Oops: Nexus 5 makes brief appearance on the Google Play Store, starts at $350


Nexus 5 Google Play Store oops

OMG. Someone must have pressed the wrong button as the Nexus 5 just popped up on the Google Play Store with a starting price of $350 for the 16GB version. Wow.. Here’s the full official image.

Nexus 5 Google Play Store live

You’ll notice the Nexus 4 has now been completely removed from the Play Store. Wait — were the conspiracy theorists right all along? Could Kit Kat’s Google+ page referencing C+C Music Factory’s dance hit “Gonna Make You Sweat”, and  Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” — could they really have been clues that hinted at an October 18th reveal date?

[Nexus 5 on Google Play]

Thanks, Darknicks and everyone else!

Chris Chavez
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  1. Looks intentional, they just want us to squirm.

    1. Yeah, obvious tease is obvious.

  2. The Nexus 4 is completely gone now. Tomorrow could be interesting…

  3. Looks clean, come to VZW and ill stuff ur g-string full of dollar bills.

    1. This

    2. It didn’t have VZW LTE bands when it passed through FCC I think? So I would assume it would never come to VZW unless they made a different one with the needed bands.

      1. But it does have the VZW AWS band and VZW started lighting up AWS this week….right?

        1. But Verizon spaced towers out for CDMA 800mhz spectrum, their 700mhz spectrum in many non-city areas doesn’t even spread far enough. AWS on LTE will leave tons of gaps, so VoLTE and such will be impossible, as will doing anything while driving with data such as streaming music and such, the phone would be constantly dropping and finding signal. Plus verizon isn’t mapping aws vs 700mhz coverage, so you’d have absolutely 0 way of knowing where there will or won’t be coverage, or when it might come to you.

          1. They prefer it that way. It gives them control.

    3. if it came to Verizon you would have to wait months for it to become an approved device for their network. I think nexus 7 LTE owners are still waiting on that

      1. Pop your SIM card in it and away we go, right?

        1. Not until the FCC starts fining Verizon will that be the case.

    4. Why? So Verizon can ruin another Nexus? Will never happen again….

  4. This NEEDS to come to Verizon. I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t.

    1. ha! good luck on that happening.

    2. I doubt it, they screw up a lot of phones and they are overpriced.

    3. It does NEED to, but it won’t …and isn’t. I too am a sad panda over this.

    4. Might as well just get disappointed now… No way it’s going to Verizon.

  5. I’m ready for a Sprint version!

    1. And that’s the best part, CDMA is supported on the GSM one, and Sprint LTE bands in tow, meaning, this is coming to Sprint, or at least able to be used on an MVNO of Sprint.

      1. All Sprint MVNO’s that do BYOD still can only take “certain” Sprint branded devices. If Sprint doesn’t put this on their network openly, it is highly unlikely MVNO’s will even be able to put it on.

        1. Further proving the point of it coming to sprint, as no one else uses their LTE bands in USA. Anyway once LTE is in full swing, no one will be able to deny byod, though I wonder how that will work for sprint and their integrated SIMs…

      2. If this one comes with Sprint’s three LTE bands, it’ll be even more amazing!

        1. All 3 are there according to the FCC docs

          1. Yeah, I went back and looked at S4GRU’s article on what should be the Nexus 5’s LTE bands and they are indeed there. It also omits Verizon’s LTE bands.

        2. 25/26/41, and 2 if you happen to visit Puerto Rico!

  6. Google is SUCH a teaser!!

  7. That Telus render was actually almost it!

  8. Verizon won’t get it. RIP

  9. DKFJDSKFJODIU@(*@&*^#*&@^*&@^#@!&^$($^&(#@

    1. I feel the exact same way

      1. It was so hard to type this post out. My hands are shaking…

        1. I know that feeling man.

        2. I’m zipping up my flame suit as I say this, but I don’t get the hype of Nexus phones. I had the GNex. It was plain and uninspired, as was the N4. The software portion I understand. Pure vanilla, latest versions, etc. A few weeks of patience usually results in Vanilla roms popping up for every device and its grandma though.

