Android 4.3 heading to T-Mobile HTC One this week, Droid DNA in December


HTC One unboxing hands on

Good news, HTC One users on T-Mobile! HTC’s Jason Mackenzie just announced via Twitter that the Android 4.3 update for the HTC One has just been approved by T-Mobile, and you should see the update hitting your devices in the next few days. It was only a few weeks ago that the update hit both the Sprint and AT&T HTC Ones, leaving Verizon, once again, late to the OTA party.

Speaking of Verizon, Mackenzie also mentioned the the HTC Droid DNA would be receiving it’s Android 4.3 update in December, so don’t hold your breath. When it comes to their flagship devices, HTC has clearly has the head start on OEMs. ‘Course, that could soon change with Android 4.4 KitKat already looming on the horizon.


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  1. Thatsbgood now my co worker can stfu about the update

  2. woot woot!

  3. better late than never, huh!
    Waiting for kit kat.

  4. Sorry, my DNA probably won’t keep the SIM mounted long enough to download an update.

    1. Is that still an issue? I thought they fixed that in a previous update?

  5. Tmobile htc one 4.3 update any time now keep checking your phone’s/Android_spy!

    1. Just checked , still nothing. lol.

  6. Discouraged DNA owner here

    1. To be fair, I didn’t think the DNA would get updated beyond Android 4.2.2 or Sense 4. Pretty cool of HTC to upgrade DNA owners to 4.3 and Sense 5.

      1. Is that just because of its age? I wouldn’t think that there would be any hardware limitations. Or is it that “they” want you to buy the latest and greatest. 4.2 was out when the phone shipped, It could have been updated by now. I know I know, I’ll quit griping

  7. So they said December…we should have the DNA update by October 2014.

    Don’t think my DNA will see the end of October anyways, I’m so done with HTC, should have learnt my lesson with the T-bolt.

    1. Super happy with the One! :D

      1. I’m just soured. Lots of broken promises from them. Always with the “it’s on its way” shtick. The One is a good phone, just not for me.

        1. Right now they’re being better about keeping people informed than anyone else. (See Motorola’s dead “will it upgrade” page, and relative silence from Samsung…) Deadlines slip, especially in software. You have to triage, prioritize critical problems over new features, and it doesn’t always work like it’s supposed to.

          The fact that the US CEO has stepped in and started handling the upgrade notices makes me super happy.

          1. I know all about that. I’m definitely willing to give OEMs time to get everything straight, lord knows my code never turns out exactly perfect either.

        2. Good luck with updates from other OEMs. Not even sure when the update for my wifes GS4 is coming. At least HTC is keeping their promise with their flagship. But then again i would never get Verizon for a mobile phone, FIOS is great though, other stuff not so much.

      2. Me too !

  8. So if I wanted to use WiFi calling AND a Sense based 4.3 ROM…

    Oh, how lovely.

  9. Ive been trying to ping the update since last week. I know it wasnt released yet, just tryin to get lucky. So anywhere from today through Friday i hope.

    1. What idiot downvoted me ? Hating on enthusiasm ?

  10. Wow! It seems like nobody likes their Droid DNA besides me. I LOVE this phone! Just curious, those of you who can’t stand yours, what do you not like about it? I’ve had mine since launch, and it is just as flawless as it was on day 1 almost a year ago. I’ve literally had zero problems, and it’s still super fast! I forgot how much I used to love HTC! This phone reminded me!

    1. Mine has been fine since I got it, until recently at least, it’s developed a few annoying bugs for some reason.

      My problem is more with the way HTC supports some of their devices, not really with the devices themselves. Took almost two years of “it’s coming this month” for the T-bolt to get ICS, and with the DNA it’s “we are getting you 4.3 this month…No we aren’t, you’re getting 4.2 at the end of the year, now we are getting 4.3 again”

      Though I’m sure some of the blame can be given to Big Red hahaha.

      1. Unfortunately the Thunderbolt was never really a big device. Had a flashy name but that was Verizons doing. But i too waited for updates, but beyond “its coming soon” i never heard t-mobile say “coming this month” and not get the update THAT month.

      2. You hit the nail on the head. Big red is always months behind At&t and most of the time behind Sprint as well. Tmo and At&t will always have the fastest updates.

    2. I love mine too, I just hate the fact they keep bs’ing about the update. Before we know it, it wont be here for another 5 months! But oh, “they are working hard to get it done “

    3. If I was stuck on Verizon i guess id like it too. I just had better phones on T-Mobile from HTC so ive always loved them. G1-G2-One S-One. I dont see any point in choosing another OEM.

  11. thats nice. 4.4 will be here before the end of the month tho.

    1. And?

      Would you rather they didn’t bother with 4.3, and make everyone wait for 4.4?

      1. They said this week. AT&T’S was right on time. Why is tmobike so off schedule?

        1. T-Mo isn’t off schedule. They were both originally stated to be Mid-October. Today is the 16th, end of the week is the 19th. Seems pretty “mid-” to me.

