HTC One Max spotted in the wild; looking pretty darn big


HTC One Max in the wild

HTC is said to be bringing us a big version of the HTC One on October 15th, and if that news is indeed true then it would explain why it’s been popping up in the wild as of late. Another shot of the device has made its way to the forefront. The device is in use by a female with petite hands, and while that may have something to do with just how big it looks, we think a lot of it is the device itself.

The HTC One Max is supposed to sport a 5.9-inch 1080p display, and if that isn’t enough to make this device tablet-esque, perhaps the room needed for those quality BoomSound stereo speakers is. Unfortunately we still have yet to see another shot of the back of the device, which apparently houses a fingerprint scanner that will allow you to unlock the device with ease (at least according to several independent reports, including one by the Wall Street Journal, anyway).

Other rumored specs of the HTC One Max are supposed to include a 1.7GHz Qualcomm processor, 2GB of RAM, and more. We’re just under a week away from a supposed Taiwan unveiling so we’ll be bringing more official deets to you just as soon as that happens.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If they had matched Note 3 specs, would of definetely been interested. As it is, not sure it would be a significant upgrade from my Note 2.

    1. I feel you playa.

    2. No phone can match the Note 3 specs and functionality, after all, Samsung took 3 years developing the Note familiy. Other OEMs might think they can make big screen phones and compete with the Note 3 but that’s not true. The overall size of the Note 3 given its screen is impressive small, and it is super light weight. Plus no other phone has the stylus and all the universe of things it can do. I had the Note 2 and upgraded it to Note 3. The changes are very well worth the move. :)

      1. Yeah, I love my Note 2 and would most likely love the Note 3, but better build quality would be great. I’ve had my phone for less than a year and the back is scratched and the chrome contour has flakes coming off :(

        1. I hear you. My note 2 was still perfect but that’s because I always used a case with it. I think, without a case, no matter what material the phone is made of, it will always scratch and damage. Unfortunately.

        2. Wait for the Note 4 and you`ll get better quality.

          1. That’s a looooonng wait uh? Why not wait while using the NOTE 3? ;)

    3. “Oh well, Samsung and the Galaxy Note 3 have done it again and the bad news for the competition is that their phablets have just been relegated to just huge phones by the latest installment of the one that once started it all.” GSM Arena

  2. Zoolander had it all wrong, we want bigger phones!

  3. Might trade my note 3 for this.

    1. really?

      1. yeah, I’m on my second note 3 and this phone overheats and lags like crazy. Once the phone gets hot the screen often becomes unresponsive.
        I’m a huge Samsung fan, but this phone was a huge let down.

        1. You are the only person reporting this. Maybe a faulty device.

          1. Two faulty note 3’s in a row? I doubt it.

          2. As stated..you are the only person having this problem. Mine works absolutely fine with anything I throw at it. Sorry to hear about your issues!

          3. Actually, I have heard a complaint or two about the note 3 getting excessively warm while doing trivial tasks or nothing at all. I don’t have one so I don’t know.

          4. seriously, which phone doesn’t get too warm playing games…

        2. Mine works just fine.

  4. HTC lost me on this one with the processor, and the RAM. My One will keep me happy until the next flagship.
    If I were looking to upgrade now anyways then the One Max would be my pick, but they didn’t do enough to justify upgrading from the One.

    1. Needs stylus. And replaceable battery

      1. Those two features certainly do not hurt.

      2. NOTE 3

        1. Oh trust me I know. I just wish this were a singer competitor for it

          1. NOTE 2? ROTFLMFAO!

          2. U got that right lol

  5. Sigh, no Snapdragon 800? I guess I’ll wait for Butterfly 2.

    1. i said the same thing…so i guess it is literally just a big HTC One…boring….even the GN3 went with a SD800…..smh

    2. rumors! wait and see

  6. What’s the chances of a Google Edition?

    1. Just root it and flash whatever you want on it. The beauty of droid.

      1. still not the same

        1. in your head no, but in reality yes.

  7. HTC… You’re doing it wrong

  8. Note 3 is running very heavy touch wiz and a lots of bloated software.That could justify 3 GB ram and snap 800.As for one max it don’t have that kind of requirements so I guess it’ll run pretty smoothly.Still hope it should come with snap 800.

