HTC officially unveils gold HTC One valued at £2,750



It was back in June we gave you guys a look at the unofficial 24ct gold plated HTC One by Goldgenie. Priced at a whopping £1995, it was only a little out of our price range. Perhaps it was all the hype surrounding the gold iPhone 5s, but HTC felt the need to take that idea and run with it. Today they’ve announced the official gold HTC One, and it’s touted as “the most elusive and expensive HTC phone ever created”.

Valued at a cool £2,750 (around $4,424 US dollars), the C3PO’d HTC One is covered in 18ct gold in collaboration with, you guessed it, Goldgenie. Before you go digging through your couch cushions in hopes of picking one of these up for yourself, this One wont exactly be available to the general public.

An extremely limited edition release (hence the “elusive” part), HTC will only be manufacturing 5 of these gold plated HTC Ones, built to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the MOBO Awards (Music of Black Origins). HTC will be sponsoring the “best newcomer” category in which the winner will be walking away with 1 of these as their door prize. The MOBO Awards kick off in Glasgow, UK on October 19th.

There’s no word on what HTC plans to do with the other 4 Ones, but don’t be surprised if you find them popping up in your favorite rap videos.


Chris Chavez
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  1. At least Trinidad James is happy.

    1. Yeah but he wanted gold on his macbook.

  2. my favorite rap videos are from the 90’s. All the new rap “artists” are shams.

    1. So is it the artist or the videos that you don’t like now? Because I took that as you liking the videos of the 90’s. And I’m not even being sarcastic. I don’t like the videos of the 90’s, but the videos of now are pretty cool, even if the song isn’t. LoL!! I just like staring at the effects. =.3

    2. I prefer music from the 1890’s :)
      And now for something completely different…

  3. Thought it looked like wood for a sec.

  4. When I hold this phone to my mouth does it mean I have gold all up in “ma grill”.

    1. This just made me laugh very loudly and inappropriately at work, HA.

  5. WTF!? Imagine if someone get’s their hands on this and tries and sells it.

    That $10,000 eBay listing. LoL!!

  6. HTC can you please make a Note 3 gold variation for me? Tnx.

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