          I wouldn’t trade my N7 for the world. On a phone though, I want bells and whistles. I want features and extras. Vanilla has none of that. Sure, it runs better than skinned Android on comparable hardware, but that’s all it has going for it.

          1. That’s why the Nexus series is popular, though. For geeks like me, having stock Android is the reason why we salivate when Google teases a new line.

            And, really, it’s supposed to be uninspired. That way, *you* can inspire the phone to be whatever you want it to be. Want to root and ROM it? Piece of cake. Want to completely change the look and feel? Go with Google’s blessing.

    2. I agree!!

    3. Are you going to credit your tipster?

        1. Lol, I guess I wasnt the only one!

      1. +1000

        1. No joke, this was pretty close to my actual reaction.

          But I’m not fat. Or rich. Or in Moneyball.

          I did get high with P-Diddy that one time, though……

          1. Lmao and stroked the furry wall

          2. “I’ma cover my house in this s***. It’s gonna look like a f****** werewolf!”

          3. I swear duddy killed me in that movie.

  10. I just can’t take it anymore!

  11. Dead link, booooooo! This will so be mine!

  12. Purchased!

      1. your brain is going so fast its not making sense…

  13. Where’s the Ron Paul gif when you need one? IT’S HAPPENING

  14. I can tell you the base is 16gb…

    1. Is there an emoticon for the Arsenio Hall “WOOWOOWOOWOO”?

    2. Noooo! Beholds never get updates!


  15. https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_5_black_16gb

    So, comes in multiple colors and 16gb for $350…

    1. It MIGHT come in multiple colors. I don’t imagine white would fare too well with soft touch.

      1. “Nice beige phone ya got there, chief!”

      2. I am guessing based on the URL string

  16. Nice.

    *unzips pants*

    1. LMFAO

  17. I like the new app drawer icon – more of an actual app icon now

    1. Agreed, I also like the phone icon it’s definitely interesting.

      1. Same here. I’ve seen some hate around the internet for that icon, but I love it. It’s different in a good way.

    2. Good point. I wonder if it can be moved around now?

      1. 0_o

      2. Kind of hope not. Don’t know how many friends who’ve accidentally deleted theirs on CM 7…

      3. Check out that SNAZZY camera button!

  18. Nexus 5 removed…
    Nexus 4 is back.


    1. HA! Nice try, Google…

      Also, nope. No Nexus 4. Just the 7 and 10.

      1. Someone is getting fired today…

        1. as a professional web services company, i would see this as another intentional leak.

      2. i see the nexus 4.

        1. It disappeared for a bit.

    2. I still see the 5

    3. 50℅ of the time it goes to no N4 page, and the other part it shows the N5 page, ie the image I just took on my N7.

  19. Great, this just killed my productivity for the night. Day-dreaming like Calvin right now…..

  20. You certainly have a lot of tabs open.

    1. I am Batman. The internet is my city. And I watch it like a hawk. O_O

      1. Stay away from my IP address. You’ll need to destroy your hardrive and take a shower after your done

      2. Gotham is mostly porn.

        1. So are Chris’s tabs O.o

  21. Epic trolololol, Google.

  22. whether this is another intentional leak (my opinion) or an oops, either way it does not seem likely to happen long before it goes live for real.

  23. i hope it comes to t mobile at a ridiculously high price like the nexus 4, so i can buy the google version and sell it at a high price like i did hahaha

  24. why does the australian store still display the nexus 4?

    1. i’m guessing they (all countries) have been “restored” to Nexus 4.

  25. so $350 foe 16gb……$400 for 32?

  26. Time to sell my GNexus and XZR.

    1. sadly even though i’ll order this right at release i will continue to use GN until Verizon contract is dead (15dec). wife won’t let me use new phone “till christmas” anyway. she’s getting one too.