  9. no 4GB of RAM no buy
    no Siri no buy

    am I doing it right guys?

    1. If you mean trolling.. Yep.

  10. “your girlfriend doesnt think its too big”

  11. I have the one and I don’t want a removable battery or SD card slot to ruin the clean lines, water and dust resistance and rigidity of my phone. I would not buy the max if it had these. for you people that keep complaining about SD cards and battery, go buy the note. you are in the minority that’s for sure and your reluctance to buy will not hurt htc one bit I’m sure. not surprised if most of you held on to your blackberrys right up until the bitter end

    1. Your comment couldn’t be further away from the truth. The Note sales are waaaay bigger than whatever HTC sells, even the ONE flagship. Plus, the fact that HTC hasn’t listened to its consumers requests, is indeed hurting them deeply. They have been reporting losses quarter after quarter lately and are pretty much going out of business sooner rather than later. Or, in the best case scenario, they are going to be bought out buy a big company (Lenovo, perhaps).

      1. They’re not listening to customers because they need a translator

        1. LOL yes… maybe. Actually, what I think tho, is that they do listen to the customers, however, they just don’t have the influence and money necessary to offer what Samsung or Apple can offer to them (realistically and/or physiologically speaking). For example, they don’t have billions to spend in marketing campaigns, they cannot produce phones with the same low costs that Apple and Samsung can, or even offer a whole eco-system of products. In fact, I firmly believe the only way HTC can survive is by being bought out by a big company to back them up. There’s no other way. Look at the competitors: Apple, Samsung, Google (Motorola), Microsoft (Nokia), Sony (conglomerate), LG (conglomerate), ZTE and Huawei (Chinese government)… HTC is getting crushed and it is not all their fault. It is just how the market works.

      2. Well to be fair their only reported loss has been this quarter, though if you meant they’ve been losing profits each quarter then it makes sense.

        1. Yup, losses as of declines in profit to actual loss last quarter. Thank you for pointing it out. I could probably have chosen better words for my comment above.

    2. Not hurt HTC? Everyone that doesn’t buy is hurting HTC. Have you seen their lost reports? Lol.

  12. beautiful

  13. Is that a nexus 7?

  14. If the note 3 were encased in a solid block of aluminum and looked as beautiful, durable and rigid as the one max, and the display did not render white with a bluish hue, maybe I would consider the note. However, with the cheap flimsy plastic build, fake leather plastic back and removable back to accommodate the replaceable battery which means more moving parts and crevices in which dust and moisture can enter, No thanks! No offense Samsung lovers but Samsung makes some but ugly phones that’s for sure. I don’t care how many people are buying them. The sales numbers are a testament to Samsung’s advertising budget and marketing prowess. All things being equal in the advertising and marketing department, HTC would blow Samsung out of the water.

    1. If you buy a phone JUST based on how it looks this is probably not the right blog for you to be on.

      1. why? People on this site are always complaining about bezel/screen type/UI aesthetics.

        1. Because this is not fashion police’s blog.

          1. no it isnt, but bezel, screen type and UI’s, are constantly discussed here. And design plays an important role in almost any industry… You don’t have to be a fashionista to enjoy the looks of a ferrari over a volkswagon beetle.

          2. Yes, but it takes a smarter person to realize that the difference between a Ferrari and a Beetle goes way beyond just looks. As so it goes with smartphones, there’s so much more to them that considering just their looks is rather ignorant and superficial (unless you’re on fashion police’s blog or so).

          3. well its not that looks is the only factor, but on two devices that for all intensive purposes are pretty similar and it comes down to preferences and splitting hairs over which one is better. Looks become a much bigger factor in many peoples minds.

