Official Nexus 7 flip case now available on Google Play for $50


Official Nexus 7 flip case Google Play

When the Nexus 7 debuted in the Google Play Store back in July, there wasn’t very many official options for those looking to protect the device with a case. It was a few weeks after its launch, we finally saw an official Nexus 7 sleeve hit Google Play. But priced at $30 and little more than a fancy pouch to slip your tablet into, it didn’t exactly fit everyone’s needs.

Today, the official Nexus 7 case has hit the Google Play Store and we have to say, it looks pretty damn good. It’s a nicely designed flip-style case that comes in a variety of surface materials and colors for a cool $50. Options include the murdered-out black option or white (with red corner) in a faux leather finish, or a jersey cotton-ish grey with red or blue corners. Nothing too flashy and a very subtle “Google” logo can be found inside the flap.

Official Nexus 7 fliip case back

Of course, the flip case does more than just protect your device, it can also prop up the Nexus 7 (2013) at 2 different angles: one for watching media/video conferencing, and another for comfortable typing. From the looks of it, the case doesn’t appear to add much bulk to the tiny tab. Keep in mind that there are similar options available on Amazon for a fraction of the price, like this Poetic flip case with sleep functions for $15. But if you’re the type that likes “all OEM everything”, then hit the link below to pick up the new Nexus 7 case on Google Play.

[Nexus 7 case on Google Play]

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  1. Damn I got tired of waiting and got some knock off one on Amazon a few weeks ago for about $25. The stand to prop it barely works :-/

  2. “murdered-out” Gangster Chavez!!!

  3. Poetic Slimline FTW! Love the slimline case for my N7 FHD. Poetic even sent me a brand new case, absolutely free, when they improved the design of the original. Now that is going above and beyond. This looks like a nice case, but not worth the extra $40.

    1. Poetic has highest marks on my book. Very good quality, plus great customer service for such low price! I’ve had their cases for original N7, Note 10.1, N7FHD. The fact that they sent me an updated version, which fixed ALL the problems of initial batch earned a lot of respect in my eyes.

      1. My poetic slim line case was inexpensive, and for a good reason. The problem with mine was that the magnets were too powerful and rendered the internal compass and maps inoperable. CRAP!

        1. Thank you for the feedback! Must watch out…

  4. How the hell is this cover worth $50??? I mean I’d buy it in a second if I had a N7 but come on people! I will say I do really like the Google quad-colored stylus holder…that alone makes it worth the $50.

    1. Thank you. That case looks SO bland. Like WTF!?

    2. its probably made in the US. thats why its $50 But i bought one anyways.

  5. Not that I have this device, but I wish Google and other OEMS would have most if not all their accessories ready on he day the device is dropping.

    1. And at a cheaper rate too. I don’t want to spend $50 on a case like this. I spent $15 on the two cases for my Nexus 7 2013 model.

    2. God yes! I’ve been saying the same thing since the Nexus 4. Wassup with the availability of these official accessories?

  6. Sure is cheaper than the iPad cases. But Poetic FTW.

  7. Cheap Basturds. O_o

  8. $50 is what you charge when you put your OEM accessories out before the cheaper 3rd parties get their stuff out, not after. Derp.

  9. This just in, Google wasn’t planning on selling any cases.

  10. I bought this thing right away. I love the google color on the side of it.

  11. 50 bucks? That’s 25% the price of the actual tablet lol

  12. The Poetic Slimline Case is great, but I do worry a bit about the final product. I ordered two (for someone else, and myself) and ended up getting two different designs. Then, when they redid the design and sent out a revised version, I ended up getting two more that were the same design but was only slightly better.

    At the end of it, I ended up with 3 designs, all had a little give on the right side of the tablet and there seemed to be small scratches throughout the siding on each one as well.

  13. have a look at These individual, made-to-order, handmade organic leather sleeves:

  14. This is over priced. Poetic Slim a better option for the thrifty.

  15. Thanks Chris! Just got the Poetic today and it is REALLY NICE! This is one SHARP looking case! Thanks again sir!

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