      1. Sell your contract on eBay if your unlimited.

        1. i started with vzw when GN was first released (hence the 15dec contract date), so no unlimited. i won’t miss the 4gb data plan at all. headed to t-mobile.

          1. I’m stuck until April… (Unlimited with an HTC Thunderbolt.) I’m definitely moving to T-Mobile A.S.A.P.

    1. Sweet, can’t wait to order this! My Nexus 4 is dying..

      Can’t believe how much better it looks compared to the S4 (http://versus.com/en/google-nexus-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s4 ) It’s gorgeous!

  27. I can’t wait to order this sexy phone especially at $350

  28. That would be the bees knees if it’s released tomorrow.

    1. That would be the bees knees even an year from now when we’re salivating over the next Nexus.

  29. https://play.google.com/store/devices — The hyperlink of the background image under nexus still points to Nexus 5 :) But it doesn’t take us to the Nexus 5 page yet!! :(

  30. OMG at 10:18 it went on sale here on the east coast!!! ORDERED!

    1. Nuh uh! I’m on the east coast and nothing yet.

      1. It must have been a 1 minute sale!!!!

        1. Ha!

        2. Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

          1. I know! They went all retro with the receipt!

    2. do you have your eBay listing for $1500 up yet?

    3. oh tatar sauce they must be avoiding last years debacle by not giving giving people like me time to raise the money


        1. You’re retarded.

      2. That was kinda funny!

    4. lies!

  31. $350 is amazing.

  32. Didn’t the hints point to 10:28?

  33. I think this is the first solid evidence that it will be the called the Nexus 5 (not 4-2013), start at $349 for 16gb, and hopefully have a 32gb model. now how am i going to get any sleep tonight?

    1. I hope they still have a Nexus 4 refresh as well. *crosses fingers

  34. I’d love to stay Verizon, but if you insist on being total fools, these will be our last couple weeks together. Learn to stop screwing over your customers and pick up devices people want!

    1. Has it been confirmed that the N5 will NOT be on Verizon? I know it’s unlikely, but if it hasn’t been confirmed I’d like to continue to hope!

      1. Probably wont. Verizon and Motorola have a big deal together with the droids. The Nexus to go to Verizon would compete with them and wouldn’t be financially worthy for Google.

      2. I agree Verizon probably won’t offer it through their channels, but hopefully you can buy one off Google Play and bring your own Verizon SIM.

        1. That’d be more difficult than doing that with a N7 LTE, which, after a month of blocking, is stilll not allowed on their network, though has required LTE band 17. This is after they said “soon” they’d allow it.

  35. HELL YEA! Love the price point and that thing looks sexy.

  36. This will be my first Nexus device!

    1. Ahh yes I remeber my first nexus verizon f&@#ed that thing up

  37. Google ======= Free Marketing Geniuses..

    1. Yea but not really, the only people who care are phone geeks. (No offense) Its not like if you went on the street and asked the general public what the nexus 5 is they would no what it was.All these people are die hard nexus fans that would have bought the device on release day anyways. What there good at imo is getting hype up for a device. I believe all these leaks have been intentional as a way to hype the device.

      1. This kind of stuff is actually getting them free column inches in UK and US national newspapers. It’s an incredibly inexpensive way to build “buzz”.

      2. Well at least they are promoting the Nexus tablet on TV but I’ve yet to see one for their phone.

      3. Yea youre right, if Google was smart they would market the Nexus like the iPhone and the GS4. Nexus would definitely challenge every other smartphone if it got wide publicity. They would need a quality OEM like HTC to make a truly great Nexus though.

  38. lol is it bad that im gonna buy this and keep my n4 in my pocket and switch sims when one dies

    1. genius!

    2. N4 takes a different Sim than the N5

      1. So, I won’t be able to remove the sim from my N4 and insert it into the N5 !!! WHY!! Now i need to drive back to T-Mobile and pay $10 for a sim card.

