Google’s Q3 earnings: $14.89 billion in revenue, Motorola losses grow, mentions plans for smartwatches


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Today was Google’s Q3 2013 earnings call with investors. During the call, Google CEO Larry Page kicked things off, talking briefly about the company’s focus on a multi-screen technologies, specifically mentioning products like Google Glass, Chromecast, and yes — smartwatches.

The search giant reported a cool $14.89 billion in revenue, a 12% increase from the previous year. This is actually better than expected for this quarter, a nice change after they failed to hit expected earnings in the previous 2 quarters.

Motorola continued to take a toll on Google’s bottom line, dropping $600 million to $1.18 billion when compared to 2012’s $1.78 billion. Motorola’s operating loss for Q3 hit $243 million, which grew from the $192 million the previous year. Google says they’ve done well at turning around Motorola’s product — the Moto X is the first of future Google influenced devices — now Google’s focus is on building marketing and distribution for Motorola.

They also mentioned the continued rollout unified Google Experience shops at Best Buy, where Google says they plan to offer the newest Nexus devices under their one Google branded design. Google says they’ll continue to make “advertising seamless”, which we’ll get a good taste of once they begin using Google+ users’ +1s and interests to help promote content to their friends (this can be opted out).

Looking for even more info? Hit up the source link, or listen in on the earnings call via the live YouTube stream below.

[Google Investor Relations]

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  1. According to your title, Google made about what my hourly wage was in college… except over a whole quarter….

    1. Ah, yes. Billion. Not 14 bucks.

      1. Ha! Fix the title and make me look like the idiot! :-) But it’s cool. Had to have a little fun with it while I could.

  2. It would be funny if the Google smartwatch worked on every Android phone EXCEPT those made by Samsung

    1. That would be funny, but it will be funnier when they make a watch that not only works with all android devices but also works on iOS. Beating the competition in their own house. This will show Samsung, Amazon, and Apple how limiting their business models are.

      1. like Chromecasts work on both android and iOS (and chromebooks and windows computers with chrome and all other laptops and desktops running chrome I think)

  3. 14.89 billion is written
    14.89 Billion
    Not $14.89 Billion

    1. You have to include the $ so that you wouldn’t think it was 14.89 billion in Yen or pesos

      1. In that case it should be written:

        1. If you had your way, Google would have to be renamed to 10,000,000,000,000,

          1. That would be googol, not Google.

          2. That would be another correction if Roy had his way!

        2. or $14.89 bilion. Same thing.

    2. That, sir, is crazy talk.

      1. Well read properly (the way he wrote it) it reads: fourteen dollars and eighty nine cents billion. e_e

        1. It’s an order of operations thing. You’re imagining this: ($14) Billion, but the reality is this: $(14 Billion).

          1. You may know your math but in financial book keeping, you’ve just posted a loss of $14 billion

          2. Nice

    3. why? Its written as $14 Billion or Million all the time throughout various media outlets, including well established news papers.

      1. They are wrong. O_o

        1. lol are thay wrong or do you just not like it

    4. 14.89 billion USD.

  4. I’m just trolling Chris, BTW. Bet some readers were Goggling how to write $14.89 billion properly though.

  5. Ouch rough quarter :(

    1. They’re doing alright. Ad revenues are flatlining, but that’s why Google is investing in other areas. Hoping they can turn around Motorola but I think Samsung and Apple simply have too much of the pie.

      1. I wonder who had most of the pie before Apple and Samsung? Nokia? Ericsson? As Microsoft, Apple, GM, RIM and so many more can attest to, there will always peaks and valleys and no one stays on top forever.

  6. You guys should do something about that title…

      1. Lol cool. I just kept reading it as 14 dollars and change

        1. Motorola’s profits maybe, but not Google’s :p

          1. Lmao. Kicking while they’re down.

  7. damn Moto, thats more than twice as much as HTC loss in Q3

    1. Yeah Moto is way bigger than HTC its not like google was going to wave a magic wand and the operating losses would go away its a step in the right direction tho.

  8. I think Google needs to stick to one path. There’s Android, Droid, Nexus, Chromecast, Chrome OS, Chrome Browser, Chrome book, Google TV which will be even more confusing as it turns into Android TV. SHEESH!

    1. Don’t worry. Eventually we’ll all use the Android browser in order to search the web using the Chrome search engine on our Nexus TV’s.

      1. ^^^^^WINNING!^^^^ Ok I have been using Chrome for sooo long now I forget that the stock browser is referred to as the, “Android browser”. LOL. I think that this is getting messy and Google has allowed it to happen.

        While trying to filter through the noise that is the internet I found rumors of a Chrome based phone? Now Google has a new launcher for Android? This is headache inducing but maybe I am old and that is why.

        1. Bring the products as a separate entities, see what people like. Once you gather enough information, you can make the ultimate device that has nothing but things people like.

    2. Don’t forget Google Glass, project loon, Google Fiber and driverless cars. :P

      1. LOL no doubt!

        1. There is also Gmail, Google Maps, Picasa, Google Calendar, Google Wallet, Dart, VP8 codec and more. Google has a lot of initiatives, each one an attempt to see what sticks and monetizes effectively.

          1. Now you are just getting me more confused!

          2. That’s why man invented Adderall. If you want to buy some, I’m betting you could fire up Chrome and search for it on Google.

            I can see why you’d be confused and I’d be confused, too, if some company made a lot of different products. For example, Microsoft. They make a various OSes (desktop, embedded, server, mobile), web browsers, productivity suites, various enterprise applications, development environments, hardware (HID, gaming systems, Surface line), Azure, etc., etc.,! I bet people get confused all the time when they think about the dizzying array of products that Microsoft makes. Same with Apple. They have too many desktop computers, too many mobile devices, too much software and more! Seriously iPhoto is on the the Mac desktop, iPad and iPhone! My head is going to explode! How is anyone expected to wrap their head around so many products from one company??

    3. Droid nexus ?Did I miss where google released a new product line that version owns ?

      1. There’s a comma after Droid.

        1. Grammar troll please go away

          1. I’m not correcting your grammar, idiot, I was advising you it wasn’t “droid nexus” the original poster placed in their comment, but droid and nexus as 2 separate products. On another note, yes you did spell Verizon incorrectly, slugger.

          2. ZING!

      2. See how confusing? I thought Droid was something Motorola started?

        1. Just because you’re confused by a company that has more than one product offering does not mean everyone else in this world is.

    4. Droid isn’t a Google brand. Its vzw check your facts. Google TV is dead long live android tv

      1. OH SNAP! I included it because it’s how A LOT of people refer to Android phones. Again just creating confusion. I think Google has a severe case of ADHD… either that or they are too busy banging the newest hot intern.

        1. That’s the side effect of being an innovative company not afraid to try new things. Also cutting their losses if something doesn’t succeed (Google Wave etc.). If you want a singular easy to understand (not really innovative) brand, which Grandma can understand go with the iphone, ipod, ithis, ithat.
          Nobody in the UK says Droid… in fact most people probably don’t even know what Android is, not because they don’t use it, because most people have a Samsung or HTC phone and thats alll they care about. .

  9. Only made $14.89? Wow. Moto X marketing really bit them in the ass.

    1. Maybe they’d make more money with ‘lazy’ phones that had more than 2 features.

    2. I so misinterpreted that. I thought you said they made $14.89. LoL!!

  10. It would be a nice gesture to offer the flagship phones of the ONES as Google Experience phones at Best Buy as well.

  11. Go Google!!!

  12. I read $14.89 and first thought was @#$& Moto!! Thankfully there were actual zeros in front.

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