Sprint HTC One getting Android 4.3 update today


HTC has mentioned on Twitter that Sprint’s version of the HTC One would be getting its Android 4.3 upgrade today. This follows availability of the illustrious update for the developer edition, the unlocked international version, as well as the version made for folks in the great white north. It’s good news for HTC One fans who have been peeved at the fact that HTC skipped Android 4.2.

HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079

So what are we getting alongside all the goods Android 4.3 is promised to have? Sprint has the full details for us right here:


– Fixes issue where Swype does not automatically enter spaces in Exchange email

– Application Updates: Sprint Zone, Visual Voicemail

– HTC Sense stability improvements

– Updating OS from 4.1.2 to 4.3 (Minor update)

That they’re calling the jump from Android 4.1.2 to Android 4.3 minor is laughable. It would be minor if folks were coming from 4.2, but alas they’re not. Regardless, the pot shots end here — the upgrade is going out over-the-air for anyone willing and able to snap it up.

Be sure to turn that WiFi radio on and see if you can pull it down by heading to the settings menu right now. Remember that this might be a staggered upgrade, so if you aren’t able to find it right away it doesn’t mean Sprint is being a big, fat meanie. It just means you’ll have to keep trying until they include your handset in succeeding waves. Head here for further update instructions if you happen to get stuck.

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  1. Good job HTC! Now put the icing on the cake and update last year’s One X’s variants.

  2. Thank you Sprint, downloading now


  4. beat the gnex…smh

  5. Working on my coworker’s hTC One on Sprint.

  6. Be cautious everyone just updated my HTC one and I can’t update my apps keeps popping error code 927

    1. I haven’t updated to 4.3 yet, and I’m still getting the error codes. Took me 5 tries to update Chrome i believe it was. I think this problem is independant of the 4.3 update, or its a secondary result of many people updating their Ones to 4.3 and not a direct result of 4.3 update itself.

      1. Update PRL and Profile and then reboot your phone

      2. Your correct about the independent issue. Play Store had issues tonight with updates and installation of app. Didn’t effect everyone. Multiple different error codes.

  7. I can’t update my apps either. I keep getting an error code.

    1. Update PRL and Profile and then reboot your phone

  8. Please Verizon, for the love of God do right for once. Good job HTC and Sprint.

  9. So lemme see if we got this right. HTC promised an update and we are now getting said update, on time no less. ? Where are all the HTC haters ? Love to see them eat their words when their feet are in their mouths. lol

  10. Twitter on Blinkfeed no longer works. The quick panel toggles don’t seem customizable.

    1. Did you update the PRL and Profile too? That is necessary after any software update.

      1. Yes, I’ve done both. Twitter works fine as a stand alone app but can’t be enabled in Blink Feed. Is anyone else having this issue?

        1. I got it, I actually had to uninstall an update to the twitter app and then I was able to turn it on in BlinkFeed.

  11. People, after applying the 4.3 update you need to also update the PRL and Profile or you will have issues updating applications and getting them to work properly. It is a given that you do so after any OS update. Mine is working just fine after the upgrade, and so are my apps. You seem to forget, or do not know, that Google untethered all their apps from the OS, so a PRL and Profile update is needed now for everything else to function properly.

    1. Then it should do that automatically. The average person won’t know to do that.

      1. Android updates have always required this, and I have never seen PRL And Profiles to update automatically. If you have issues after applying an OS update the first thing your carrier will tell you is to update the PRL and Profile. So save yourself a tech call and headache and just do it.

  12. Woo! Thank you HTC & SPRINT. Love yous.

  13. Tmobile are the 1st ones to sell these and we’re the last ones to get the update.Ridiculous

    1. HTC has promised that all major US carriers will have this update by the end of October.

      1. Sprint owners already getting it. The point is t-mobile should have gotten it first

        1. I’m not in any hurry. My One is content with 4.1.2, no issues and it does what I need.

          1. But your life won’t be complete until you have 4.3!

    2. No, Verizon is last.

      T-Mobile and AT&T are in the middle.

  14. I thought when I update the phone to 4.3 that the flixter app will allow me to now download movies to my phone… I tried doing it after I got the update and it still won’t allow me… Any word on when this May happen? I did reset the phone after the update to double check and no go!

    1. Did you update Flixter, too?

      It may be a different APK for 4.3 that allows that.

  15. Loving 4.3 on my Sprint HTC One in Nashville, Tenn.

  16. Did the update fix the cameras on your Ones? My camera is still crap

    1. Camera is still not working correctly. They DID fix the soft focus (for the most part) in the center of the images on wide angle shots but the edges still look somewhat blurry. However, they did it by simply WAY over sharpening the old settings and making the new settings default zeros.

      They didn’t fix the purple haze in photos at all because the entire camera is defected. It really angers me that HTC continues to lie to their customers by saying it’s not only a software issue but when they said it will come with 4.3, it didn’t. Sucks because the phone is absolutely amazing, yet the camera is pathetic.

      I’m a photographer, you can only imagine how I feel.

    2. Same here. The camera still shows a purple tint. It is a sad state state of affairs; the HTC is a beautiful phone, especially compared to the Galaxy S4. Still, the S4’s camera is hands down better unless HTC can fix this problem.

  17. The camera’s purple haze isn’t fixed, and the sharpening issues are only being over sharpened now which they set the defaults to zero in the update.

    Also, the widgets don’t seem to be working consistently on the home screens and the button that allows you to customize the apps and widgets in the lock screen settings doesn’t work. For me at least.

  18. Okay did the update… the 4G is more consistent but the big news is that my 3G hauls ass now!! Averaging 1.5 DL and 1.0 UL in the west Chicagoland area. The camera has no purple haze and the sharpness is perfect. Happy HTC customer…

  19. I have loved my HTC One since the day I got it, and I’m so happy 4.3 is finally out.. one question tho, is anyone else having trouble with Blinkfeed? When I click on FB tiles it does not respond. Similar to Jared’s issue with Twitter.

    One negative thing before I go is I don’t like that Instagram opens in HTC Sense, I wish it was like twitter and opened the actual app.. other than that I’m really happy that Instagram is finally available. LOVE having all those shortcuts in the drop down now.

  20. I Can’t Really Say Much About The 4.3 Update Because My Galaxy Note 3 Is Messed Up Because Of The 4.3 . TSK !

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