        1. They’ll give it free, but you don’t need to, since they both take micro, neither nano according to d821 manual, which is identic, except EU/international radios.

          1. so the N4 and N5 both take micro sim cards? so Kevin Johnsom was wrong?

          2. Sadly, yes, but if you did get the nano SIM and wish to use it, buy an adapter kit that let’s you always have the right size and put the nano into a micro for the time being. Who knows, maybe you get an iPhone 5c…..






            Jk, GE Moto X;-)

      2. They make sim adapters. You just get the smaller type and use the adapter for the phone that takes the bigger type.

      3. Nope, both take micro.

  39. Verizon compatible?

    1. Yeah…… No…

    2. I hope so–even if unofficially supported like in the Nexus 7 (needs pre-activated Verizon SIM.) It’s got a Snapdragon 800 w/integrated baseband radio & antennas that’s capable of supporting Verizon LTE (see LG G2) so it should just be a matter of software support…hopefully…

      1. The SoC is capable of handling Verizon bands, yes, but according to the FCC it’s lacking Verizon bands, they weren’t included.

      2. No N5 is missing LTE 13, which is the main Verizon band. Band 4 is hardly on Verizon’s map.

  40. Whooooops ! lol. Yea right. Whoops my fat hairy ass. lol

  41. Wow $350 total ?? no subsidies or anything ?? That is effin amazing.

    1. Can anyone on the US page see what the nexus 4 is currently at , the 16gb which is out of stock is listed as 199 pounds, what is it in dollars (I am trying to get a feel for what the uk equivalent of the $350 dollars will be
      Thanks Andi

      1. 16GB Nexus 4 is listed at $249 here in the U.S. Also out of stock here, lol.

        1. So based on that, I can guess the 16gb n5 will be 300 pounds in the uk, and i am then hoping the 32gb would be 400 dollars so 350 pounds. thanks (i hope i am wrong and it is cheaper but happy with those)

  42. The time reads 4:40. Would’ve been nice if they made it a release date easter egg instead of the OS version.

  43. My crotch is soaked

    1. nerds everywhere are glad to hear it

    2. Pretty sure you’re a dude. O_o

  44. And geeks around the world now have blue balls :)

  45. I wish all my pic messages on my N4 would go through 60% of the time.

  46. IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just rubbed one out…

  47. Based on that home screen there’s no SMS icon but there is a Google hangouts icon which does support rumors that Google will integrate SMS into hangouts making its own ‘Imessage’ for any android phone

    1. Looks like the phone icon is confirmed now too.

      1. Let’s hope you don’t have to be on kit Kat to use hangouts as SMS.

        1. here’s hoping

        2. Its probably going to come as an update to Google Play services so you likely won’t have to update to Kit Kat. Google appears to be decoupling many of their critical services from the OS update and tying them more to Google Play Services which they can update on pretty much any OS whenever they want to.

  48. Now it is confirmed and i think Google is going to release it now finally. I am very excited about its launch.


  49. http://myrujukan.com/

    this nexus 5 look beautiful

    1. dude go to your pos Nokia site and stay there

    2. Quit shilling you shilling shill!

  50. Hmm.. New camera sounds good..? Maybe I’ll hold off a note 3 until this is announced

  51. Nokia smart watch leaked in patent filling, no release date till now. Take a look:


    1. go back to ur pos Nokia and stay there

    2. Shill alert.

  52. Been waiting for this forever. Still have my faithful Gnex. Can’t wait for this phone and love the design.

  53. take my money now

  54. meh

  55. Very nice. I’d really think about getting this before renewing a contract and having to pay 300$ for the phone.

  56. *sigh*

    big red problems. I want a nexus 5 but I don’t want to lose my coverage and unlimited data.

    This trade off is annoying… But I know what’s needed.

    1. t-mobile already offers unlimited data with no throttling, no caps.