      2. Doesnt matter to me either way, i own a nexus. I was just saying that because the wait will continue for the owners of these phones. They are a few versions behind so the next version of android (4.4) will be out before these phones receive that update. So those that are waiting will continue to wait!

        1. By that logic, the wait continues for everyone.

          Note 3? It’s on 4.3, gotta wait for the Kit Kat.

          Galaxy S4? 4.2. Waiting for 4.3 and Kit Kat.

          Nexus 4? 4.3. Waiting on Kit Kat…

          1. the note 3 is on 4.3 so they wont start waiting until 4.4 is released,
            galaxy S4 will skip 4.3 and get 4.4 before most other phones that arent nexus devices.
            the nexus 4 will hardly wait for any update, but hey your just trying to make ur argument i guess!
            HTC is known for slow updates and leaving phones behind on older versions, this is y so many owners of these phones are upset (just read some of the comments). So i was stating that HTC is still behind on updates, even if they release these updates. they will likely not see this update for another 8 months.

          2. Galaxy S4 is rumored to be getting 4.3 next month, not 4.4. Note, rumored. I’ve yet to see official word from Samsung on that. And HTC beat Samsung to 4.3.

            Nexus 4 and Note 3 are waiting for Kit Kat *now*, since according to you, One users just continue to wait, no gaps.

            HTC is known for slow updates and leaving phones behind? No more so than Samsung. They both have been bad about it. Samsung in the past, HTC in the much nearer past.

          3. How can u wait for something that hasnt been released? I didnt say that One owners continue to wait, i said the owners of these phones will continue to wait (referring to the phones specified in the article which happens to be a sprint version of the one). samsung was horrible at leaving phones behind, but they have made huge improvements in this area. They havent left a flagship device behind in a few years now. Cant say the same for HTC tho can u? Hows the one X doing by the way? You see in the Article what they say about the Droid DNA. Does anyone even remember the Evo line? There is ur list of flagship devices for HTC over the past 2 yrs, which of these would u like to compare to Samsung devices? GS3, note 2, GS4, note 3 take ur pick. I was simply stating in my first comment that the owners of these phones will still be playing the waiting game. Thats a tru statement whether u like it or not!

          4. Your words: “I was just saying that because the wait will continue for the owners of these phones.”

            The wait won’t continue for any North American One owner (unless it gets held up at Verizon).

            “Hows the one X doing by the way?”

            4.2.2/Sense 5 on just about everyone but AT&T. Sounds like a carrier issue to me.

            “Does anyone even remember the Evo line?”

            Evo LTE should have 4.3 this year, so yes.

            “I was simply stating in my first comment that the owners of these phones will still be playing the waiting game.”

            And I’m stating that the waiting game isn’t relegated to HTC, since Samsung hasn’t *updated* any Touchwiz-based phone to 4.3 yet.

          5. Look, im not saying samsung doesnt have update issues. Im saying that samsung has done a better job in the past 2 yrs not leaving a phone behind. and again the statement i made was to the phones listed in this article not every phone made by the OEM, you dragged other phones into this conversation. With that said i wasnt talking about any other carrier either. Say what u want but they will still be waitng, and im willing to bet that their wait will be even longer than most other flagship phones. IM DONE!

  12. Kools I get 4.3, even tho 4.4 is right around the corner. Think I’ll be taken my talents back to the nexus lol, love my htc one tho.

    1. According to rumors, Google will be putting their new “Google Experience Launcher” on the Google Play Store.

      Sounds like they’ll be breaking you off a piece of KitKat. :P

      1. Lol thanks for the info, that’s hella good to know.

  13. I love how HTC is against the wall. They’re finally talking about updates and trying to mend things. I still don’t believe them. When I see it I will.

  14. Some people you just can’t please. I think this is awesome that 4.3 is getting pushed. To those of you saying 4.4 is around the corner, think about how many OEM’s that don’t have the firmware to develop for their devices yet.

  15. Its about time HTC one rock 4.3 HTC should be number 1 in the worrld

  16. Any TMO user actually GET the OTA update yet? I just texted my lil brother to check his phone…we’re in Chicago on TMO so let me know if any in my area got it yet!

    1. nothing yet here in northern california

      1. Nothin in Olathe ks

    2. Nothin here in moriarty nm

    3. Just in android 4.3 will be released at midnight

  17. FYI…the new update is for HTC One, but does not include the HTC One S.

    1. Well yes, the HTC One and HTC One S are two completely different devices…

  18. It’s now been pushed back to Monday….. see Jason Mack’s twitter feed.

  19. I like the feel of the dna much better then the one personally. I own three ones the red and two black ones but something about wireless charging is money. If your gonna complain about updates then just root your device and do what you want with it. My dna had sense 5 before the one came out and blew the mind of the htc rep who said that it wasnt going to get it. So all in all just by a phone because you like it and realize it may not get a single update so keep that in mind when you buy a phone. Gs 4 is updated to 4.3 also as of today i heard so htc is getting slower with updates then they used to be but really they have the best build quality to me.

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