O2 giving away 18-karat gold HTC One, valued at $4,424


Gold HTC One official

It was a few weeks ago we showed you guys the product of HTC’s partnership with Goldgenie: an 18-karat gold HTC One. Designed to be little more than an award for the 18th annual MOBO Awards, only 5 of these blinged-out devices were made. HTC was mum on plans for the rest of them, but it looks like we now know where one is headed.

In fun Willy Wonka contest fashion, UK carrier O2 announced that they’d be giving away one of these 18k gold HTC Ones. The contest rules are easy. Simply buy the device between today and Sunday (Oct. 20th) from an O2 store, and inside each HTC One box will be a single golden ticket. Entering the code online will let customers know if they’ve just won the most elusive smartphone ever made, valued at £2,750.

Winners will also receive complimentary tickets to the MOBO awards where they can show off their flashy new One (matching grill not included). You can find out more contest details down below. Those UK kids get all the fun.

Golden Ticket

[O2 UK | O2 Northern Ireland]

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  2. I love Goooolllldd

  3. Carat

    1. We’re backwards here in America (as usual).

      Karat: Measure of purity for gold
      Carat: Measure of weight (diamonds)

      1. Tacos: Four course hand held meal

      2. Carrot: what matters most if you are a rabbit

  4. Was that an article or an ad o.o

    1. Is every article an ad? O_o

      1. Yes..

  5. I can pay off all my credit card debt by selling one of these. =.O

    1. It’s funny cuz I was just thinking that whoever wins this will immediately sell it for cash.

      1. I wouldn’t take this out in public. Like I’d never be able to use my phone. I’d be so scared to use it.

        And I don’t take too much care for my phone. I have some regular Poetic case, the sides are scuffed and I don’t have a screen protector and I have a scratch on my screen. LoL!!

        I don’t deserve something like this. But I’m sure I’d be able to sell it to someone that does. =.D

        1. People who take phones like this “out in public” consider “public” to be places like the streets and casinos of Monaco, where cameras always roll and security is tight. Or they’re criminals who don’t worry about getting jacked.

          “Deserve ?” IMO most people who’d buy it are spending what I’d call “our money”, IE all the excess & obscene profits they get from our bank fees, carrier charges, public contracts, or even the nastier drugs or other major lucrative crimes, etc. And none of those obscenely/criminally rich are posting or even reading here.

          And none of them will be buying from EBay, at least not directly, so good luck getting much more than $1000 in a sale.

          1. I’m not one of those people, though. So public for me is middle class life.

            I’m not going to argue with you on your 2nd point. I don’t think the only people with money to spend all got their money the “wrong way”.

            Your last paragraph worries me though. It’s pretty accurate. No one would really spend $4,000 on this phone. So my credit bills will stay un-paid-off. =.[

          2. That’s why I call this the Russian Mafia/3rd world country warlord phone.

      2. I definitely would. You’d have to pay $2k worth of taxes on it. No thanks.

  6. O2 has been really falling behind in terms of speed. For example, I usually get about 4mb down on O2, stick in a 3 SIM and…

    1. So you’re saying they’re the Sprint of London? O_o

      1. Yes except O2 have customers :-P Three is the no 4 network, I would like to point out that speed was on a HSDPA+ connection, not 4G. Three is also not charging their customers extra when 4G is rolled out :-D

  7. Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won’t live through the night.

  8. You have to be a idiot to even buy any phone made out of gold. probably won’t cover the warranty

  9. I want it!!!!!

  10. I wish we could win one in the states. I’d show this thing off like crazy with a clear case.

  11. I love go-o-o-o-old. The look of it, the taste of it, the shmell of it, the texture. I love gold so much that I even lost my genitalia in an unfortunate shmelting accident.

    1. Cool maybe you could buy one of these for you and your “fasha”…

      1. My farger? :D

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