          4. If only that was really the case… Anyway, you are a much more enlightened person than the troll that posted the comment that started our discussion. The looks is important but is also a very subjective matter that’s why it drives me crazy when someone just focus on it. (I’m still talking smartphones lol)

        2. It’s important to me. But I am using a note 3 right now. :)

      2. C’mon, looks matter and come first! If the look doesn’t appeal then its a NO full stop. If the looks DO appeal then there is always a chance despite anything else… Same principle as with Women. :P

        1. I guess it all depends what your goal is. If you want just something superficial you can go for the hottest girl in town just based on the her looks (HTC ONE). But if you’re ready for something more substantial you know that just looks won’t do it. You don’t want to marry a super hot chick that’s brainless or have nothing going on for her. You will want a complete package, a good looking AND intelligent girl that would actually have something to offer more than just looks (Note 3).

    2. Why the need for Aluminum when you put your phone in a case anyway?

      The battery in NOTE 3 is not a moving part. Moisture?? C’mon, there are so many electronic devices that has more holes yet moisture is not a problem.

      The word UGLY is subjective. Ugly is not the same to all people. For example, you thing you are good looking but you really look ugly to me, Rick.

      If HTC is doing great and Samsung is doing bad…. then why is HTC dying… it is about to be sold to Lenovo.


    3. 100% co-sign. Sammy’s the new Apple

  15. I hope the Max version will charge faster than the HTC One. On HTC One, they disable the “Quick Charge” option which should be a feature in all Snapdragon S4 and above. I understand that’s because of the non user replaceable battery, but if they pack a 3400mAh battery in Max and still 1A charge speed, that will take a LONG time to fully charge the phone.

    1. After the 4.3 update HTC One takes almost 2.5hrs to charge from 0-100%.

      1. And takes 2.5hrs to run out of battery from 100% to 0%. xD

        1. Oh no… I am still waiting for T-Mo’s update.
          Is that the reason why they finally include the option of Battery Percentage on the notification bar? ;)

  16. My next phone!

  17. This phone does look sweet. I wish the htc one was 5″. I would buy it. I will have to hold this phone in my hand first. But if it fits ok I may buy this over the note 3 especially if battery lasts longer.

    1. Also the HTC won’t be built out of popsicle sticks like Samsung devices.

  18. Sorry HTC, this can’t touch the Sony Xperia Z Ultra except for sound.

    1. ive yet to see anyone with that thing. its amazing how much i hear about it online tho.

      1. It’s not released in the us yet, although Negri Electronics has the international version

      2. general public no, phone geeks on the internet yeah

    2. I love the ultra. If it only had camera flash. The size scares me a little too. Not the screen size, but the overall size and weight.

  19. Of course it’s big! It’s 5.9 inches and has big bezels. This thing was always going to be a huge device

    1. Yes but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t been smaller and lighter AND keep the same size screen. I’m longing for the day a 6″ screen will be 6.1″ diagonal overall size. Samsung is much closer to achieve that than HTC.

      1. whose gonna cram camera/mic/speaker/earpiece/notification light in .1 area? bezel isn’t just cosmetic. it serves a purpose

        1. Ok. 6.3″ I’m sorry.

    2. big bezels? no?

  20. I’m sorry HTC but no phone can match the Note 3 specs and functionality, after all, it’s taken Samsung 3 years developing the Note familiy. Other OEMs might think they can make big screen phones and compete with the Note 3 but that’s not true. The overall size of the Note 3 given its big screen is impressive small, and it is super light weight. Plus no other phone has the stylus and all the universe of things it can do.

    1. the fact that you keep posting similar messages, on every HTC One Max thread, on every android website— shows that you fear it will be better than the Note 3

      1. Fear of what exactly? People have so many misconceptions about phones and yes I hate that. In fact, it is because of them that iPhones haven’t evolved much in the last years. I’m definitely afraid that this trend will reach the android world. For now I just have to thank Samsung it did not. Watch out, new exciting LG and Sony smartphones are coming. Those are the ones to look up to. Motorola, Nexus devices as well. HTC had its turn and blew it up, just like Nokia and Blackberry.

        1. I dunno what you’re afraid of. I do know that no matter the subject of the article, you always come in and start talking about how great Samsung and its phones are.

      2. Nah, I’m sure it wont. It has no chances whatsoever.

    2. Dude the Note 3 sucks balls for a living… C’mon, WTF, I would like like a complete idiot talking on that thing. As for the STICK it comes with, WTF do I want that for? Seriously if I want a larger screen then 7″-8″ tablet is the way to go, no need for a giant phone, carrying both is just pointless and stupid.

