Phandroid readers make their cases for seeing Android 4.4 KitKat on October 28th [TEASES]


In case you haven’t noticed, Kit Kat has been going a bit crazy on Google+. Yesterday, the company posted a photo of a dancing Android-shaped Kit Kat bar on the day that some (definitely not all) thought Google would announce Kit Kat and the Nexus 5. That didn’t happen, and Kit Kat is still posting as many cryptic messages on Google+ as they can.

Kit Kat this is it

This time, it was a picture of Kit Kat bars arranged to spell out “This is it.” And, quite literally, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. There was no #Android, no Android mascot, or anything else to help rabid fanatics everywhere figure out what this meant. That said, we were still curious to hear your thoughts, and posed the question to you on Google+. The responses? Nothing short of hilariously ridiculous.

One reader, Richard Colon, was the first to suggest Kit Kat was referring to Michael Jackson’s “This is It,” a 2009 documentary that launched on October 28th. This is where the October 28th train got rolling.

Reading further, the silliness really started when user Liam Muller jokingly suggested the following:

If you also look, it takes 16 wafers to make “THIS IS IT” and today is the 16th of October so today might be the day :)

So now we have the 16th and the 28th, but Ed Carter suggests we’re all thinking about it wrong: Michael Jackson’s “This is It” tour eventually got cancelled, which could mean Android 4.4 Kit Kat or the Nexus 5 got cancelled. I know. Just bear with me.

Richard chimed back in a bit later to remind us that yesterdays “Everybody Dance Now” teaser shares the name of the hit song by 28th Street Crew, which he believes lends more credence to seeing Kit Kat and/or Nexus 5 on the 28th.

Android KitKat dancing Google Plus

Finally, Haaris Edhi decided to drop their 2 cents and let us know that there are “8 letters in “this is it” and 2 sentences, meaning October 28.” We’ve all obviously gone off the deep end here, and perhaps that’s what makes this entire thing genius by Kit Kat and Google.

They know how crazy we get over this stuff. They know that one image alone is enough to send the hype meter through the roof, and they know they have us right where they want us — salivating for Android 4.4 Kit Kat just as much as most chocolate lovers salivate for an actual Kit Kat bar.

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  1. How much patience more do we need?

  2. Guys its obviously oct.31! What better way to announce kitkat than halloween!

    1. If I were Nestle, I’d want it before Halloween so the exposure would encourage more people to buy Kit Kat’s to give out for Halloween. By Halloween day most people have bought their candy. I know it’s certainly not up to Nestle, but if this is a symbiotic relationship, it would be nice of Google to do it before.

      1. that definatly makes sense

      2. wouldn’t that be cool if you opened a KitKat on halloween and a phone was inside?

        1. yeah I think you’d notice the packaging was a bit heavier….if they would go through with it I’d go to all the stores and buy the heavy packs :P

          1. Theres a big risk with broken phones there. some people wonnt realise and willl probably just throw them around. just sayin.

  3. I’m all for the countdown theory. Instead of thinking of the documentary, consider the song “This is it” which was released on the 17th. So yesterday we have 18, today we have 17. We just need to wait and see if we have a tease tomorrow that can work with the number 16.

    Or else the 28th is probably right and the 18 yesterday has to do with it being announced Friday. Either way, it should be clear in a couple more days, and will come out around Halloween either way.

    1. if its a count down that would put it Nov 1st. I’d like to see it before then but that’s only a few days after the 28th

  4. they should go full-on ‘arg’ with it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game

  5. after playing the G’s crazy ass game to win the Galaxy Nexus….I wouldn’t put anything past G in terms of subtly and teasers

    1. I liked that game….I almost always got the timing wrong so I started solving after the answer was already in…or the one time I was on time I was like 10-15 min too late in solving it, though I enjoyed it thoroughly

  6. Guy’s you are all getting crazy over this…have a break! Have a KitKat xD

  7. Just got my invite to a day with Google!!! It says bring yourself and your sweet tooth and have a break on us this October 28th at Hershey-park Arena, Hershey’s Pennsylvania!!!


