jump into your Settings > About phone > Software updates to manually pull the update to your device if you haven’t been prompted. The HTC One forums are already kicking off with One users giving feedback on the update (like any bugs they’ve encountered). So if you’re having troubles, head over here.

Next up: T-Mobile and Verizon.


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  1. Isn’t that a One Mini in the picture?

    1. Kinda looks like it, huh? It’s actually the full-sized HTC One with a case on it.

  2. Hey, is this for the att unlock version, because I own a regular HTC one and I got nothing

    1. The HTC One Developers Edition recieved it two weeks ago, not sure if this is what you have?

      To those with the AT&T HTC One, its a nice update.

      1. I knew that, I only asked that because mine keep saying my one is up to date

          1. what is your phone company?

          2. Chris im trying, but I lack that thing called patients lol,

          3. Then, you’ll never make it as a doctor.

          4. Hahaaaaa, dam, I mean patience, lol

  3. Already done. It will be interesting to see what’s changed. I like the toggles, but power toggles was doing a nice job, already. I don’t see (yet) how to customize these toggles. Anyone?


  5. What about my GNex?

    1. And then you hear silence….

  6. Can’t wait much longer for it on on my evo lte. U think when purported sense 5.5 launches, i’ll get it? :P but rly. when are we set for a more explicit date?

    1. It is officially coming by end of the year as of yesterday.

    2. It’s coming by year’s end which is crazy as nobody expected 4.3 and Sense 5 to hit that phone. Pretty nice of HTC and shows how much they value their EVO brand.

      1. First of all, I can’t believe THE Chris Chaves replied to me. That’s Fricking awesome. Secondly, can we be best Phriends?

  7. T-Mobile is next, cant wait !

    1. Speaking of, T-Mobile’s CEO says they have another big announcement for tomorrow. Should be interesting :)


      2. A Windows Phone! lol

        1. Nooooooooo lol

      3. So far havent heard nothing, but it would be cool if they say the 4.3 update is going to start rolling out to all T-Mobile HTC ONEs.

  8. Downloading right now!!!!

    1. What is your location ?
      Coz I live in Baltimore Maryland and still haven’t gotten the update yet!!

      1. Miami, Florida, almost done

        1. Congrats I’m still waiting here in Maryland ….

          1. Thanks I hope you get it soon! It’s taking forever and a day to download lol

          2. I got it finally !! I have a super fast WiFi but as u mentioned , it is taking for ever lol…
            At least better than nothing ;-)

          3. For sure! Enjoy it man, we’ve earned it! Lol

          4. Thanks bro!!

  9. I bought my HTC one from my friend he had the AT&T version. But right now I don’t have any service because I use my HTC one like a iPod touch. And I checked and I haven’t be able to updated to 4.3 it says it’s up to date. Do I have to wait more or am I not going to get the update because I don’t have the att service.

    1. Im having the SAME problem as you. I have no idea if its because of my service or not, keep me posted.

      1. I was thinking of resetting my phone and hope it does something but I’ll wait. If I don’t get the update tomarrow I’ll probably contact HTC support. And hope I get an answer .

        1. I was thinking about resetting as well. Can you do me a favor and let me know how things turn out? all the best, good luck.

          1. Guys, the update is done by going to At&t software updates, not the about phone

          2. where is At&t software updates located?

          3. Settings, Scroll all the way down. It should be above the “about phone”

    2. Im confused. You bought the At&T version from your friend. What service are you on now ? You say you use it like an iPod touch, meaning what ? No sim ? Dont use it for calls ? If you do have a sim and its not AT&T, you wont get the AT&T update. That would be an educated guess.

      1. I don’t have service I don’t use it for calls. I just use the WiFi for entertainment. And still haven’t received the update . Maybe I have to have service to get the update.

  10. Just a correction, you update it with At&t’s software update, not the One’s one.

  11. Got it and it is downloading now!!! If u still didn’t get it yet, change your date to October 9 from settings => time/date and go to at&t software update and it should work coz this is what I just did and I got it finally !!
    From Baltimore Maryland east cost !!

    1. I just did that, and it worked! :D i just changed the date to October 9! Awesome thanks :)

      1. Enjoy it ;-)

  12. My god is that new battery / power icon hideous and out of place

  13. recieved at 1230 a.m. havent fully tested it yet

  14. im on at&t and i still havent gotten the update. i tried moving the date ahead and that didnt work. i even factory reset and that didnt work either. also when i go to the at&t software update screen you see it checking and then it disappears. its doesnt say to check back later or anything. does anyone know if this is normal?

    1. mine does the exact same thing. i dont know what to do

      1. anyone get the fix on this? It seems like the att update just isn’t connecting to their server… strange.

    2. Im impressed by your ingenuity, but why would changing the date ahead bring down the update. Its not time or date specific, its a push update. Its probably just rolling out in waves, just check everyday. The update for T-Mo hasnt even been announced yet, but i keep checking everyday just in case. lol.

    3. Try typing *#*#682#*#* on your dialer. It will probably take some time for it to appear on everyones phones in every region.

      1. What does typing *#*#682#*#* do?

  15. Props to ATT for only being 10 days shy of September..

  16. I updated my One and it still have the pink/purple mist in low light…. Should i take it to At&t?

  17. Got my update at 7am central time here in Texas

  18. Got update at 7am here in texas

  19. I downloaded the update, but when it asked me to install I accidentally said don’t install. How can I get it to install now? Help please!!

  20. I have an AT&T branded HTC One and it’s unlocked and i’m on Smart network (Philippines). How come I haven’t received the 4.3 update on my phone? Will I ever get the update or not because it’s unlocked or because im in a different network/country?

    1. Hi Dave, go to Settings- AT&T Software Update. It should be in there.

      1. I’ve checked it just says, checking for updates and the box disappears.

        1. same here. doesn’t do anything. thought i saw somewhere that you can download it via the htc sync program

  21. I had a message that an update had been downloaded and was ready to install. I thought it was finally 4.3 but after the several minutes long install, during which my phone restarted a couple times, I still had 4.1.2. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m new to Android, so I’m not sure how a system upgrade behaves. Thanks.

  22. I still haven’t received the update, I keep going to AT&T Software update, keeps saying “no updates available.” It hasn’t pushed to my phone yet and I can’t bring it down manually. I’m not sure what else to do. It’s carrier-branded, not rooted or unlocked.

    1. Give it time, I still haven’t received the update either.

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