      1. The whole point of having a phablet is that, then, you don’t need a tablet. It’s just a smarter option because you will always have your main device with you plus you won’t need to carry/buy two devices and pay two data plans. Now related to the stylus, if you’re not creative enough to see its use then I recommend a great phone for short mind people like you: iphone. =P

        1. I’m a creative, a multimedia graduate. Design is what I do, that’s why I use Macs. I would use a tablet sure, the new iPads should be interesting as they say 64bit CPU will make it easy to port Mac apps to the apple devices. Now that would be nice.

          Phablets are stuck in the middle, not enough real estate for anything seriously creative, no professional is gonna drop a proper tool for a phablet.

          Also, I talk often, the biggest issue is the size of the tablet against my face. Not good for some. I agree in that it will be perfect for others.

          1. Obviously no mobile device is gonna replace a proper professional design tool quite yet. In the future tho, hopefully not so distant, everyone will have a super powerful personal mobile device (a phablet if I’d have to guess). And besides that, we would only have big screens and keyboards everywhere we needed, so we would connect our phablets to and use it like a professinal desktop PC.

  21. Fel Pe, I have to admit that I thought you were a Samsung paid student because honestly you sound like an advertisement. However I’m pretty certain that is not the case now. However let’s put this matter to rest once and for all. Here you go:


    1. I do own Samsung stocks so the better they do the more money I make. I own apple for that matter too. I’m starting to think that the contest only includes smartphones (not phablets). Samsung still got the brand of the year, which is the top prize. I can tolerate someone saying the ONE is better than the GS4, however comparing it to the NOTE 3 is really a massacre. Let’s hold this thought here and 12 months from now we will see what happened to HTC. The clock is ticking fast for them. Nice try tho. :P

      1. Sammy’s riding the wave of popularity. won’t last forever. the touch wiz gimmick is ready getting tiresome. the phones are spec’d out like laptop’s and still lag just as much as their old phones. still havent solved the amoled cartoon color reproduction, still don’t have the greatest antennas, still get too hot. still get amoled screen burn in, still run a heavy skin. still lag on updates…meh. but everyone’s ejaculating over there yearly refreshes.

        1. Just because you’re used to the washed out LCD doesn’t mean you’re right. In fact, real life has real blacks, and LCD does not. Anyway I never even considered Samsung devices as perfect, they are far from that. But HTC certainly isn’t the answer for any of the problems u mentioned. Unless they do get bought by a big player like lenovo or so. LG and Sony together with Samsung and Apple are the ones to be watched from now on. Motorola will have a shot when Google stops playing around with other OEMs and bring the nexus family back home. But that would be a controversial move. HTC is looking a lot like blackberry to me, they were the ones that could make the least mistakes and ended up making the most. Not good.

          1. lol. my iphone lcd screen isnt washed out. and watching video on a life like color reproducing IPS LCD trumps a amoled anyday. also doesn’t get screen burn in. could care less who makes it

          2. If you think your iPhone screen is not washed out then there’s really nothing I can add to this conversation. O.o

          3. iTroll on phandroid, go figure

  22. Fel Pe, you’re rationalizing. Who ever said that brand of the year is the top prize? in any case we are talking about the better smartphone in this thread, not the best brand. to me Apple is a great brand, but that doesn’t mean I want an iPhone.

    Now, who took home top prize in the SMARTPHONE category? OK, that’s all that matters. you are right that they were referring to the HTC One and not the max. However, the max is essentially a much larger version of the one with more potent specs that will put it head to head with the note 3. it will be a force for the 3 to reckon with no doubt. stylus is so old school and is of no consequence in this phablet battle. most buyers will not give a hoot about it.

    sounds to me like you are writing off htc which is fine as that is your opinion. However, dont presume anything this early in the game or you will look awfully bad if things don’t turn out as you hope.