    1. I hate you. =.=

      My emotions…

      1. he broke my heart…. into 4 sections covered in chocolate

        1. Teeeheeeeheeeeheeee!

  8. Whatever it is, I want the N5 on my doorstep before December 25th.

  9. “If you also look, it takes 16 wafers to make “THIS IS IT” and today is the 16th of October so today might be the day :)”

    Technically it takes 12.5.

    1. Thank you. But we can’t let facts get in the way of an outlandish hypebeast.


    2. Indeed. I think they were just counting individual pieces after they’ve been broken up though, haha

    3. 4 layers of wafers per KitKat
      16 KitKats


      Maybe they plan on releasing Android KitKat on October 64th. In that case, it’ll be a while…

      1. Haha. Maybe it means Android 4.4 will support 64-bit CPUs.

        Nah. That’s just too deep.

    4. 12.5 is correct……so maybe the Nexus 5 is schedule for a 2015 release

  10. We should ask the clowns at Infowars to decipher this.

  11. DARN THEM ALL!!!!!

  12. This has gone from hype to DaVinci code. Conspiracies are rampant.

  13. They are going to announce it on Oct. 28th and allow orders that day as well. It will be shipped out the 29th with 2 day shipping and delivered on Oct. 31st….halloween…and come shipped with a kit-kat bar as a halloween treat. Perfect timing to use the halloween holiday as a marketing tool.

    1. Nonsense. It won’t ship on the 29th, because they’ll need three days to figure out what the hell hit them.

      1. Talk about a Halloween NIGHTMARE….I can already picture the Google servers CRASHIN under the intense orders power of us true Android lovers! Guys remember a few years back when you went to put your NEW Nexus phone into your shopping cart and all of the sudden the “Out of Stock” message popped after the site clearly showed the phone “In Stock”…..here we go again.

  14. Times a wastin’. I have that urge to get a new phone. I just want to see developer support. I’m throwing a stock ROM on there. Ever since finding about how to use Xposed installer, there’s no reason to use skins.

    Though I miss using Zoe on my phone.

  15. Kit Kat is my favorite candy bar, but I definitely am salivating more for the N5. If it really were canceled I’d have to go with a Sony or HTC flagship device to hold me over.

  16. 16 wafers! 4 x 4 = 16.


    1. NAILED IT!

  17. I have a feeling that there’s going to be much much more than just a Nexus 5/Kit Kat 4.4 release involved in a few days. I can’t speculate what it may be nor do I have any proof but I feel like there’s going to be a big surprise that no one is expecting.

    1. Maybe a Smartwatch? Rumours suggest.

  18. Good article and you totally nailed it; us Android fans love nothing more than a new version of our beloved OS and Kit-Kat will be no different. It’s as much fun speculating and guesstimating whats coming next as it is to actually receive the OTA update and start playin around with it. I for one am excited.

  19. On CNet in the comments one reader suggested that the kit kat google+ posts are a countdown. The 007 one was “7”, Everybody dance now was “6”, This is It was “5”, and today’s post is “4”.

  20. The KitKat Google+ page, 3 days ago posted something about Roger Moores birthday and a 007 image but only the 7 was made of KitKats then 2 days ago they posted ‘Everybody dance now’ but the image was of the Android KitKat dancing made up of 6 KitKat bars.

    Yesterday they posted an image saying ‘THIS IS IT’ made up entirely of KitKats. The caption is ‘Sometimes you have to look for the signs…’ and the ‘S’ in the image looks like ‘5’. Then finally today they showed an image of a standard 4 finger KitKat and 4.4 next to it.

    What we are seeing is a countdown; 7, 6, 5 and 4. This means presumably tomorrow Nestlé/KitKat will post something relating to ‘3’ and that will confirm it. So the main date to look out for now is Monday 21st October OR Tuesday 22nd October depending on how their countdown works.

    1. Genius. People kept making assumptions and guesses off of just the last two clues but I knew 007 had something to do with it.

      1. I’m pretty sure the 7 is related to the Tupac conspiracy. It’s all part of the 7-day theory.

    2. Wow. That all makes sense. I can’t spot any reference to “3” in today’s post though.

      1. Well for starters, the image is exactly 403 pixels by 403 pixels. Also, there are 3 boats on the right side of the image.

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