      1. Not with unlimited 4G hotspot and the coverage… :(

        1. I beg to differ on the first part if you read up on UA spoofers, super easy to do. But coverage can be a concern the 5 days a year(totalled hours) I go outside of my metro area which stretches about 150 miles(UT wasatch front and other areas. And I’m paying $42 for unlimited everything per line. I could never give that up, and things only get better…

          1. I pay 106 for unlimited text, data, 4G hotspot and great coverage in doors. I refuse to let this outta my icy grip lol. I work on the 17th floor of my building… Sprint and T-Mobile both get no reception. My basement at home.. No coverage but T-Mobile does have wifi calling. Point is it fits me.

            But it T-Mobile ever looks better I’d drop big red.

          2. Nexus phones can’t use Wifi Calling on TMobile. It’s only on TMobile branded devices unfortunately.

      2. I use TMobile now, but their coverage/reliability and speed leave a LOT to be desired in Atlanta. Their LTE network footprint is just insanely small. If you’re not actually downtown in a major city your chances of having LTE coverage is pretty poor.

        1. They also do throttle unless you pay for unlimited data. I have TMO here in Miami and there LTE network here is fantastic. definitely the best value here in South Florida. This Nexus had better be really good to turn me away from the Note 3.

          1. Yeah. I am spinning up an AIO wireless account just to check on things. The painful downside of AIO is that once you hit the cap they do throttle you… to 256kb/sec (i.e. 2G/EDGE)

          2. Agreed. TMO coverage has far exceeded my expectations. Speeds have exceeded Verizon which I had for years and coverage in all of South Florida is excellent

        2. Sucks to be in Atlanta. In Miami/ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas when out of LTE range, it’s no problem. HSPA+ speeds are at least as fast as Verizon 15 down 5 up and that coverage is everywhere

          1. I hit can hit 40-45 mbps over TMobile LTE in my apartment. The only signal problems I have with TMobile anymore are inside super thick buildings with concrete/steel walls.

    2. Is verizon even getting the Nexus 5? I thought google said no more Nexus devices for big red. Secondly I thought you get to keep unlimited data if you pay full price for a device…

      1. You keep unlimited but I doubt Verizon gets it. If I want it I have to abandon ship.

        1. From the very beginning, Google has shown a preference for GSM and not CDMA. Sprint and Verizon customers should not even fantasize about a Nexus device on their networks.

          1. Fantasize about what I want!

  57. I think they will just call it “NEXUS”. It wont have 5 on the device. It will be called the Google Nexus (2013).
    I hope the screen and camera a good.

    1. Well if you look at the post you are replying to, google is calling it “Nexus 5” (take a look at the screenshot at the top). None of the nexus devices have a number on the device they all just say “Nexus”

  58. definitely a tradeoff…not sure if I would make the switch though…

  59. I’ll wait till the Trinidad James all gold everything version comes out. Haaaan.

  60. To finally have get rid of my htc (and by extension samsung) and their stupid skins…..and get the native android. HTC has slowly become as bad as apple with a usb cable driver that can only be installed with their version of i-tunes. its pathetic and too much like apple. Google, save us from these retards!

    1. “HTC has slowly become as bad as apple with a usb cable driver that can only be installed with their version of i-tunes.”

      I missed something. I just used my One as a thumb drive at the in-law’s house last week and didn’t have to do anything special…?

      1. don’t know about the HTC One, but the One X that I have, needs to install HTC Sync Manager before allowing me to use it as a USB drive.

        1. Windows or Mac?

          OSX needs drivers since they’re using MTP now, but Windows XP and up should support everything natively.

          1. sadly not true for xp which i have at work and windows 7 that i have at home. Maybe what you say is only true for the newer models. If you know how i can install a native android on my htc one x, that would be a big help. :)

          2. I did some googling, and it’s something to do with the USB chip they used in the One X and One S.

            You don’t have to install HTC Sync, but you do have to download it and pull the driver out.

