Sony’s new wireless charging technology could give your phone a full battery in less than an hour



Wireless charging has yet to reach its prime. This is partly because the technology isn’t widespread enough, but it also has something to do with the slow charging times often associated with the standard. Sony is hoping to change that with a new take on the idea that could mean a full charge for your smartphone in less than an hour.

The company has based their latest advancement on the most recent Qi protocols, so it theoretically should operate using the same (or similar) equipment to what is already available. While it won’t be a completely new method or standard, it will transfer power at a rate of 10 to 15 watts, which is quite the boost from what is currently available.

Unfortunately the new method is still in the development phases. We won’t be seeing it in a smartphone until at least the second half of 2014. Still, it’s one more reason we hope Sony eventually makes a bigger push in markets outside of Japan and Europe.

[via Engadget]

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  1. And you’ll only have to pray for your phone not to blow up right in your face. Or yourself not to get microwaved to well-done.

    1. What.

  2. Oh. Hello Kevin. I see that development in Cupertino has stagnated. Nice to see you can still get paid due to Android’s relentless innovation.

    1. What exactly do you expect…? There’s not a whole lot to cover when it’s only 1 company vs the dozens behind android. Man you guys can be total A-holes.

      1. In their defense have you seen his articles?

      2. We’re not forcing Apple to keep iOS so locked down. They could license it. Staying small and relatively stagnant is Apple’s choice.

  3. Never really jumped on he wireless charging bandwagon.. never saw the point really. I only see this technology being useful if it has an area of effect say like when you enter its radius in a room. It’s obviously not going to charge all the time, you can turn it on and off or block the charging signal on your phone? That would be perfect. I’m sure they are working on something like this now but that’ll probably be the only time I use wireless charging.

  4. iPhone not selling so Kevin is now at android talk about hypocrites

  5. My note 3 charges 0 to 100 in 1h. And I can use it while it’s plugged. Not impressed. =P

    1. Anandtech quotes Note 3 charge time 0-100 as almost 2.5 hours.
      Clearly you’re lying just to troll a Sony article, or are you suggesting Anandtech is misrepresenting numbers?
      Don’t upvote someone who is pulling numbers out of their a$$.

      1. Well, in 1h goes 0 to 90. You’re right I might have exaggerated a bit but my point still remais. Note 3 really charges very quick and has a 3300mha battery. I’m also not a fan of wireless charging at all because you can’t use the phone while is being charged (pretty much). Plus my toothbrush has wireless charging since 2008 so really no biggie here…. I love the new Sony cellphones tho, I think they are really getting in the right path. I just happen to love my note 3 even more. Cheers.

  6. I use the $25 Nokia wireless charger to charge my Nexus 7 all the time now. And by all the time, I mean like once or maybe twice a week. The battery lasts pretty good for me. Still $25 here: http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/accessory.chargers-nokia-black-wireless-charging-plate-sku6290260.html

    1. I have 2 of them I use with my S3 (one at work one at home) and they work great.

  7. Hopefully this comes on the Z Ultra 2. I enjoy wireless charging my Nexus 4, it’s so handy.

  8. I thought that the charging factor was based more on the rate of charge you can actually force into the battery?
    Otherwise wouldn’t we all be getting under 1 hour charge times through our phone chargers or other batteries (ie, my AR.drone batteries take about 3 hours to charge fully, my laptop takes a couple of hours, etc).

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