Samsung Galaxy J official: Snapdragon 800, 3GB RAM, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and more [VIDEO]



It was last week we discovered a leaked brochure revealing Samsung’s plans to release an upgraded version of their Galaxy S4 flagship for Japan dubbed the Samsung Galaxy J. Today, that device has finally been made official, with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo announcing the Samsung Galaxy J’s upcoming October release on their network.

Essentially a Galaxy Note 3 in a Galaxy S4 size, the Galaxy J features a vibrant array of candy-coated color options, making us wonder if the Samsung Galaxy Sc might have been a more appropriate name. A good amount of specs were detailed in DoCoMo’s press release, and can be found below.

Samsung Galaxy J (SC-02F)

  • 5-inch 1080p full HD SAMOLED display
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 2,600mAh battery
  • 13MP/2.1MP camera

Not too shabby, right? It was once rumored that the device might have featured a 3,000mAh battery and feature water/dust resistance, but it looks like none of those panned out. As someone who hasn’t been too fond with Samsung’s current design style on their devices, I’d have to say the Galaxy J design is quite doable.

It’s a shame the device hasn’t been announced for any other markets but if HTC taught us anything with the Butterfly J, it’s sometimes these Japanese devices do make their way stateside. While we don’t have any ground troops in Japan to give you a hands-on, we did come across this (voice-less) video going over the aesthetics and UI. Check it out.

[NTT DoCoMo | via SamMobile]

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  1. Needz more galaxy phones.. I’m not confused enough!

  2. All we need now is a souped up Samsung Galaxy A for America. It’d better have little exhaust pipes and smell like Twinkies. Do it, Samsung. O_o

    1. you’ll have to wait for android 8.7 Twinkie for that feature. on the other hand, the exhaust pipes will come with the galaxy s6(Android 6.3.4 Peppermint) that comes out much sooner than Twinkie


  3. cant imagine a phone needing 3gb of ram at this point. i cannot even tell the difference between 1 and 2 gb phones.

    1. Oh 1gb in s3 was painful

      1. It was 2GB in the US version. :P

        1. Yeah how did the dual core processor in that do day to day? S3 uk/into is fast as hell but can’t multitasking (nexus 4 soo much better)

          1. I would think most people that got one, including myself, still use them daily. Since in the U.S. you usually have a two year contract and they were released Aug 2012. I am running a custom ROM on my S3 and while I would like to have a new phone I certainly do not feel like I need one because the S3 is lacking in some way.

          2. Mine does just fine thanks for asking. :)

          3. That’s cool, when I first got the quad core version I was so happy to get such a fast phone.. But then couldn’t multitask… So disappointing lol

  4. It seems pretty thick. Maybe that’s just the video.

    1. I noticed the same thing and I’ll add dimensions to the post but the J is 8.6mm thick, just a little above the Galaxy S4 at 7.9mm.

    2. It’s the tiny Asian hands.

    3. That’s what she said.

    4. That’s what she said.

  5. It looks like it has a stylus in the top right corner too.

    1. Nope, TV antenna

  6. Is that the new Touchwiz?

    1. scratch that… watched the video… doesn’t look like the header image.

  7. Could I get it from expansys and change it to English on T-Mobile !?

  8. That thing is hideous. It looks like a brick or like a smaller version of all those cheap tablets from china.

  9. Much better than fake stitching on the Note 3.

    1. i havent felt the note 3’s back, but aesthetically, its such an improvement

      1. Feels great in the hand for me despite the fact I think it looks cheap.

        I wont be replacing the backplate asap afterall lol

    2. I own an S4 and have a close friend with the Note 3. Initially i hated the texture on the back of the note 3, looks fake and cheap.

      Now after having held the phone and used it I can say it’s wonderful. The extra grip helps and the texture was done very well.

  10. S4 owners should be pissed… 4 months later and they release this beast Wtf. More ram and bigger battery Samsung is going to pass off a lot of fans if they keep doing this.

    1. Only difference is the Snapdragon 800 and the extra gig of RAM. Most people won’t notice the difference in either, and the 800 just wasn’t available when the S4 came out. Also, the battery is the same size. Plus, this won’t really come to the states, and the front is only black, not white! I own an S4 and I’m not mad at all (btw this is my first Samsung phone so I’m not a fanboy lol).

  11. If it has USB 3.0, I would be sold

  12. This is one of the nicest looking Samsung phones.

  13. 3gb ram, with vibrant colors hope it do well ……….

    1. This is the ultimate wet dream for a spec whore. Those specs though…

  14. Just check Samsung Galaxy S6 @ – http://samsungsvi.com/samsung-galaxy-s6-images

  15. When I read it was an upgrade on the S4, which I’ve just bought, I was like, aw, snap, should’ve waited longer before buying a new phone, but after actually taking a look at the thing, it doesn’t seem that impressive. The only apparent difference is the memory size and I doubt the new CPU would make for a noticeable increase in performance. The design is also hideous. I’m more pissed that I didn’t wait for the Note 3.

  16. Is it just me, or is Samsung really trying to get the most out of gold 5S and colorful 5C popularity?

    1. Considering Samsung has been making phones in many colors for 20 years, I think maybe you are just trying to pretend Apple thought of something first again.

      1. What the hell? I don’t like Apple at all. What exactly you don’t understand about me saying “get the most out its popularity”. Wow maan, you’ve got some serious problems ^^

        1. You don’t need to love or hate Apple to falsely attritube things to them. There are people that actually think Apple invented smartphones.

          1. Well, it still doesn’t change anything about what I’ve said. Bet ya Samsung wouldn’t have released any of these golden and colourful Galaxiiiies if there hadn’t been any 5C/Gold 5S ;D

          2. Despite releasing theirs first? You get that Apple copied Samsung here right?

          3. Naaah whatever man, you shouln’t take yourself so serious- Maybe one day, one day you’ll get what I meant saying “get the most out its popularity”. Just spare me more of your bullshit please :))

          4. lol

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