          3. Thanks for that.

            I should have googled it.


        2. I have a one x+, no sync manager required. It just mounts as an MTP, not a flash drive.

          1. Check my reply to Rubbish below… USB chip issue in the One X and One S, the generic driver doesn’t work.

            But you don’t have to use the sync manager, it’s just the only way to get the driver from HTC.

          2. I used to have an Evo LTE (same internals as the One X) and i didnt need sync manager to do anything. I installed it at home to test it out but i never needed it when i plugged my phone into my work computer.

    2. I don’t find sync manager necessary hence why I never use it.

  61. 349$ is getting better. I will wait for 299$. Or if the price for a used S4 is below that by then.

    Edit: 299$ is the top I will pay for any phone.

    1. $299? Enjoy your year-old Nexus 5 in 2014 (^_^)

      1. Itll still be a good phone then too :)

    2. Honestly I’m so happy with my Nexus 4 on Tmobile using LTE, I think I can wait another year til the next Nexus reboot. I can consistently hit 40-45mbps over LTE in my apartment.

  62. I dont understand why Google undercuts the price of the Moto X with this phone. I mean, a better spec phone for hundreds less? Whats the thinking behind this?

    1. With the Nexus devices Google are trying to make money from the apps and content – not the device itself. By making them cheaper it means there are more devices in users hands which means more content purchases.

      1. Ye i don’t understand why Moto X will be more expensive than Nexus 5.. I just got the Moto X here is the battery life its awesome.

    2. The Moto X has a smaller screen, lower resolution, and probably better battery life. Also, the contract price of the X is still much cheaper than buying the phone outright. There’s definitely a place for both.

      Having both the X and the Ultra on Verizon though, that’s a bit silly to me.

    3. Ye i don’t understand why Moto X will be more expensive than Nexus 5.. I just got the Moto X here is the battery life its awesome…

      1. you forgot to display screen on time….

    4. My carrier will be offering the Moto X for $299 with no contract starting next month. :-D

      The thinking behind that is if you are willing to use WiFi when it’s practical to do so and are willing to try solving your own technical issues at two different stages before opening a trouble ticket with support they are willing to eat part of the cost of the phone.

      I’m not going to spam the site with their name. If you think it can work for you then you should be able to find them and try it on a 30 day money back (minus $10 shipping) trial basis.

      1. aww, see i woulda just spammed away ;)

        i’ve got the same carrier – very exciting times ahead with them. been a member since the initial beta launch in Nov 2011.

        *itching to paste a link – i’d better just post this now and move on*

        1. Not sure why I didn’t. But I guess I just didn’t feel good about doing that on this site.

          Plus it shouldn’t be that hard to find out who is offering the X for $299 with no contract. ;-)

      2. What carrier?

        1. Republic Wireless
          (just the name, not a link so not spammy – right?)

  63. Georgous! Take my money!

  64. Such a beautiful phone indeed.

  65. 16 GB is so yesterday!!!

    1. *facepalm

      1. I mean he kind of has a point. I have a 16gb N4 that is running out of disk space with just apps installed.

        1. Depends on what kind of files and apps you use on your phone.. mp3 files count too you know…

  66. Them tabs though…
    Sarcasm aside, I hope this launches better than the Nexus 4. That was one giant headache. I just got an HTC One, so I don’t necessarily need a phone, but my wife does and this is what I intend on getting her.

  67. I can’t believe some of you guys like how this looks. It looks like the Nexus 4 but boring. (This is not saying anything about the device itself)

    1. It’s the inside that also counts, but the fact it’s an amazing screen at $350 no contract helps. Add less breakable and much better camera!

      1. True, which is why I said my comment was about its looks.

    2. what if instead of having a plastic back, the N5 had a glass back, would that make it better in your opinion?

      1. No, I’m just saying it looks boring. Kind of befitting that it runs Vanilla I suppose. Maybe Google is thinking stealth, non-descript phone- keep it under the radar.