    1. Ok, I give up, you are right. The HTC ONE is the best phone available, HTC has been doing great lately, conquering lots of market share and making a lot of money. In fact, the ONE is the most sold/profitable device since the fork was invented. Stylus is, no doubt, really old and that’s why they are pretty much useless hence the huge failure the Note family has been. Oh and let’s not forget, Lenovo has been in talks to acquire Samsung and HTC is in its way to purchase Apple and put an end to hunger and wars around the world. Amen.

  23. Fel Pe,

    having the coveted crown of best phone has nothing to to do with market share, profits, profitability, the failure of other companies, being bought out, etc… It simply means what it means which is the phone is the BEST PHONE.

    Your points have merit. I’ll give you that. I agree with most of your inferences contained in your sarcastic rant. However, they have nothing to do with the issue at hand and serve merely as red herrings to distract people or divert attention elsewhere. now stay focused. the issue is what is the best smartphone?

  24. That’s just one prize, and it does not consider phablets. So for me it is useless. This very own website here had a different opinion tho: http://phandroid.com/2013/10/01/best-phones-october-2013/ You know, I think at the end HTC has always aspired to be blackberry and Samsung to be Apple, I guess they both achieved what they were looking for.

  25. There is no phablet category in the t3 awards but if there were, if Samsung couldn’t get the job done with galaxy s4 vs. HTC One, what makes you think that Galaxy Note 3 will fare any better against the one max?

    The larger versions of these phones are mirror images of their smaller siblings but with upgraded specifications. Although the note 3 has the upgraded chip, performance wise it would appear that they may be equals as evidenced by the HTC One v. galaxy s3 in benchmark tests. It would not be unreasonable to presume that a comparative test between the note 3 and the one max would get the same result.
    However, we shall soon see.

    But I have a feeling that the one max will reign supreme. In fact right before it came out, and even for sometime thereafter, the boards were full of Samsung fan boys criticizing the one for all sorts of reasons . lol, where are they now? It’s kind of funny actually. This whole note three vs. one max fiasco will be just another case of déjà vu for Samsung fan boys hell bent on raining on one max parade.

    1. You’re only forgetting the main feature of the Note 3: the pen stylus. Hmmm… Note? Uh… get it? ;P

  26. Oh and I believe you have the aspirations weavers. I don’t know where you got the idea that was trying to be like Apple and that HTC was trying to be like blackberry. If anything, HTC was the one that took risks with their unibody aluminum design and decision to leave out SD card and removable battery.

    Samsung on the other hand resorted to the usual mass production, cheap materials, extensive marketing and huge advertising budget not to mention paying college students and shills to hype up their brand and denigrate others.

    1. They make the most amazing hardware in the world. Actually Samsung is just as innovative as Google itself and Apple. HTC is like a small kid that got drunk in its first party but now is passed out in the sofa while the big boys are taking all the girls upstairs.

    2. Its not a risk having a material that almost everyone loves, and removing features its not something one should be proud of.

    3. Very true. Samsung never has that premium in the hand feel that the HTC One or iPhones seem to have. They do have nice screens though.

  27. … aspirations reversed..

    is what I meant to say

  28. If the camera isn’t the crap that the small version has, I’d go for it.

  29. Am I the only one who thinks that phablets look dumb…

    1. I mean, they look kinda silly when you use ’em as phones, but nowadays, most people are using smartphones as messaging/social/camera devices. Rarely ever make calls anymore…

    2. Two years ago people were saying that a 4.3″ screen phone was too big and looked dumb. Perceptions change, people’s concepts of things evolve. Some people take longer to see the whole picture some dont.

      1. Lol, you can’t fail to see any picture when the screen is big as on a phablet. It’s a fair point, if you talk often then you will look silly using a phablet.

        1. What’s more silly: using a phablet as a phone or trying to read a blog on a 3.5″ screen? How do u spend most of your time on your smartphone: talking on it or doing all the rest (movies, games, browsing, reading, facebook, etc…) I think we should live being true to the things that are best for us without worrying what others are gonna think about.

    3. If everyone had thought that this looked silly and dumb, we wouldn’t have smartphones today.

    4. on females and on the short men population. yup.

  30. Giant navigation bar exclusively for the menu button in what looks like the texting app?

    No wonder HTC is going broke

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