HTC One Max launch said to take place October 15th with fingerprint scanner in tow


htc one max invitation

We’ve been hearing a lot about the HTC One Max as of late, and perhaps it’s for good reason — the formal announcement is supposed to go down sometime soon. In fact, new reports from Engadget and the Wall Street Journal suggest we’ll be seeing the device announced October 15th. In case you haven’t checked your calendar lately, that’s just one week from now.

What’s more is that the fingerprint scanner we’ve been hearing so much about seems to be as real as real can be, with HTC’s Taiwanese event invitation teasing that “one finger opens up a big view.” This is corroborated by reports from the Wall Street Journal stating that the device will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner.

It was just yesterday that a Verizon-branded HTC One Max was revealed (with that leakster also confirming the fingerprint scanner). The device has seemingly found its way into the hands of sales managers already, and that timing suggests they’re getting their training regiment together in time for the device’s official unveiling.

The likelihood that all these reports are true seems to be high, so we’ll be putting a big, red circle on our calendar in anticipation of an unveiling next week. Be sure to circle back to see what becomes of HTC’s biggest phones yet (both literally and figuratively speaking).


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  1. HTC一路

  2. So does anyone else think HTC is screwing up massively on the PR for this by flat denying its existence for so long, then suddenly releasing it? Samsung at least teases things for a while, get people interested. This is going to completely pass over 90% of potential customers again.

    1. They didn’t really deny about it right? They just never mention or talk about its existence.

    2. The only people being teased are those that read the tech blogs, not the normal consumers. We don’t make that big of a market.

      If we did, then Nexus devices would be more abundant than GS3’s. LoL!!

  3. Nihaoma!

  4. The PR for this is def lacking… but if its everything I think it’ll be. It’ll be among if not the best release for the year IMHO.

  5. i cant wait to see the official specs for this thing…. got my note 3 coming…. might give it up for this one…. front facing speakers and design is luring me in…. not sure if itll be enough though. ill just have to wait and see…

  6. This phone will be awesome as long as it comes with the s800 chip. Not that the s600is bad but just don’t want it to feel outdated to soon.

    1. *First world problems*
      It’s always the little things.

  7. will RDJ be there?

  8. About time!! I was just a tad bit away from buying the LG G2. Now let’s see what the HTC One Max has to offer. =.D

    Who will be taking my money?

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