Microsoft Remote Desktop arrives on Google Play, lets you control your PC from your Android device


Microsoft Remote Desktop app Android 2

Windows 8.1 went live this afternoon and if you had any luck downloading it (servers were getting pounded earlier today), you might want to check out Microsoft Remote Desktop, Microsoft’s latest app to hit the Google Play Store.

As the name suggests, Microsoft Remote Desktop allows Android users to control their Windows PC using their smartphone or tablet because, let’s face it, nobody really owns a Windows Phone device. Android users use multi-touch gestures to navigate around their desktops, enter text by clicking on text fields and use the familiar Android keyboard to type, and it’s even possible to stream “high quality video” complete with sound.

Microsoft Remote Desktop app Android 3

RemoteFX is the Microsoft’s technology making everything possible, and if you guys want to check out the app for yourselves, download the app by visiting the link below.

[Microsoft Remote Desktop on Google Play]

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  1. Still trying to get mine set up correctly, can’t get it to connect

    1. Same here :/

  2. OMG I’m gonna download it right now.

  3. Works good here

  4. Would live to know if this works on W7….

    1. Try it

    2. It does I have rdp setup on my system and it connects right up.

    3. More than that. It works with 3-party RDP servers. I’m running VirtualBox on one of the home PC’s and I just connected to it using this. Which is cool, because I can connect to the virtual PC using open Internet, and then launch a VPN session from within the virtual PC to my customer’s network.

  5. When i try to add a server it seems like Samsungs Knoxcrap kills the app :/

  6. Anybody have a howto guide for this? Would love to use it it.

  7. just like pos windows 8 is this is another pos ..what did you expect from ms

    1. Windows 8 for PC is far from being a pos. Fastest OS I’ve used on my PC so far (boot time under 8 seconds).

      1. Just because the desktop/metro is visible doesn’t mean it’s usable yet. Ubuntu FTW.

        1. I’ve been using Windows 8 for several months on my newly built PC (It’s mainly a gaming rig). Windows has worked flawlessly, been super quick and not crashed once. It’s a good OS.

          Ubuntu? seriously?
          You can run some games and windows application through Wine, but you will get nowhere near the same stability and performance.

          1. are you serious open ms office and outlook even with latest i7 and 64 g ram it melts the laptop with win8 freezing and stuttering

          2. Lol, if you have freezing and stuttering with an i7 with office and outlook, then you seriously have something wrong with your laptop.

            Go check your cpu usage when it does it, you probably have a bunch of spyware or something or maybe even a virus??

            Perhaps your power settings are set to drastically limit your cpu when on battery? Check under the current power plan, under processor power management, maximum CPU state is set to 100%, minimum can be as low as 5%

          3. It’s not window’s fault if your PC/Laptop is garbage.

          4. But they never want to admit that lol

          5. I have Windows 8 and Ubuntu installed on my machine. I only use Win 8 to play Battlefield 3… but if this gaming for Linux with Valve kicks off (and they are putting serious weight behind it), and a high-end FPS comes to Linux, I’ll probably drop Windows 8 also for gaming. Ubuntu is adequate for all my other wants and needs. For myself, I don’t care about having heaps of games (way ta waste yer life) – just one that I enjoy.

            Windows 8 does run fine, but Ubuntu is lighter-weight again. And there are far lighter-weight Linux distros than Ubuntu. Also, as far as Windows 8 goes for learnability by technophobes, it is well behind Ubuntu. I learnt it easy, but I am something of a power user. My sister had Windows 8 for several months only barely knowing how to use it the Modern UI – I had to show her how.

  8. Very nice I’ll be getting this

  9. Any reason to use this over Team Viewer etc..?

  10. Hope this works for W7, Already downloaded it and testing it.

  11. I got the MS RDP client working on both my HTC G2 (a bit old and slow, but i need the slider keyboard) and on my N7 to connect with Win XP Pro. Kinda interesting on the G2 – pressing the dedicated ‘menu’ button gives me (on screen) virtual keys like [alt], [ctrl]. With the N7, now physical ‘menu’ or ‘elipises’ button, so i cant get to the virtual buttons. Also, the G2 gives me the desktop res of 1280×768 (usable), the N7 gives me 1920×1104 (print is too small to work with or read. Touching/clinking on desktop objects (such as the close “x” in the upper right corner) next to impossible to perform.

    The D-pad (for panning the virtual desktop left/right/up/down is kinda weird too.

    Im not sure how often i’l use this. But its worth knowing its availability if the need ever arises

  12. Does word prediction work when typing with an onscreen keyboard? What onscreen keyboard do you use?

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