        1. In other words, its an improvement compared to last year’s nexus, because this one doesn’t have a glass back.

          1. It definitely shouldn’t crack as easily.

    3. The Nexus 4 did look more premium with the glass back and pattern thing. But this looks more “futuristic” and probably a lot slimmer, with a lot less bezel. Hopefully the screen and color reproduction will be a lot better than the N4.

      Both models look good, as a matter of fact, I’d switch to either from my useless Galaxy S4 anyday, lol.

    4. It has a different shape than the N4. Loom at a side by side.

      1. Should I loom to the warp or the weft?

        1. Sorry, just saying you’re wrong. It doesn’t look like the 4. Not at all really.

          1. Your face is wrong. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. The design cues are the same. It shows an logical progression on LG’s part. To deny there are similarities would be saying that the iPhone 5 is nothing like the iPhone 4. Now the HTC one- that looks nothing like the Nexus 5.

          2. Yes, it’s a rectangular black slab. That’s about where the similarities end. Maybe they both have rounded edges instead of sharp corners, but that’s not saying much. And the nexus 4 is much more rounded. Also, yo mama.

          3. My mama can see as well. Maybe? Get some glasses ;)

    5. I like it precisely because it’s NOT flashy. Every other phone these days has some stupid colors or shiny back (the back of my S4 looks like some chromed out gangsta phone and makes me feel stupid). I just want a black phone that has monster guts, which this is. Sometimes, less is more.

      1. That’s a good point. It’s the plain Jane, phone next door that’s a sleeper hot rod. I’m just saying I don’t get how anyone can be excited by its looks.

    6. I love the minimalistic design. To me, it’s downright beautiful. It will go well with the same setup I have on my nexus 7 (below).

      1. That’s fugly.

        1. Well, now I’m gonna have to change it, some jackass on the internet thinks it’s fugly.

          1. When you post your sh*t online, expect others to criticize it. This is the internet, not a dictatorship. People are allowed to disagree with each other.

          2. Of course, and when you post negative criticism on other people’s posts, expect them to reply. :)

          3. Absolutely.

    7. Personally I am ok with boring. The Nexus 4 had a glass back that could break easily. The nexus 5 is minimalistic, sleek, and functional. Looking at it, the back looks like it’s a rubberized material. No shiny, no fingerprints, better grip. The front is simple black with no ugly logos or branding, which is exactly what I love about my galaxy nexus over other phones. Personally I don’t think there is anything they could do to improve on the nexus 5 without harming simple plain functionality.

      1. Who cares about it being boring, and with the soso images I have seen on it, it in the end it may not be as boring as many say. And for the most part, people are going to put it some kind of case.

  68. Nexus 4 is still on the Play store in Canada.

    1. Is it still in stock, or back ordered?

      1. “… out of inventory…”

  69. Hella copy of iOS 7 flat UI

    1. Scurry along sir no need for that stuff here

    2. I’m just fascinated at the level of ridiculousness your comment is.

      1. Cesar, Don’t feed the troll. I’m for one excited to see the price and what the N5 will be all about.

  70. I have been a little out of touch on phone news since I got my S4, any word on carriers in US.

  71. If only Google would make a 64GB version.

  72. I’m really looking forward to a video review of this badboy! Is this a device you’ll be reviewing Chris? Also, do you think this device will eventually end up on Verizon? I hope so! Otherwise, Galaxy S5 here I come!

    1. my Aunty Natalie recently got black Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid by working parttime from a macbook. moved here w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    2. Not sure who will review it. Could be me, I know I’ll be purchasing a few for myself and friends just like last year :D

    3. i dont think this device will end up on verizon. becuz of verizons history to brand devices all over and load it with bloatware. also no delievering update to there falgship device leaving it cold with out support. i dont think google will put there customers through that terrible experience again.

  73. Download BBM for Android and iOS right now, official app added to both the stores, here’s the link:

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